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Dodgers: Corey Seager Had No Issue With Celebrations by Brusdar Graterol or Manny Machado

Emotion is going to be a part of the game of baseball. Now more than ever, MLB fans have had the opportunity to watch their favorite players be themselves on the field, and it’s good for the sport. Dodgers fans certainly appreciate when their guys get excited and show their true emotions in big spots. 

We got to see plenty of that emotion on display Wednesday night in Arlington. Playing Game 2 of the NLDS, the Dodgers and Padres let everything out. Manny Machado literally threw his bat to get his team fired up after a big homerun. Brusdar Graterol threw his glove and hat after Cody Bellinger made one of the greatest playoff catches you will ever see.  

Corey Seager is not a man of emotion while on the baseball field. You might get a smile out of the Dodgers shortstop if you’re lucky. When asked about his opinion on Machado’s bat toss and Brusdar‘s reaction, Seager had his teammate’s back. 

That’s not my style to show emotion like that, but I completely get it. Especially in games like this. It’s a rivalry, it’s high emotions, it’s a big situation, big level. Emotions take over and honestly watching Graterol do that all year has been awesome. He’s been a huge spark for this team, he’s been a huge piece in our pen and we always got his back. We love to see his emotion. 

To be fair, you don’t really expect Seager to say anything negative about his Dodgers teammate. Obviously, that’s not the way that Corey plays, aside from the World Series homerun he hit off of Justin Verlander in 2017. Regardless, he gets why both guys would have the reactions that they did. 

That’s high-level situations. A lot of energy, a lot of excitement. It’s emotional you know, these games are emotional. You’ve got to play with emotions, you’ve got to be up for the challenge, you’ve got to be up for the task. And we were last night. 

Big moments call for big celebrations. I love Manny tossing his bat, and I love Brusdar losing his mind after Cody’s catch. The Dodgers go for the series sweep tonight in Texas playing as the visiting team.

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  1. I have never understood people that do not like players to show their emotions. If you make a great play or hit a Home Run or win the game Rejoice!
    I want the players to be giving it their all. Emotion is part of that.
    I am hoping the Dodgers hold the Padres in check and grind out another win.
    Bo Blue!

  2. I always said let the kids play don’t mind the bat flips and all and liked it when Graterol pumped his fists. But him blowing kisses and kelly making that poor baby was a little childish. Leave it off the field and do the face back to your wife like you said she does to you when you complain.

    1. There were good reasons they did that, they don’t do those things for nothing. Kelly was hearing it from the cheaters who have no room to talk about anything, and Graterol was hearing it from Machado who had just showed emotion and is on a team that shows it the most

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