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Dodgers: Dave Roberts Amazed by Dominant Stretch out of Max Scherzer

If you drew it up like this, you had some very high standards! The Dodgers have received more than they bargained for after trading for pitcher Max Scherzer at the deadline. The right-hander has brought not only stability to the boys in blue but a level of dominance that you could only dream of.

In fact, Dodgers manager Dave Roberts thinks anyone would be hard pressed to find a better run than what Scherzer has provided for LA in 8 games.

“We’ve had some good runs from starting pitchers. It’s hard for me to pick any other eight-start run. But I just can’t imagine any being any better than this, especially with where we’re at in the season.”

8 starts, 6-0 record (with the Dodgers winning all 8 games he’s started) 0.88 ERA, 71 strikeouts (including number 3,000 of his career), 51 innings pitched. That’s pretty dang good.

The Dodgers get another workhorse back today with Clayton Kershaw set to come off the injured list for the first time since early July. With Kershaw, Scherzer, and Walker Buehler at the top, you’d struggle to find a better top 3 starters. Add in Julio Urias behind them and this Dodger team would seem to be unstoppable in October.

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  1. It’s not the pitching that’s a concern with going deep in October, its the inconsistent offense all year long. Dodgers scored 8 runs on Sunday and if the offense lays an egg tonight against AZ,, you’ll know what I’m talking about.

  2. Dave Roberts must have a set of pom poms that he keeps in the closet. Wish that we all could be amazed with his managing abilities. Can’t have everything but Max is this team’s Golden Egg and if they should blow it, I highly doubt that he will wear Dodger Blue next season.

  3. “With Kershaw, Scherzer, Buehler, and Urias”???

    With Kershaw’s poor playoff history, his injury problems, drop in velocity, against Urias’s who is having a tremendous year along with his performance last year in the playoffs…Kershaw should be the fourth starter, or in the bullpen. No way you put him ahead oh any of the other three.

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