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Dodgers: Dave Roberts Believes His Team Can Pull Off a Miracle

It’s hard to have hope when the Dodgers have been pushed to the brink of elimination yet again. The team is falling apart piece by piece, guys are not performing to expectations at the plate, and they lack the intensity or desire to win.

Today brings about Game 5 of the NCLS and the Dodgers are faced with a 3-1 series deficit against a hungry Atlanta Braves team. While most people would have little hope in a comeback, and rightly so, manager Dave Roberts is confident they can pull it off. 

“You never want to have your back against the wall. That’s not how you draw it up. We have a very resilient team, a very tough team. It’s not going to get much tougher than facing Max Fried in an elimination game, but we’ve done it before. Like I said, we got to win tomorrow and I really believe we’re equipped to win tomorrow’s ball game.”

It’s true that the Dodgers have overcome an obstacle such as this as they did so in last year’s NLCS against this same Braves team. Naturally, LA outfielder AJ Pollock echoed Doc’s sentiment.

“There’s really no need to tell anyone that we can do it. We’ve done it. We’ve been here,” Pollock added. “If we win tomorrow, we’re not in a bad spot. So it’s going to be a big day tomorrow. We got to regroup. We got to get after it and anything can happen if we win tomorrow.”

Still, in order to make it a second straight year they’ve shocked the Braves, they desperately need the bats to come to life. They have been flat all postseason and that’s been the main reason for their troubles. They’ve been an utter disappointment between the lines.

“I know it’s not from lack of work or preparation, so the last part of it and most important is execution. Every time I write the lineup out I feel very good about our club and how we match up, the track records, and what we’re gonna do that particular night. It just hasn’t been as consistent as anyone expected. It is what it is. We got to change that.”

On a more positive note, since last year’s playoff run, the Dodgers have won 6 straight elimination games. They pulled off 3 against the Braves last year, accompanied by a Wild Card win and 2 wins against the Giants in the NLDS. They have the talent to pull it all off despite the injuries they have. However, it’s time for everyone to put up or shut up.

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  1. Sorry Roberts, but you don’t deserve to be bailed out by a miracle. Count your blessings the team gave you a title last year. Now is time for you to go!

  2. My guess on the lineup:

    RF Betts
    SS Seager
    C Smith
    CF Bellinger
    LF Pollock
    3B Taylor
    2B Turner
    1B Pujols
    P Kelly

    I left out the humorous side comments today. Not in a laughing mood.

    Let’s go Dodgers! Don’t let the season end today!

    1. 4Life….

      I am totally down with your lineup…. Right on the money with Kelly and stretching him out as long as possible without giving up more than 2 runs…..

      Roberts has to be proactive and not let the Braves amass any major lead.

      Have you noticed the ‘lost look’ he has on his face when the broadcast cuts to the dugout & Roberts. It’s as if he is stunned…

      One inning at a time today boys!

      All of us here, on this platform, are behind you guys 100%… Now, LFG!

      1. Doug, I have to agree with you. I can’t wrap my head around the offensive ineptitude either. It’s like everyone wants to be the hero. What happened to go the other way when the whole damn right side of the infield has a whole the size of the Grand Canyon! Shaking my head.

  3. This series has been our season in a nutshell. Critical injury, horrible clutch hitting, lousy defense, blunders.. this has got to be the worst 106 win team In my lifetime

    1. Don, I sometimes wonder myself. Team certainly has had a Jekyll and Hyde character to it. Tough to know what to expect.

    2. Maybe some more Astro cheater stories would help. As things stand, it looks like you guys simply blew it in 2017 like this year.

  4. I had made this comment previously but is worth repeating.

    Postseason baseball in a nutshell:

    As a batter, if your approach is off, you will get carved up like a Thanksgiving Turkey by a good pitcher!

    As a pitcher, if you miss location, they will tattoo you and take you yard!

    1. In any sport, the post season is a whole new ballgame…..

      Fingers crossed they don’t bring up Billy Mc to replace J Turner…. they need Zach Mc to be the guy…..

      But…. as you know, Dave (4Life) lol, our guy Dave LOVES Billy Mc. God help us!

      1. Doug, I hope it’s Zach Mc too. At least he has shown he can hit! Billy Mc should look for another line of work! I do appreciate your sense of humor 😉 just not in a laughing mood today. Hoping for a miracle.

        1. I’m not in a great mood either, especially since the offense has been flat all post season as Adam Salcedo here points out and I also said it would be the main reason why Dodgers are about to see a 4th team celebrate a post season series victory in the last 5 years. I knew from very beginning of this year the offense would not be as good as last year and I was proven right. No DH HAS hurt this t exam as well .I realize the other NL teams didn’t have it but it forced Roberts into those tough in game decisions all year long. And it’s on the player’s shortcomings but Freidman and Roberts must take some of the blame for their over depebence on analytics and a lap top.

          1. Paul, I agree. The analytics idea has been taken too far. Rays were the front-runner with this trend and they’ve fallen short twice now. Alex Cora also imploded his team’s momentum by bringing in a starter to close and will most likely fall short when he had a nice advantage. What worked ok for over 100 years, the eyeball test, all of a sudden is no good. Just sayin.

        2. 4Life…

          Totally get it…. I have your back and get it…. ‘come at you’ at a later date!

          We both pray for a miracle, albeit, 1 game, 1 inning, at a time.

          Hopefully tonight we can get you ‘back up and running!’

        3. Well, the call up was Andy Burns…..

          Jeopardy question!

          Who is Dave Roberts 2nd most hated player behind Matt Beaty?

          Who is Zach McKinstry

          Correct for $500!

          1. Lol. Doug, can you leave some tickets at will call for your next appearance at the Comedy Store?

  5. This season comes down to really one thing. Our so called manager has screwed this team time after time with terrible lineups, spa days off, killing momentum, babying players, expecting players to play out of position, excuse after excuse, the list goes on and on. I hope roberts is fired, but we all know he won’t be. Very SAD.

    1. Greg, I beg to differ. It’s NEVER one thing. Game has so many different sides to it. It’s a team game. You win as a team and you lose as a team. Everyone has a hand in it. From the top of the organization down to the 26th man on the roster. Do I agree with everything that Roberts does? Heck no. But to place all the blame on one person’s decisions is disingenuous IMHO.

    2. Wow perfect analysis Greg — as if I had written it verbatim. I too wish Roberts the Clown would go — by any means possible. I have been following the Dodgers for over 50 years and I have never enjoyed the baseball season less than I have since Roberts the Clown has been managing. This regular season has been the leaset enjoyable that I can recall. Thank you for your honesty and insight.

  6. Let’s be realistic. Looks like our season is about to end. Looking to next year we have many questions. Albert a great person but really no help. JT is at the end of his career. Let Seager walk and go for one of the other shortstops. Bench is pathetic and must clean out dead weight. Trea Turner we are stuck with him another year. Our aces on the mound are not cutting it. They are good against the weaker teams. Get players that make contact and not swinging from the heels every at bat. Just look at the averages and compare it to the Braves. Put the damn ball in play!

    1. Dodger 1955, that pretty much sums it up as I see it too. I have tried to remain positive, but I’m beginning to resign myself to what my eyes are telling me…it’s just not our year.

        1. We constantly hear about our FO and ‘manager’ leaning heavily on statics and analytics…. IF they are so ‘heady’ to these, what is the excuse of not bunting when you have the entire side of the infield open? Simple logic/statics says if you have an open side of the field and you drop a bunt, 95% of the time you will reach base.

          Thus, a win-win… player/team gets a man on base, player average goes up and a better average equals a better contract.

          1. Doug, I totally agree. Dodgers offense approach is atrocious! If I didn’t know any better, I’d say they just don’t give a sh!t.

  7. Roberts got lucky last year.. not happening this year… he is a horrible manger.. and they should have gotten rid of him mid season…noe upper management will pay

  8. Dodgers won it all, despite having to navigate the Covid pandemic which could have de-raed any team. But the fact is the DH last year kept Roberts from the in game and pitching, lineup decisions he struggled with this year. I know the other NL teams were without a DH this year but it hurt this team big time IMO.

  9. League really needs to make changes from playoff brackets to automated strike zones and a reviewable check swing. No way in hell the first and second best records square off in the first round after one of them survives a wildcard game. Simple math….fix it!

  10. This is where the rubber meets the road.Braves about to relive a nightmare.Deja frickin Vu.Did you see Joc attempt a bunt single?That’s the creativity our offense has been lacking all season.Hate to kick a good man down but Justin needed a break and it wouldn’t hurt me to put Gavin at second and let Trea be a pitch runner.Roberts and analytic team are not a playoff paradym to follow.Too cute for my taste.Julio has been maxed out for a month.Overtaxed!! WE have the best bullpen in league let it roll Doc Stay outta the way .I hope the crowd Vavooms today.Give up your ticket unless your ready to show a LASORDA heart.BELIEVE BABY

    1. Mr. Meadows, I love your spirit! I’m trying like heck to get up for this game. I just feel I’m gunna get a left-upper cut and a right cross to the jaw!

  11. Let’s not throw Doc out with bathwater.We won 106 games with a injury plagued team.Seager is a Dodger for life.He will be another Chipper at 3rd.Freidman and Roberts are umbilically connected.Dodgers are handcuffed with Bauer Affair.He’s a cancer unfortunately.Get Matlock to hang a morals clause around his neck.He has been foisted on that silly sword he keeps at his side.Like to see this team stay intact.Loss of MUNCEY incalcuable.Keep the faith.Dodgerfan4life -I watched my first Dodger game at the Colesium still have Wally Moon autograph.Suffered many concussive blows but still standing.Just a little Parkinsens.Dont see any Niedenfeur moments today.Dont let corner throw in towel.Perfect weather lets play 2

    1. Wally Moon lol. Moonshots over the short porch in Left. Also responsible for ending the pitching career of a HOF manager after one inning! One named Tommy Lasorda.

      BTW. I did come in off the ledge for a few more innings lol

  12. Dave Roberts has yet to unleash the death lineup.

    Gavin Lux should not even be on the roster let alone start.
    Dave Roberts is the worst coach ever

  13. I am sorry my fellow Dodger fans, but this is not the same Dodger team that won the championship last year. When you look at the injuries suffered all season long and also those of the post season, plus the two key position players not resigned, we were a long shot for this season, perhaps from the start. It caused dead arms on the pitching staff from too many innings and when the bats went dead, Joc and Kiki weren’t there to provide their usual spark.

  14. Indeed Greg, I also concur. Mr Do-gooder, continued to show he had favouritism and defending the defenceless. That is just a couple of his many flaws. I also believe that it starts from TOP, if I was Dodgers ownership, I would let go of Friedman as well and start anew.

    1. I can hear Al Michaels warming up in the background….”DO YOU BELIEVE IN MIRACLES?” Lol

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