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Dodgers: Dave Roberts Admits the Team Was Embarrassed Following Series Sweep and No-Hitter

It’s tough to say if this past week was a season-low for the Dodgers, but it certainly wasn’t good. The team has already had to endure a stretch of games that saw them go 5-15 and fail to score runs on a regular basis. Part of that can be blamed on health, but not all of it. 

The Dodgers started off the week by getting swept right out of San Diego. The Padres came out swinging and brought the intensity from the moment the first pitch was thrown on Monday. It showed and Los Angeles got dominated. 

Then the Dodgers came home looking for an easy matchup against the Cubs’ Zach Davies. Instead, they walked away with a loss and having got no-hit by Chicago’s pitching staff, who had to use 4 different arms. 

Dave Roberts was asked what it was like walking away from a sweep only to get no-hit at home. 

No one likes to lose, but to lose three on the road to a division rival and then come home and get no-hit, that doesn’t make anyone feel good. I think the word embarrassment probably sums it up.

To their credit, the Dodgers responded very well from that tough stretch of games. They came out and beat the Cubs over the next 3 games and took the series from them over the weekend. Excellent pitching can be credited for those wins, but the bats also came alive when it mattered. 

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Now the Dodgers are hoping for a good start to this week. They face off against the Giants at home for 2 games with Trevor Bauer on the mound to start the series. They will have to face Kevin Gausman on Tuesday though, and that will be a real test for this offense. 

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  1. I sure hope this was finally the wake-up call they needed! Some humble pie and butt kicking showed the team that they are not who they think they are. Names on paper alone are not going to win you games…..but it takes hard work and dedication to your game to have any success. That 4 losses were the most pathetic Dodgersnation have ever experienced and the team knew it hurt the pride of this organization. The fan base showed up to support you 100%, but you responded by uninspired, no energy, flat unexciting playing (hustle), mental mistakes, and total embarrassment to the name on the front of the jersey. Make adjustments….seem like watching the same old- same old.

  2. If embarassment is what will drive our team to play well, so be it. After that shameful no hitter,
    we needed to win the series against the Cubs; and, right now we definitely need to beat the
    Giants (for a myriad of reasons.) Although I enjoyed the game last night, I was disappointed
    that I had to listen to Giants’ announcers, and I found myself muting the game intermittently.
    Now on to Game 2 tonight…Go Dodgers!!!

    1. B McP, living in Southern Oregon, I have the same issue with having to see the Giants broadcast because they are considered the local sports team in my area along with the A’s and Mariners. On occasion, Fox and ESPN nationally televise these games so I get a reprieve, well sort of.

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