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Dodgers: Dave Roberts Admits Dustin May Is Behind Schedule With Soreness

In a media huddle Wednesday morning, Dodgers’ manager Dave Roberts gave a few injury updates on players. One of the guys mentioned was Dustin May, who Roberts admitted was falling behind everyone else in camp. May has been sidelined with soreness that has kept him from throwing off of a mound.

The Dodgers were already packed with potential starting options heading into camp. Adding David Price in the Mookie Betts trade just made a crowded situation even more crowded. As it stands, there are at least ten guys on the roster that could be utilized in a starting role.

Dustin May’s soreness could make him one of the odd men out. Roberts already divulged that he envisions May and Tony Gonsolin as starters long-term. He also announced that Julio Urias was going to be taking the fourth spot in the rotation, and Alex Wood seemed confident he got the fifth spot.

Logically, that would leave May to start the season at Triple-A to get starts in. The news of him not throwing off of a mound yet further exacerbates the issue.


  1. Here’s an idea for arranging the starting pitchers for the Dodgers. Because we have so many potential starters and because pitchers have much less success the third time facing the same batters, why not divide up the staff into duos? For example, pair Urias with May. One of them would pitch the first four or five innings and the other one would finish the game. This arrangement has several advantages: it makes good use of our abundant resources, it keeps pitchers potentially healthier because they pitch fewer innings, pitchers would also probably be more effective as they aren’t pacing themselves, and opposing batters don’t get used to seeing the same pitches. Yes, maybe we let Buehler and Kershaw pitch more innings. And yes, pitchers have to sacrifice some statistical glory for the good of the team. But what do you think?

  2. May is probably experiencing the same soreness that alot of rookies experience when progressing in their pitch counts and adjusting to the much longer MLB season. Buehler went through the same thing. The obvious thing to do is not to push him. The Dodgers have plenty starters. Don’t stick him in the minors and have him start there if his arm is sore. Starts are starts, and pitches are pitches, regardless of where you are. Ease him back slowly. Put him on the DL if that’s what it takes. May is a future star. But we can wait until he’s ready.

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