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Dodgers: Darryl Strawberry Questionably Calls Out LA Fans 29 Years Later

It’s been almost 30 years since Darryl Strawberry signed an ill-fated contract with the Dodgers, but he’s still not done talking about it. The now 58-year-old Strawberry made comments about Los Angeles fans on an interview with SNY. 

The fans are so different in New York than LA. LA fans come late and leave early. New York fans come early and never leave. They wait until the end of the game, whether you win or lose, and I was used to that.

To be fair, Strawberry has a little bit of a point in the sense that Dodgers fans have a reputation for leaving games early. But you try getting in and out of Dodger Stadium during a weekend game and tell me that you don’t want to leave an inning early during a blowout. He didn’t stop there though, Strawberry just thought fans in New York were better in general. 

They want you to get better and that’s what I love about playing in New York. It was heartbreaking leaving the Mets and that was the biggest mistake I really ever made in my career was leaving New York to go play in LA.

We can pretend it was the fans and Dodgers that ruined those three years for Darryl Strawberry, but we all know the truth. He couldn’t stay healthy and addiction problems made him a below-average player for the rest of his career after he left Los Angeles. Regardless of how fans treat you, it’s hardly them to blame for his fall from grace. 

After his time with the Mets and Dodgers, Strawberry went on to pay for the Yankees and Giants. He never made another All-Star team after Los Angeles, and barely managed to put up respectable numbers. But sure man, blame the Dodgers fans. 

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  1. “ But you try getting in and out of Dodger Stadium during a weekend game and tell me that you don’t want to leave an inning early during a blowout.“ Apparently there was no traffic leaving Shea Stadium in Queens? Dodger fans are like NY Yankee and Dallas Cowboy Homers, they share the unique distinction of being disloyal and utterly despised by the rest of sports. These teams always preordain themselves in preseason as Champions and cry foul when they choke in the playoffs.

    1. Yea because there’s a freaking city wide Subway system right outside the stadium in LA like there is in Queens right? You forgot to mention that. Clown.

    2. I guess fans wanting to win championships is preordaining themselves as champions in your warped mind. It’s actually great to play for fans that are passionate like that and the players want the same. Is there something wrong with playing for championships? Don’t confuse stating goals as declaring themselves champions. I think you just might be sensitive. How can a fan base that leads in attendance every year despite the yearly disappointment be considered disloyal? What fan base isn’t a “homer” are they supposed to root for your team to make you feel better baby? To compare them to yankee fans is ludicrous too they are far worse than anything you see at Dodger stadium.

  2. I AGREE TOTALLY!!! We leave early when the game is gone to beat the traffic…you don’t like it F.O.!!!…Strawberry was a “junkie” who couldn’t control himself and he still can’t deal with it!!!

    1. “Disloyal” Dodger fans? Check attendance figures genius. Mets are always around or below league average while Dodgers are always at or right near the top. And by the way I’ve been to Shea and Citi Field….the traffic situation getting in and out of Dodger Stadium is so much worse.

  3. He was abusing drugs when he was in triple A ball in Jackson, MS and never stopped. The difference was when he was in NY his hometown buddies were not around to make the party life easy so the excesses were minimal and when he signed with the Dodgers they came out of the woodwork and he had NO self discipline. The only person he can blame is himself.

  4. Straw is a guy that signed a free agent contract with LA and rather than play hard he destroyed his career with drugs. To criticize LA fans is mindless and almost predictable from a frustrated addict who is the poster child for great athletes that never met expectations. The LA fans would say they saw a different player than the Straw that played in NY. Maybe that’s why Straw prefers NY fans.

  5. So because the fan come late and leave early, his answer was to become a degenerate POS, who ALWAYS came late and left early. Trash then trash now.

  6. He speaks the truth…especially in those years, even with teams that were top contenders ,too many fans roll in late and leave early compared to other high attendance fan bases. The only exceptions are close playoff games, special pitching performances, or any game Eric “Game Over” Gagne closed. That’s was kenley Jansen Hype ×10, believe that! Strawberry didn’t BLAME the fans , but just noted that HE like many players would rather play in front of crowds that show up early and stay til the end. Looks like the truth hurts. Remember , he’s from LA, maaaaaybe he thought his homecoming would help nullify that and when it didn’t , well, it helped him draw this conclusion. Thanks for the article. ?????

  7. Darryl is so wrong here. L.A. fans arrive late and leave early to beat the traffic. Always been the case. No connection between the fans and Darryl’s short drug addled Dodger career. Coming.home to old, bad associations.played a greater role in his poor performance arrival and departure times. Drug and sex addiction were Darryl’s.demon. Sounds like Darryl shaded curry favor with. New York where he spent the overwhelming majority of his prime years.

  8. His story of having sex during the game says a lot about his investment in baseball.

  9. That’s total B.S
    I have been to NY games and the only time they stay late is when they are winning! Stop promoting a myth that it only happens in LA. It’s everywhere!

  10. He’s right about the fans here leaving early but he’s wrong about NY fans being better overall. That is false they are terrible there’s no way they’d treat him well if he was coming in as a FA and tanked for the whole contract. Furthermore, like you said his struggles are his own fault he was a druggie and should be smart enough to know it’s his fault he was garbage and not ours

  11. Daryl Strawberry has a right to say what he wants period. That does not mean we (Dodger fans) have to agree. Remember when he was with the Mets (before the Dodgers) was when other players were laying out lines of coke for him.He has never said players in LA did that but that came from his Met days. Also it was Steinbrenner who took care of Daryl in New York. That being said there are plenty of players and ex players who have said (AJ Ellis for instance) that playing in Dodger Stadium before Dodger fans was like heaven. Every one is entitled to their opinion.

  12. Right now I’d probably pay to see the 58 year old Straw play in a charity softball game. I want to see some ballgames.

  13. If Strawberry focused more on playing between the white lines instead of snorting them, he would have maxed out his incredible talent.

  14. Broken heart when he left NY? Brah, you SIGNED A FREE AGENT CONTRACT to leave NY, and YOU made the decision to move to LA, yo idiot! Straw, you have ALWAYS pointed YOUR fingers at others – and you continue to do so to this day. Do not forget, you are a “man of god” now, so of course you have learned humility – NOT! Straw, you should stop talking. You are an uneducated, narcissistic, megalomaniac, with a god complex. Drugs are mad, mkay.

  15. I am glad you found jesus, I bet that allows to place blame for your mistakes on the devil or some demons, and other bat s&^t crazy stuff. You have always been a loser, and will always be one. Go find another line to snort, or someone to bang, or shoot up some drugs. No one cares about you, and the baseball “greatness” that you dumped into the toilet.

  16. How Daryl strawberry going to talk about fans when he can’t get his own life together with out doing drugs ..L.A fans are like drugs we just beat you up til you can’t take no more …

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