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Dodgers: Corey Seager Would Like to Return to Los Angeles Next Year

It’s a little early to already be talking about free agency. But less than an hour after the DOdgers were bounced from the playoffs by the Braves, Corey Seager talked about his future in Los Angeles. 

Seager is set to hit the free-agent market after the World Series ends this month. When that happens, it seems like there is a very good chance that he ends up out of the Dodgers’ desired price range. But his comments after the loss on Saturday turned some heads. 

Seager was asked if he would like to return to the Dodgers in 2022. The star shortstop talked about coming up with Los Angeles and the time he has spent her as reasons he would want to stick around. 

Absolutely. I grew up here, I’ve spent a lot of time here, I believe in what these guys do. I believe in how we go about it. Yeah, absolutely.

The question has never been whether or not Seager wants to play in Los Angeles. He was drafted in the first round of the 2012 draft out of High School by the Dodgers and flew through their system. But fans just want to know if the front office is going to shell out the money that it will take to retain him. 

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But the Dodgers also have to think about their future long-term. They have Trea Turner over at short for the 2022 season and they also need to think about giving money to guys like Buehler and Urias over the next few years. 

So while they obviously could afford to bring Seager back, it’s no guarantee at all that they would be willing to go all-in. 

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  1. Just. Do. It. He knows what his future holds. Even the Yankees know that he does have to move to 3B. So, if the Yankees told Boras that (btw, the Yankees’ top prospect is a SS who’s about one year away from MLB), then Seager would rather stay and move to 3B to make room for Trae at SS.

    All of Seager’s relationships are here, so what he’s saying makes sense. What we fans don’t know is what the behind the scenes conversations have been. I do believe that the Dodgers had talks with Boras last spring, and were rebuffed. After the long injury period, the Yankees likely told Boras they’d move him to 3B.

    As long as the money is close, Seager would likely stay with the one that brought him to the dance, and make the transition to 3B. Trae to SS, and with JT to DH and spell Muncy at 1B and even Seager at 3B, and Lux at 2B, that’s likely the best infield in the majors.

    Dodgers will come in with a 5-6 year offer with higher AAV, while the Yankees would come in with a longer deal but lower AAV.

  2. Money will be there, letting kenley,Kelley, Bringing back Kershaw at a lower price you have the money to pay Seager. They need to sign Both Buhler and Urias long term at today’s market cause when they become free agents there will be a lot of teams looking for these 2 young aces. Then Bellinger too after next year sign him long term too cause he will regain his mvp form.

    1. Let Seager walk! Too expensive and other than 2020 is a postseason non-performer. If you can’t get it done in October, you will come up short every year. IIWII

  3. Nope, I don’t think so. If you were interested in returning to the Dodgers you shouldn’t have engaged Scott Boras as your agent. He plays to the highest bidder, not to the emotions of his players.

    The Dodgers prepared for Seager’s departure when they acquired Trey Turner, a natural shortstop who became an unnatural second baseman while he was in waiting.

    Thanks for the memories, Corey.

    1. Turner a better fielding SS unfortunately also has a history of postseason non-performance! That fact became glaringly evident in 2021.

    2. News flash…probably lose Turner and Seager …Trae has family back east and in old interviews in Washington that he is a east coast guy…iam in Maryland…we all know that on the east coast…letting Seager go is nuts..Boras a great agent…if it was any of us we would want as much as we could get…Papa your comments about Boras are crazy…he hired him to get the most value…you are a fan…hard for fans to understand that

      1. Danny, Trea under contract for 2022 at least. After that who knows. Too far out to speculate.

  4. If the organizational/managerial decision making process and subsequent moves displayed during the NLCS is any indication, the Dodgers will need every hand on deck they can get as well as retain. Their bench was decidedly weaker this year than last. Bringing Sousa in to pinch hit during game 6 in the situation he was brought into was ludicrous considering who else was available. His striking out was no surprise, but was pretty much the nail in the coffin, especially considering that clutch hitting is not Betts’ strong suit.

  5. Unfortunately, even the injury history will not depress Seaver’s price enough to make it palatable for the Dodgers to spend more than $250m to bring him back. The big player will be the Yankees and the only hope now will be Correa having a big WS and getting their attention (not that I want to see the Trashtros win).

    1. Trashstros/Cheaters will demolish the Braves in one of the most lopsided WS in history IMO. A self proclaimed rabid baseball fan won’t even watch!

      1. Well anyway I’m rooting for the Braves. Obviously I cannot stand cheaters and sinners against one of the Commandments of GOD. But again, the blame is on that commisioner who should be impeached!.

  6. So far, Mookie has not validated his big contract. TraeTurner has not looked very impressive either, but he did win a batting title. Trade Turner while he has value and sign Seager instead.

    1. 2020 wouldn’t have happened if not for Mookie. He made an immediate impact and was worth every penny. This year he was injured but turned it up the last several weeks. Trea looked awesome in the regular season and was part of the reason they hit 106 wins. Dude, not sure you know what you’re talking about.

  7. Seager will be back and expect to soon take over at 3rd. JT is too old and brittle for such an important position, but will make a great DH.
    Hopefully, Uncle Albert will spend one more season with Wainwright and Molina.

    1. Seager will be way too expensive to re-sign. He’s actually a below average defensive SS and albeit one good postseason, a proven playoff dud! $ better spent elsewhere.

      1. A lot of money coming off the books. Think they can’t afford 500 million payroll? Of course they can. And all things considered, why not bring back the band, sign Joc as well. If everyone was healthy this year we mow the Braves. And the cheatStros for that matter. Think championships not payroll. Remember, it’s billionaires paying millionaires…

        1. Even if that were so, that’s not how they think. If so, they would have figured out a way to re-sign Kike and Joc. Just wasn’t a high priority for them.

          1. From a player perspective they wanted more playing time and that wasn’t in the cards. Kiki didn’t get a whole lot more in Boston did he? They added Bauer at what 100 million? And continued to drive up the payroll to what 275 million. Guggs is managing around 325 billion with a b… And the Dodgers brought in 185 million last year from what I read. Next years payroll will tell the story…

          2. Kike was making 5.5 and got a 2 yr 14 deal so say 7. A little more but as you say he wanted the everyday role. It was short-sighted thinking on the FO’s part not to provide it. Play-off pedigree was already established with a 3 HR game vs defending WS champ Cubs in the 2017 NLCS! Also a couple of dingers in 2020. Proven postseason players simply don’t grow on trees! If you’re lucky enough to have one…you don’t let them leave!!! Kike was a Rolex disguised as a Timex and they flushed it down the toilet! All he did was re-write the postseason record books this year!

            And by the sounds of CT3’s post game comments, it’s looks like they are about to repeat the mistake!

          3. The Bauer disaster is a whole different cluster f@ck. Nice vetting there FO. Wonder how long the reverberations from that deal will last? At least DP’s boat anchor contract will come off after 2022.

            Much has been discussed here about the 3B situation. Yes JT has another year and will be 38. I’ve said I would like to see Smith there unless he can figure out how to catch. Smith does have 486 innings of minor league experience at 3B. What I completely forgot about and nobody here has mentioned either…Edwin Rios! Because he was out this year because of shoulder surgery, everyone forgot about him. Myself included. So I guess we will need to train Smith how to call a game, block a pitch in the dirt, accept a throw from an outfielder, and apply a tag…basic catcher stuff the kid hasn’t mastered yet. But boy can he hit! Enough babbling. Guess I’m still in shock that the season is actually over. Shouldn’t have been.

  8. Keeping Corey Seager is a top top top priority! Trea Turner does not replace him, no way.

  9. Boras will tell Seager where he’s gong to be playing. As mentioned above, mediocre at best defensively and for some reason tries to backhand everything?? Let him go, Also injury prone. JT as a DH and find a right handed hitting third baseman and Trae at SS. Am I mistaken, or does Areanado have a buy out with the Cards? SO CAL guy may want to come home if so? Like to keep CT-3 in case Lux regresses. Love Clayton but the arm issues kind of make it impossible to risk big money on IMO. Jansen another gamble with money maybe being spent elsewhere. Kelly also good as gone. Friedman has a lot of work to do. The bench, for one was a farce. And lastly, I hope Mookie’s health issues were the cause for his nothing more than mediocre season. Go Packers till March!

      1. Prediction:

        Dodgers never win a WS with Smith at catcher unless he learns how to play the position!

        1. Oh for God’s sakes, you idiot. Do you find yourself frequently singing “If I only had a brain”?

  10. He will sign elsewhere. Scott Boras is his agent. Seager grew up a die hard Yankee fan and idolized Derek Jeter. As much as I will miss him, he will probably sign there.

  11. Trea was so incredibly unimpressive this PS, i could care less where he ends up. Sure he can steal bags, that’s a nice luxury in todays game. He swiped what, 33 or something? This dodger team slugs, and slugs and slugs. You dont make this type of decision based on a guy who is fast.

    So, my proposition is this:
    Sign Corey now, at a reasonable cost. Turn right around and trade Trea during winter meetings. Get some prospects for him, or a front line 2nd baseman. Or stick Lux at second, he is now ready to be one of the guys. Now we are onto something. And lets not forget trea did say he will not resign with a west coast team…… too far from home in Fla. So, we can roll the dice by letting Corey walk and hope that Trea resigns after ’22. BUT, what if that all falls apart?? We lose corey and trea in the same calendar year. I dont think so. Come on LAD, this is a no brainer!!!!

    1. Rob, sign Corey for reasonable? Do you know who is agent is? Scott Boras. Not a chance in the world there. Initial ask will be north of $300m guaranteed.

      Cya Corey. If you really wanted to come back you should have thought about a different agent.

  12. Dear Dodgerfan4life, you seriously want will at 3b? Not gonna happen. Willy will be an all-star catcher next year. The criticisms you mention are not as bad as you make it seem. Who is going to catch if Willy is at 3rd…….. Barnsey??? Come on man. Lets just take care of one thing at a time.

    MAKE COREY A DODGER FOR LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Rob, you ever play baseball? Opie has 486 minor league innings at 3B. The kid is a beast with the stick no doubt. As a catcher he a disaster.

      You can’t spend $30m/yr per position. Dodgers already have bloated contracts with Betts, Price and Bauer. Only so much is left over to field the rest of the team. Baseball is still a business. I will most many more details about 2022 under another story. Need to find the appropriate one first.

      No doubt the off-season will prove to be interesting for sure.

      None of the criticisms I speak of about a particular player is meant to be taken as anything to do with them as an individual. I love all the Dodgers as people. It only pertains to their respective performances.

      I only have the best interests of the TEAM as a whole. Whatever achieves the ultimate goal of a WS title is what I’m after. How or who is involved is completely irrelevant to me. I don’t play favorites and am impartial in terms of personal interests. Even if I personally like someone who makes a mistake somewhere I will call it out as such.

  13. 2022 Lineup. Muncy 1B, Lux 2B, T Turner SS, Taylor 3B, Barnes/Free Agent C, Pollock LF, Bellinger CF, Betts RF, Smith DH. Cannot afford to sign both T Turner and Seager long term. Rather have Smith as DH and deal for a defensive catcher. Rios and Taylor can platoon at 3B. Can’t see Pujols back. (Unless comes into training camp with a SixPack) JT, possible DH, if Smith stays as C. Unbeatable lineup IF healthy.

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