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Dodgers’ Dave Roberts On Adrian Gonzalez’s Postseason Role

The plan for Adrian Gonzalez has been a question of concern for the majority of 2017. His battle to get healthy is still not over and it is now hindering him from being a viable option to start at first base.

On Sunday, Dave Roberts told reporters that they would focus on getting Gonzalez opportunities as a pinch-hitter since that will likely be his role in October.

Adrian Gonzalez is having a tough 2017 on paper, putting up a slash line of .241/.284/.339 and hitting just two home runs. However, as a pinch-hitter this year Gonzalez is 4-8 with two RBIs and two walks. Giving him more opportunities to come off the bench in big spots will hopefully provide the Dodgers a valuable tool to use in the playoffs.

This news also brings up the question of who will play left field in October. Gonzalez being exclusively used in a pinch-hit role ties down Cody Bellinger at first base. This makes the next two weeks absolutely crucial in deciding who will complete the outfield alongside Chris Taylor and Yasiel Puig.

Dave Roberts recently told reporters that Kiké Hernandez would get every start in left field against a left-handed pitcher. Assuming Hernandez performs well and keeps that role for the postseason, that leaves Andre Ethier, Curtis Granderson, Joc Pederson, and Alex Verdugo the top candidates to start in left field versus righties. Ethier might be in the lead for this role if he can stay healthy since he is 6-17 with a home run this year versus righties, enough to give him a .353 batting average.

Hopefully Gonzalez can use the limited playing time to focus on his health and swing so that he is a threat off the bench in the postseason.

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  1. There comes a time in every veteran player where he is overtaken by youth (usually), and his role is significantly changed. Circumstances and player personnel usually dictate this change, but all vets go through it whether they like it or not. Gonzo brings the intangibles to the game (similar to Utley). We need both of these players on the roster in my opinion. He will prove valuable down the line when called upon.

  2. Roberts idea if managing is terrible he needs to go His idea of managing is pull the pitcher too soon or leave him in 1 batter too long If Sripling Raven and gas can Baez are his answer to a functional bullpen the Dodgers are in trouble Not to mention the starters why didnt they get Verlander instead of Darvish never know which Darvish will show upfield and go God sake stick Puig in the 8 hole no one can hit after the first 5 batters at least give us a chance to score some runs If Granderson and Forsythe are starting that is 2 sure outs not to mention Grandel who is awful but has proven he can get hot. play Utley and Joc he at least can field Iam worried they wont make it past AZ

  3. Agon is a huge longshot to make the post season. Just a pinch hitter with limited power, minus speed, and can’t play a position, other than first where we don’t need him. Utley, Hernandez, Barnes, and one of those lefty left fielders, probably granderson or ethier. Thanks for the memories Agon, you were a great player, leader, and citizen. Looks like your time is over.

    1. Jackson, I am afraid I have to agree with you…YOU DON’T GET BETTER FROM WHAT IS WRONG …I will miss his leadership and clutch hitting…

  4. Boy do I hate to say this because I have loved Adrian for many years. A professional hitter of baseballs if there ever was one. But the truth is that he has lost it. He has no place on this roster in post season.

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