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Dodgers: Dave Roberts and Max Muncy Ejected from Wednesday’s Game

The Dodgers did not have their best night of the year on Wednesday evening. After Julio Urias only went 1.2 innings and struggled, the umpires didn’t do them any favors. Several players took issue with homeplate umpire Mark Ripperger’s strike zone, and it boiled over. 

In the 6th inning, Max Muncy took a few balls that appeared to be down in the zone, but Ripperger disagreed. Roberts got thrown out from the dugout when he yelled out in disagreement. Just a few pitches later, Muncy struck out and had some words to say as he headed back to the Dodgers dugout. He did not get very far

We feel that we should warn you, the language used by Muncy is not exactly safe for the kids at home. 

The strike zone was certainly an issue all night long, and that was easy to see from home on a tv screen. Ripperger was calling balls all over the place, not just in a certain area out of the zone. Dave Roberts’ ejection is the first for the Dodgers this season. 

Max Muncy was replaced at first base by Matt Beaty following the ejection. Bob Geren took over the Dodgers’ managing duties with Dave Roberts having been ejected. Muncy had previously homered in the game before being tossed. 

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  1. Max Muncy did what was RIGHT!!! If the players dont stand up to the umpires WHO WILL!!!!

    1. That’ll show those umpires. I’ll get thrown out of a game we’re losing so I can’t help my team come back. I’m standing up to those umpires though!

  2. With all the silly changes MLB has done this year why couldn’t they have tested out the electric strike zone? It just seems like night after night especially with the box they put on TV, strike zone calls are all over the place.

  3. It’s ok kids are watching and hearing far worse. A baseball game with a hot mic is actually nothing

  4. The mic wasn’t hot. Without fans you can just hear everything now. Umps need to be consistent more than ever.

  5. There are those that argue that the electronic strike zone on TV is not 3 dimensional. Home plate umpires are clearly wrong on about 30% of close pitches. I think they should put an umpire on the camera that looks down. Another with a camera that looks from the side, using one facing the hitter, depending on whether it’s a left- or right-handed hitter. The umpire on the top camera would also rule on check swings, on which both home plate and base umpires are really terrible. Electronically, the umpire from the top clicks ball or strike based on the width of the plate. Electronically, the umpire at the side clicks ball or strike based on whether the ball is within the strike zone horizontally. A strike is called electronically only when both umpires clicks strike electronically. Umpires are happy because there are two more umps getting paid. Players are happy because there is a correct and consistent strike zones among all umpires.

  6. This was one of the worst umpired games I have seen in a long time. He was pathetic, not even consistent, so the batter had no idea.

  7. what exactly happens with an umpire that has a “poor performance?” I know they are graded but what comes from that? won’t umpire playoff games??

  8. I read that there are about 10 “replacement” umpires for the ones that opted out of working during the pandemic. Could this guy be one of them?

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