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Dodgers Dave Roberts: Breaking Down Decisions Made in Game 5 of the 2019 NLDS

With the loss to the Washington Nationals fresh in the fans minds, let’s take a look at all the decisions the Front Office, Andrew Friedman, Dave Roberts and his staff made for Game 5:


The main moves were taking out AJ Pollock and replacing him with Kiké Hernandez in left field as well as rookie Gavin Lux, was replaced by Max Muncy at second, moving Matt Beaty from left field to first base.

The moves looked to be a great move with Kiké launching a home run in the 2nd inning as well as making an amazing catch in the field to rob Juan Soto.


This was something that was talked about in the post game conference after the Game 4 loss in Washington. Despite having a hot Kenta Maeda warmed up as well and Clayton’s 1st inning ERA issues, Clayton was brought in to face Adam Eaton for the final out in the 7th as well as out for the 8th inning to face Anthony Rendon, Juan Soto and Howie Kendrick.

“I’ll take Clayton any day in that situation” – Dave Roberts

“Wanted to keep Kenta away from Soto. He’s been a righty killer. I feel great about running Clayton out there for two hitters.” – Dave Roberts


After Kershaw gave up the two solo home runs to Rendon and Soto, Kenta came in and struck out three straight batters. In the bottom of the 8th, Justin Turner got on base when he was hit by a pitch with Cody Bellinger and David Freese behind him to bring him home. With the game tied and Patrick Corbin Pitching, Roberts hand was forced to take out Kenta for a chance to get runs.


In a season where Kelly was primarily used for just one inning, Roberts decided to keep Jansen in the bullpen and have Kelly come out for another inning to face Eaton, Rendon and Soto.


Adam Eaton starts off by drawing the walk in the 10th, followed by a ground ruled double by Anthony Rendon. That left first base open with Juan Soto coming up and Howie Kendrick right behind him.

Kolarek was left in the bullpen despite his recent success against Soto, who proceeds to take first base with Howie Kendricks coming up.

“I just felt that Joe had a good chance to put Howie on the ground and potentially then get Kenley on Zimmerman. And so my thought was to try to get a ground ball right there.” – Dave Roberts

Kendrick then hits the grand slam that ended the Dodgers postseason.


With Russell Martin sitting on the bench, Dave sends AJ Pollock to the plate who has struggled the entire series to try and lead a comeback.

Of course, hindsight is 20/20, but with the stakes so high, everyone is trying to find answers to all the why questions they are asking.

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  1. It’s time to move on from player’s who were great in the past and not so good anymore.Kershaw and Jansen are no longer the pitcher’s they were in the past and we have to stop running them out there and expecting the same result’s as 2 years ago!

  2. Drain the swamp. We thought we did the last few years under Roberts but apparently there’s more drainage to be done

  3. I’m not shocked actually.I told my dad watch and see if it isn’t tied up after 9.I still dunno how Roberts got this job to start with.Hes got other guys that can multiple innings but u tempt fate w Kelly for 2.He should’ve been thrilled to get a inning and not got burned from Kelly.Kershaw is at best a 4 starter now.Honestly,Id done same w him last night.Seager and Bellinger go full ghost in the playoffs.The MVP can’t go under 200 with no ribbies.Kershaw actually should’ve never been in that spot if the pen wouldve been actually thought about during the year.Never gonna win a fucking thing w him hitting the iceberg everytime and sinking the ship every year.

  4. For 3 years roberts made bad decisions, i want know as a long time fan how come russel martin wasnt playing game 5, also want to know did everyone else been noticing pitchers struggling this whole season and why they were not pulled out? Going be stats doesnt work at all, players are not robot’s they do struggle at times, last nights game showed once again roberts failer, since 2017 roberts made same mistakes and threw the game away knowing guys struggled, as a fan to many mistakes from roberts is enough.

  5. After going by the analytics all season, Roberts goes by his gut in game 5 elimination game?!?!

  6. After 72 years as a Dodger fan, I am done. Roberts hasn’t got it period and I know I will be unable to stand him managing another year. I started cheering for The Brooklyn Dodgers in 1947 but this is the end.

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