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Dodgers: Could a Mookie Betts Trade Work if Paired With David Price?

Obviously, the Los Angeles Dodgers emerged from the Winter Meetings still looking to acquire new players. While the Dodgers would like to make a move, carving one out for the sake of doing such doesn’t make sense.

The move must make sense from a personnel standpoint. Now, NBC Sports has some speculation about why the Dodgers talking to the Boston Red Sox about a trade may make sense. Indeed, a trade brokered by the Dodgers and Red Sox would probably involve not only Mookie Betts but also David Price. Check out this tweet by our own FRG:

Therefore, why might a trade with Boston be thing once again? NBC Sports has words on the subject.

The Dodgers saw firsthand what Price can do in big moments when he dominated them twice in the 2018 World Series, a performance that should’ve won him the MVP instead of Steve Pearce. Even more importantly, Price has a longstanding relationship with Friedman, who picked him No. 1 overall in the 2007 MLB Draft and then promoted him to the big leagues a year later, just in time to record key outs in the ALCS against the Red Sox en route to Tampa’s only World Series appearance.

As the writer notes, “multiple executives at the winter meetings connected the Dodgers to both Price and Betts.” This would be the same type of financial might kind of move that Los Angeles pulled earlier in the decade with Boston in the Adrian Gonzalez plus Josh Beckett and Carl Crawford (along with the Legend Nick Punto) trade. The Dodgers assumed a lot of financial burden to land a player they identified as a need for years in Gonzalez.

Now could Friedman take on the 3 years and $96M left for David Price to also get the 2018 AL MVP Betts in return?

The publication continues. Moreover, they believe that Friedman would see Price in a more favorable view then that of the Boston organization at the current time.

Friedman knew Price when he was considered a tremendous teammate, and before he committed a series of high-profile missteps in Boston that needn’t be rehashed here. It’s fair to say his view of the pitcher is more favorable than that of Boston fans, which makes Price a classic change-of-scenery candidate, presuming his surgically repaired wrist and iffy elbow can pass a physical at age 34.

Finally, this is never the fun part of the off-season. For the second winter in a row, fans are waiting for the Dodgers to do something. While they methodically navigate what is available on the open market and through trades, we just wait to see what is a logical fit for the return or dollar amount the player or organization wants.

We ask you, would you take on David Price if it meant acquiring Mookie Betts? And what would you offer? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. Even a trade of that magnitude has to be done with temperance regarding Lux and May. Pederson, Maeda, and say Ruiz and a lesser prospect should be tops. Or—Hernandez, Pederson, Maeda. We would take on a lot of cash for Price. That would be my offer. How about that, Boston?

    1. This would be a great deal for the Dodgers IF. (1) Betts and the teams work out a sign and trade (no one year rentals please) (2) Boston pays a chunk of Price’s salary, and (3) we do not include in the trade Lux, May, or Urias. Give them Pederson as part of the deal. Price should still be a valuable #4 or #5 starter. Wouldn’t you love an OF of Betts, Bellinger, and Verdugo, with Pollack as a 4th Outfielder? Beets is a better add than Lindor simply because the marginal improvement of Lindor over Seager if small compared to the improvement of Betts over Pederson/Pollack.

      1. So Betts and Price (with the Red Sox paying a chunk of his salary) for Pederson? It’s nice to dream isn’t it. Only in a fantasy world.

      2. That’s so true. To get a right hAnded bst app n the lefty dominated Dodger lineup, Betts is far more favorable than Lindor simply from the position perspective. And don’t sell Peterson’s value to Boston short either. How many HR’s will he hit at Fenway and some of the American League Right Field porches?

    2. I don’t know what you’re on about. Betts is a big ticket as there is. Aside from him and Lindor, there isn’t anyone remotely close scheduled to be a free agent for another three or four years.

    3. I think FRIEDMAN is being GREEDY .They pay him big bucks.Now ask the question what has he done for the DODGERS MY answer
      is N O. T H I N G !!!!

  2. This is the kind of trade that is made out of desperation, after Friedman’s failing miserably in pursuit of elite free agents such as Cole, Strasburg, Rendon and Bumgarner. Cole would have cost $35 million per year. Betts and Price are going to cost over $50 million per year, plus valuable prospects. Betts will be gone after a year, and the Dodgers will be left with Price in 2021 and 2022, less the prospects involved in this trade. As he is very adept at doing, Friedman will find a way to spin this where he comes out as a genius.

    1. I agree, This is a desperation move. If only they acted sooner, it would cost them cash and they save prospects.

      1. Great Dodger fans, roll the one year dice on the Mook, being a lifelong devoted Red Sox fan, I can in no way shape or form condone any respectable baseball club, the Dodgers amongst the great franchises to add the cancer that is David Price to your storied roster of greats, I love the game, so much so that my beloved bosox need to suck this up and spare another great baseball city this horror that price is, I am retired and worked for the Ray’s as an usher when he came up , he loves his little dog Astro, well he let his pup poop all over the field and expected the grounds to clean it up, he is an overrated ego maniac who has fell short of expectations, implore Friedman to consider the Mook, but steer far away from horrible personality, be sure he will find something negative to say about Mr. Scully, Fernando, Tommy,Jackie, peewee et al

      2. Baseball 101 = Calls someone “Clueless”, yet they don’t know the difference between “your” and “YOU’RE”.

        1. Or how to spell screamed lol dude spelled it screemed on another post among many other errors on basic words

    2. I love the idea of getting Mookie Betts. He is a right handed power hitter who could bat leadoff (as he did when he won the MVP). The Dodgers haven’t had a real leadoff hitter who makes things happen on the base paths since…Dave Roberts? And how about two gold glove caliber outfielders Bellinger and Betts) in center and right. Now your only platooning left field.

      I’m not as keen on Price. But if we need to take him to get Betts, I’d pursue the deal. Clearly the Dodgers need a starter. Both of these guys fill needs. If you got them, and another releiver (like Betances, you’d be in a pretty place.

  3. I would not include May or Lux in a deal that includes Prices. Pederson or Pollock should go (still saves Boston $$) along with other attractive prospects the Dodgers have.

    1. I agree. Neither Lux nor May should be included in this deal. A package of Pederson and two of the other prospects while consuming Prices over-inflated salary should be enough.

  4. Joc, Pollock, Mitch White, Sheffield or Kasowski. Taking on that much salary, that’s what you get…

    1. Smartest Comment yet, look at what Boston got For Gonzales, Crawford & Price. When you’re potentially taking on 59 million in salary, some Salary will have to go back & top 3-4 prospects wont be included.

  5. Dodgers need to Stop taking-on Boston’s bad contracts. Besides the Dodgers already have bad contracts of their own i.e. Kershaw, Jansen, Pollock. I know Kershaw’s contract is a “legacy-contract.”

      1. I don’t know what y’all are smoking……Betts and Price in a trade without Lux included? Why would Boston do that??

    1. Way to much!, they would be taking on 59 million in salary. When your doing that you don’t also decimate your team

  6. The Price Is Wrong!!!!!! He is 34 years of age and has hand/wrist issues. How many older players do we need? Betts, if memory serves me, is an outfielder; and, we have an abundance of outfielders.What is the FO thinking about? Frankly, I do not know why AF wants to add price when we have Gonsolin, May, and Josiah Gray ready to pitch for us. Go Blue!!!!!

    1. Lou, it’s a matter of having to take Price if we want Betts. Betts is the prize. Betts is the kind of guy our lineup needs. An offensive threat that plays outstanding defense. Not a big believer in Price, myself.

  7. I smell a three way deal on this one, Price contract not worth it for Dodgers……. Involve Anaheim and They get Price, send prospects to Boston…… Dodgers send Joc / prospects to Boston and we get Betts! Come on Friedman, make it happen.

  8. I agree, This is a desperation move. If only they acted sooner, it would cost them cash and they save prospects.

  9. In order to horde his prospects for the zombie apolcalypse, Friedman should definitely forget about Lindor and pursue someone who’s older, more expensive, closer to free agency, and plays a position that’s already overcrowded.

    I’m starting to see why the Dodgers never win a World Series.

  10. The more I think about it, the more there is too like. If we take Price with Betts, Dodgers can get away with trading away Pollock and maybe Stripling, dodgers throw in a prospect in our top 10-15 range, and Red Sox eat a little bit more of Price’s contract.
    Setting an OF of Bellinger, Betts, and Verdugo…
    Infield of
    Muncy, Lux, Seager, Turner….

    That lineup feels like it should be almost unfair…
    You’d potentially still have Pederson to flip for some more prospects and/or a piece of a solid BP piece…

    Bottom line, giving Freidman the ability to work with the contracts/money that this kind of deal involves is probably his best attribute. He has a lot of options and ways to build a deal like this, and I have 0 doubts we come out on top
    *remember, he managed to trade Kemp TWICE (TWICE!) and the returns were always in our favor

  11. Name the LAST DODGER HOMEGROWN PROSPECT NON PITCHER who has performed admirably in the post season yet FRONT OFFICE hordes them like TREASURES!!!!!

    1. Yeah Wally because i’m sure that’s something a scout or GM can predict w an 18 yr old kid. Do you hear yourself? The majority of our “home grown talent” is less then 25 years old. Not very many that young thrive in post season. Just a fact. Last 2 MVPS Rendon and Pearce both 29+. Any why exclude P? That makes no sense, especially when pitching is the most important part to winning in PS.

      1. I hear myself and I hear you. And you have NO IDEA what you are talking about! I excluded Pitching because this generation of Homegrown Pitching such as Bueller and Ryu have done well in Postseason whilst the Bellingers,Seagers not nearly as well!

      2. Absolutely true. Ryan. We have an MVP on our team who is 24 years old. Long, bright future ahead.

  12. Agree this won’t happen but enjoyable to talk about. Betts or Lindor would make them better no matter who they trade. But with Betts one year away from free agency and undoubtedly leaving for a team that outbids Friedman, Lux or May shouldn’t be traded — and especially if Price is included. I don’t happen to think May will amount to much and Lux will probably be platooned, so he may not be such a loss — but I’d only deal him if Lindor was the return.

  13. These out-of-thin-air trade speculations are nothing short of ridiculous and smack of desperation. To me the bottom line is that we need at least one starting pitcher and legit bullpen help. A right handed bat would be nice but it’s not a necessity.

    1. A right handed bat who’s a real starter is a necessity. There’s too many lefties it seems to be an obsession with this team whether it’s the draft or acquisition

      1. Exactly, NODH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now Leo makes a good point in regards to Betts being 1 year away from FA. That is why I would also not include both Lux and May in a deal. Now I have no problem because Betts is a star RHB we need but I would make a deal contingent on Betts willing to be extended. Why should team trade away top prospects for just 1 year of Betts?

  14. This would work well for both sides and fits the Dodger’s M/O. Why so many are clueless to see Friedman’s philosophy or buy into it is beyond head scratching. Professional MLB Tap players I guess. Friedman’s way has always been to build within. That is the best way to win for an extended period. The Astro’s, Rays, Indians, Giants(previously), now Twins and White Sox are coming. You try to buy a championship you end up like the Cubs and Red Sox currently. If you want a winner year after year you draft well and often, and develop those players. The Dodger’s believe Lux will be near or equal to Lindor’s talent soon. I’m not a pro scout so I trust them. May is a soon to be top of the rotation starter. A trade for Betts or Bryant for any of our farm besides Lux, May, Hoese or Cartaya is positive IMO.

    1. It’s most definitely not possible have you been paying attention to the last several offseasons and July’s? The Dodgers have to give up several top prospects to get a deal done. The Darvish and Machado trades were an anomaly. Those were the only 2 teams that played fair with us

      1. Or you take on bad contracts which the Dodgers can certainly do for a few years to get a player that helps immediately.
        I agree in trade talks other teams seemingly only want to talk Lux or May as if they’re the only talent the Dodgers have on the farm. Ruiz, Grey, Downs, and Gonsolin would be the envy of almost every other team’s farm.

  15. Friedman won’t do jack! The only way the Dodgers do anything will be if the fans say enough, and don’t show up the 1 st half of the season making Friedman and Kasten do trade just before the deadline out of desperation! Nothing will change with these guys. Same reason they paid Trienen. He’s been injured, and most likely will miss portions of the season allowing some double A prospect a chance to show his trade worth.Same OK song and dance conmen doing their magicians act! Go Lakers!

  16. More needs to be done in order to improve our lineup. We need a true lead off hitter that can also steal bases. Unless they plan on having Lux bat lead off this is something that needs to be addressed. If you can acquire Mookie Betts in his walk year without having to trade away May, Lux then it seems like a no brainer. Also we’re lacking in right handed power Mookie Betts For the 2020 season would help since the majority of our impact bats are left handed. Keibert Ruiz & a prospect or two would seem to be a likely deal. The Red Sox can’t expect to get THAT MUCH in his contract walk year. So I think since we missed on the big fish & the other free Agents doing whatever it takes to acquire Mookie Betts for one season should be a priority. We won’t care if he doesn’t resign if adding him can result in us winning a WS for the first time since 1988 then you keep some prospects while improving the weaknesses that have kept us from getting the WS. Lastly the base running needs to be addressed love the Dodgers but we don’t have a true Base Stealer so this is where Mookie Comes into the picture

  17. I wouldn’t take Betts AND Price together if Boston was GIVING them away. Price is a 34-year old who is injured and was 7-5 with an ERA of 4.28 last year. Urias, May and Gonsolin could each do better than that without the $96M albatross. Betts is going FA after one year and will ask an outrageous amount. Both are salary dumps by Boston because they overpaid. Betts by himself for only one year, and it likely would be, is not worth a top prospect in return.

    1. I am with you. I might add Betts batting average, slugging percentage, and OPS are significantly better in Boston than on the road. I would not expect the same numbers from him playing half his games in LA. It seems Betts is this years Harper. We need him to win a World Series. No thanks.

        1. Why the insults NODH? Can you disagree with someone on merit? BlueByYou used some examples to support their argument. So, is it just that you guys don’t like to have your position challenged? What exactly is it? The chorus is loud and clear. Most of you posting here hate Freidman and the ownership. You think they are idiots…on and on. There is plenty of support, accolades and thumbs up to go around when ever this “take” is reproduced for every article and editorial that gets posted. Don’t you think there is room for the 2-3 comments that get posted by folks who don’t agree? Or is this really Dodger Island where disagreement is punished with insults?

          1. I know this clown from another site guy. He’s the king of insults when people disagree with him actually. He got suspended there many times for going on weeks long tirades polluting the site when people disagreed. He tones it down on other sites

        2. Appreciate the response. Problem is, this is often your tone. So how do we tell the difference? In fact this site is polluted daily. It’s a very frustrating site. I am not surprised that disagreements get heated. If it is going to be Dodgers Nation, I think readers have to know they can post a different perspective w/out being personally attacked. We have people attacking commenters for their spelling and grammar rather than bringing a reasoned argument to a comment they disagree with. What the heck? I love baseball because it is my favorite distraction from the real world and I love digging into the details. I personally am invested in making sure it doesn’t become my first heart attack.

          1. I make baseball posts most of the time unless I smell a shill. I can’t speak for everyone else who’s attacking or getting in heated engagements. I’ll try to do my part in making this a peaceful place

  18. I like Bettis and Price was good at one time and this trade could be what gets him going again but no real players want to come to our Dodgers because they know loser Freidman and Roberts treats them like crap and no respect for any pitcher ever since they took over. I would give them Freidman and Roberts and Hernandez and Maeda and Turner and Day. Then hire a real manager that has respect for our team and us fans. 60 plus years Dodger fan and this is the biggest bunch of a joke with these new owners and management that dont care about what our team needs or us fans.

    1. Really boomer? You say that after surviving both the Fox and McCourt ownership groups?

      1. @Senortortas be careful, as you can tell, certain folks get real sensitive about using that word! I learned my lesson. You get this troll following you every post you make. He’s a sick individual!

  19. Pederson, Barnes, gray, downs,white or Santana and rio Ruiz gives them 2 top prospects a decent number 3-4 future starter in white, a power hitting lefty with a above average glove, a great defensive catcher in Barnes and a right handed major league ready prospect That has a lot of potential as a DH plus pederson is bound to get paid in arbitration there’s no room for Ruiz anywhere Barnes is still gonna make more than 4 million in arb. Dodgers eat the rest of prices terrible contract and get Mookie Betts. I think it works great even if u don’t give up Barnes and give up say maeda and maybe get a decent prospect with a high upside in return to the dodgers with betts and price. I think Boston wins dodgers win

  20. What people forget is price Had an era of 3.21 at the allstar break he’s still a great pitcher. He got hurt, he should be healthy next year. Price beat the Dodgers up bad in 2018

    1. Too old to really heal completely. Will constantly be on the DL like Rich Hill.
      Just not worth it. We have others better & more deserving.
      It ain’t 2018.

  21. What people forget is Price had an era of 3.21 at the allstar break he’s still a great pitcher. He got hurt, he should be healthy next year. Price beat the Dodgers up bad in 2018

  22. What people forget is Price had an era of 3.21 at the allstar break he’s still a great pitcher. He got hurt, he should be healthy next year. Price beat the Dodgers up bad in 2018.

  23. LA has a crowded outfield and better pitchers. They don’t need Betts or Price, particularly because the added cost will prevent them from getting any other big ticket players. Betts is a great player, but LA would need to get rid of some valuable lower cost pieces to get him. This is NOT a Friedman move.

    1. I don’t know what you’re on about. Betts is a big ticket as there is. Aside from him and Lindor, there isn’t anyone remotely close scheduled to be a free agent for another three or four years.

  24. David Price? No! Not in any scenario. No!! No Way!!
    Betts? Only if he agrees to sign an extension. 8 or 9 years? If he doesn’t want to sign for that many years because he still wants to test free agency? Then minimum 3 year extension!
    In no way would I trade Lux, May, Muncy, Seeger, Gray or Downs in this deal. We are helping BoSox in a salary dump by taking on Betts’s salary.

  25. Guys, first of all, I don’t believe this will happen. If we pretend it does, you will have to include at least 1 of your top prospects. (Lux or May). We as fans always want to “steal” top end players for guys we don’t need. If you can get Moonie and Price, do it and win the world series. It will be worth the high price (no pun intended.)

  26. Over rated Betts is a known trouble maker and succeeds in extremely hitter friendly Fenway.

    Price is losing it, was not good in 2019, forget about it. Excess baggage.

    Rendon made sense for LA, now Chris Bryant is the way to go if anything.

    1. We’ll have to give up the same kind of package for Bryant that we would for Betts or Lindor there’s going to be no difference. When we try to have our cake and eat it too teams aren’t going to play fair and I can’t blame them

  27. No on both. Mookie has been very clear about testing the market and we don’t need a prima-Donna which is exactly what Price is.

  28. Mookie, Kelly beat us up bad too and look where he took us this season and the playoffs.

    1. Kelly and Pollock are saboteurs I’m convinced. Kelly has always seemed to have it in for the Dodgers dating back to when he cheated and took out our hottest player in 2013 and had many questionable outings this year The one in game 5 being the biggest. Pollocks postseason was very fishy I don’t believe anyone could be that bad. We’re talking looking completely lost and foolish Literally every single at bat like he’s never played baseball ever.

      1. Hate to say it but he is always breaking down! He has all of the sudden super charged numbers, then tears down. Maybe Pollock will find that formula again where hell be super charged again!

  29. I would love the trade but would try to get him to come for less money. Also I love Mookie. Who wouldn’t want a guy with a name like that!!!

  30. The last time the Dodgers bailed out Boston’s bad contracts Boston won the World Series. I would be very careful not to get burned twice, but Friedman has this obsession with looking like a genius so who knows what happens. Definitely not worth losing May or Lux if we take Price, and the Dodgers MUST include Pollock to offset a portion of salary taken on.

  31. Yes. Why the hell not? All you ppl who are saying no because Betts will leave after one year are just stupid. So what? Would you rather have a player for one season in his prime, ala Josh Donaldson, or for ten seasons in serious decline for at least the back half of that contract, ala Pujols? If you have a chance to get an elite player, one of the top five players in ALL of baseball, you go out and get him. Betts is a guy with good pop, outstanding defense, speed, versatility (don’t forget he came up as an infielder), and most importantly, outstanding discipline and tops in strikeout percentage (or lack thereof). If Price is added, then obviously some money has to be offset. This is the perfect opportunity to get rid of Pollock, and hell, being a Boston hero, they might even take Kelly back. This could leave some salary open to sign Betances for 10 mil, or thereabouts. They should sign him regardless; if they signed Treinen, Dellin is as good a bounce back candidate as any. Also, if they were willing to explore Bumgarner for $15-$20 mil a year, getting Price at that AAV (after Pollock and other money offset) is fair. Price could project to be better these next three years because he still misses bats and he’d be moving to the NL West. While his hard hit rate has come up substantially since 2005, and his home run rate along with it, some of that could be attributed to pitching in the AL East as well as the juiced ball. If you can get something out of Price, great. If not, oh well, cut him after year two. He’s not an ace, but he’s slightly above average. Make no mistake, this isn’t the David Price trade though. This is to get Mookie Betts at a price that won’t kill the farm or subtract key contributors on the ball club. I still heavily believe they need to pair another sub-ace with Walker, like Clevinger or Thor but that very likely won’t happen. That’s why this Betts trade needs to happen, over anything else. If taking Price’s contract is a consequence, oh well. Whatever brings us a title to L.A.

    1. @Senortotas
      Agreed. Paying more cash and giving up less prospects sounds good to me.

      1. @Senortortas
        Also, a certain person gets real sensitive when you use the word “Boomer” on this site. As you will see, he will troll your every post.

        1. Stop replying to yourself boomer it looks pathetic especially after I called you out

  32. Baseball 101 can’t even spell basic words half the time I wouldn’t take him seriously

      1. Come on now it’s at another level with some of these people. We’re talking elementary school words here

  33. Why do people think that Betts, Lindor, Price, Cole, Sale and others magically appeared in the majors without ever being rookies? The Dodgers ought to commit to the youngsters in the rotation and in the lineup. Trade some of Barnes, Joc, CT3 and Kike. Let the other kids compete such as Urias, May and others. Use kids in the support roles vacated by the trades. Instead of a major trade, make a major commitment to play the kids. They have the skill, we have a great foundation and will still win the west. Forget the blockbuster

  34. I was going to USC when the Dodgers arrived from Brooklyn. I often walked across the field from school to see them play the last 6–8 innings. What a team! What a ticket price: $2.00 for a reserved seat! Now I drive eight or nine hours to see them: Four hundred dollars for the family if they don’t eat too much. Will I ever see them win again before I go underground? Come on, make a trade or two!!

  35. If they can sign Betts to an extension then sure make the deal but as they will take a huge financial hit with Price do not include Lux, May, or Verdugo.
    Unlike the howling fans and writers this team with Urias in the rotation does not need anyone. Let the kids pitch!!! Let the kids play! Bring Peters up. Trade Maeda, Taylor, hopefully Polliock.

  36. The dodgers should ask for a younger arm for the pen, not price at 34, hurt and at the end of his stretch in the mlb. Dont like moving so many young arms and i would send Jensen cp, as one of the players that Bos must take back. Move seager back to 3b and move turner to a 3rd team. Lux to ss and add a 1b

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