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Dodgers: Dave Roberts Addresses Hyun-Jin Ryu Fatigue Issues

Hyun-Jin Ryu will likely skip a start in September, per Dodgers manager Dave Roberts. Ryu already has 152.2 IP, this season, after pitching just 82.1 innings in 2018, and 126.2 innings in 2017. Ryu recent had neck stiffness which led him to the 10-day IL, and skipping a start could help Ryu’s case.

Ryu is leading in the most recent NL Cy Young poll, as he is the favorite to win the award. However, that was before his two most recent starts where he has struggled. If skipping a start or two helps get him fully healthy and back on track, then that should take precedence. Ryu and the Dodgers’ focus is a World Series championship this season. So if Ryu misses a chance at winning the Cy Young award, to win the World Series, I think he would prefer the championship over an award.

In 24 starts this season, the lefty’s record now sits at 12-4 as his ERA is at 2.00 for the first time since May.

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Ryu was on a roll until his last two starts. It could be due to fatigue, or it could be that lingering neck stiffness. Whatever the reason may be, skipping a start is imminent for Ryu, knowing the implications going into the postseason.

Levon Satamian

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  1. Ryu pitches well with Martin as his battery mate. I believe it was Smith the last two poor starts

    1. I don’t believe you can place the blame for pitch placement (out in the middle of the zone) on the catcher. Ryu wasn’t executing and if its fatigue he should skip at least two starts. It’s more important that he be ready for the playoffs.

  2. If he wins the Cy Young it will just cost more to sign him after this season, so I’d prefer he concentrate on October and forget the Cy Young.

  3. One of the advantages of a big lead is to afford your team the opportunity to rehabilitate the injured, the weary, and “the tired masses”, as we work closer to October. Let HJR rest as much as he feels is necessary. He will be in our starting rotation and much is expected of him. “The ring is the thing”. Go Blue!!!

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