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Dodgers: Corey Seager Identified as Trade Candidate by MLB Pundit

Dodgers’ all-star shortstop Corey Seager has already been at the center of trade speculation this off-season.

Now, Richard Justice of is adding more fire to the rumors with an article titled Stars on the move? Here is what Justice said of a potential Seager trade.

The Dodgers under Andrew Friedman have resisted trading their best young players. Now, after another disappointing October, industry speculation is that he’d like a different look in 2020. Seager is 25, has a career .853 OPS and is two years from free agency. If the Dodgers make him available, teams would line up to make an offer.

The highlight from that is the industry speculation is that the Dodgers would like a different look in 2020.

As it mentioned, Seager would be a popular trade candidate if he was available. Moving him could help the Dodgers make a big splash for someone like Mookie Betts or Francisco Lindor.

Justice lists the Phillies, Yankees, White Sox and Nationals as possible landing spots for Seager.

Surprisingly, Justice did not list the Indians as a team to look for in a Seager trade.

The Indians love to move backward and forward at the same time when they trade. Seager is just behind Lindor so the Dodgers could headline a Lindor package with Seager and add in someone like Ross Stripling and/or Joc Peterson to get a deal done.

The Indians would downgrade a bit at shortstop while making a significant upgrade in their outfield or adding a middle of the rotation starter.

Seager, 25, has been a very productive player in his career and has performed at a superstar level as recently as 2017. However, injuries have slowed him down and kept him off the field often over the last two seasons.

Should the Dodgers try to trade Seager this off-season? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. I don’t care for his first-ball swinging habit or his upright defense at short. Doesn’t fit the Dodger philosophy of good D and scrappy at-bats at the plate. He’d be a great third baseman batting in the 6 hole though.

  2. Industry speculation (Pundits trying to make news because there’s nothing to talk about) is that he’d (AF) like a different look (are you kidding me? this is an objective?) in 2020. There’s nothing here but Justice talking to fill space. I mean he gets paid to write something.

  3. Wow! I just wish all these so called MLB pundits would just stop with all this nonsense! It is getting because we ALL know Seager won’t be moved and we ALL know that no top FA’s on this year’s market will NOT be signing with he Dodgers Enough of these rumors already!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. I guess it’s no big deal for you but it’s still a waste of everyone’s time bringing these rumors up because everyone knows these things will not happen. The Dodger’s track record in the off seasons speak for itself. Big deal? Dodgers are going on 32 years without a WS ring and they are not close to winning one anytime soon .especially with Roberts as manager. Bottom line, the team has not been built to succeed in the PS.

    1. AZUL, we are playing the baseball version of “Caddyshack”. Its the same nonsense on a different day. “Rumor of the Day”. As you stated so ably, Seager will not be moved, and top tier free agents will not join the club. It is time to move on. PD Jr. should now be given some apple pieces!!!!! I am sure he is bored hearing about our rumor mill. Go Blue!!!

  4. Indirectly trading Seager for Lindor makes NO SENSE! Keep Seager and improve the team where there is a need and leave Lindor in Cleveland!

      1. It’s BECAUSE neither Freidman nor Roberts was fired, that Small Market Thinking Freidman might actually make a significant move this off-season for the first time. At the moment the team sees the message that not winning a Championship TWICE followed by getting beat in the first round of playoffs is ok…repeated failure is ok. Firing Roberts would have sent that message, but not necessarily provided improvement. Changing the mix via some upgrades, might do it. The problem is it’s not just the hitters that need some ‘mixing up.’ We need starting AND relief pitching (a new closer). Closers rarely fall off like Jansen, and come back the next year. He has been over used (6+outs sometimes) and needs to be dropped to set up man to see if he can handle that. We had 29 blown saves in 2019 to tie for the worst in NL.

    1. Trade “Swish” Seager ! .
      He is a free swinger and a choker in the playoffs .
      So tired of waiting for next year , next year , next year .
      Get players that can produce in the post season or at least make watching baseball fun ( Lindor ) preferably both. Keep Joc and Kike .
      Unload A.J. ( A Joke ) Pollack too.

  5. There are a few reasons why the Dodgers want to trade Seager. First and foremost, it’s because he is brittle. He’s very young to have already had his many injuries. ( remember Troy Tulowitzki?) Second, with FA 2 years away his trade value is highest right now. As his FA gets closer his value drops. And, if his injury history continues they get nothing for him. Dodgers will either go for Lindor or move Lux to short. Finally, in 4 post seasons he is hitting .203! There’s more reasons but Enough said

  6. all I have to say is remember Troy Tulowitzki
    great ss but always hurt career cut short Corey on same path. Must keep Ct and Kiki best backup 4Corey if u keep him.

  7. Getting Rendon is the only position player move by LA that makes any sense.

    Forget about trading Seager.

  8. Yes SEAGER, POLLOCK, AND PEDERSON can go, they were all worthless during the NLDS, get RENDON, skip LINDOR, get some arms that can SHUT it down instead of giving up HOMERUNS in the late innings

  9. To get Lindor, send seager, joc and Lux. By sending Lux the Indians need to take Seager and JOC and that will offset the payroll. Seager and JOC are potentially going to get around 18 million together. Lindor is projected at 16. This keeps plenty of money available to after Rendon. And they can get even bolder by adding Stripling and maybe Rios for Kluber. That gives you best left side of an infield in baseball. And then go for it, send Muncy and Ruiz and prospect Josiah Gray to Boston for Betts, they added Three huge Offensive bats and a solid pitcher.

    1. People that want to trade Max Muncy are just plain crazy, No player has been more productived the last three years than Max Muncy.

  10. Someone eventually has to go to make room for more good young players. When an organization can bring up 1 or 2 rookies every year they have to decide which of their players who are nearing free agency to keep and which ones to let go. They can’t sign them all to big contracts and if they did where would they put the up and coming players? Bellinger? Keeper! Joc? Let go. Muncy? Keeper! Seager? Let go.
    If they get Lindor for Seager they will still face free agency in a couple years but in the mean time they’ve upgraded that position. At that point they either sign Lindor or have a rookie ready to take over.


  12. only if your a complete idiot. Seager is coming off 2 major surgeries and played well at end of season. I predict he will have a break-out year this year he has a lot to prove to himself and will.

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