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Dodgers: Dave Roberts Calls Trevor Bauer to LA a ‘Perfect Marriage’

Even though the Trevor Bauer deal hasn’t been officially announced by the Dodgers yet, no one is really hiding the fact that it’s all but finished. Bauer and his entourage were reportedly in LA on Wednesday to sign his 3-year, $102 million contract to join the reigning World Series champs and it seems that manager Dave Roberts is beyond thrilled for the addition to his club.

Doc joined SportsNet LA anchor John Hartung on Wednesday to talk about his reaction to his new weapon.

Pure joy… Surprise — because I think that I was like most of us, getting on social media and I thought he was going to the Mets. So with [Dodgers’ owner] Mark Walter and [president of baseball operations] Andrew [Friedman] figuring it out and making it happen, I couldn’t be more excited.

Despite losing several key players this offseason, on paper, the Dodgers got better with the addition of Bauer. And while the club could have potentially managed to secure its ninth consecutive division title without him in 2021, another Cy Young award winner in the mix does not hurt.

I’ve talked to a handful of players, they’re thrilled. He makes us considerably better. And also, this is a player that is very accomplished. He won the Cy Young last year and wanted to be a Dodger. So, for Dodger fans, I know that’s even more exciting.

Trevor Bauer to the Dodgers: Analyzing the Polarizing Move for Fans

Thus far, the signing has been a source of division amongst fans, particularly on social media. The right-hander brings with him a checkered past which we’ll leave at that. But he also brings an electricity to the starting rotation that the Dodgers are banking on for this season and beyond. Moreover, Dave Roberts did his part to humanize the polarizing ace, sharing a bit of a chat the two had ahead of the signing.

I had a conversation with him a few days ago and talking about his first Dodger game, being out there in the bleachers with his dad and listening to Vin on the radio and so for him to now be wearing this uniform, I know it’s special for him and his family.

Getting On The Same Page

As for another older narrative that has followed Bauer over the years, Roberts addressed reports that the pitcher has clashed with the philosophies of previous organizations. An early adopter of advanced tech to improve his game — what some may refer to as the Driveline methodology — Bauer was ahead of the curve in baseball. A game that is historically slow to adapt to change. Dave Roberts, on the other hand, welcomes different thinking to the LA clubhouse.

I think that people get it mixed up or twisted in a sense is that you’re always going to debate … but the thing is that we’re all in it for the same reason. And that’s to win a championship. People think different, challenged each other — and that’s a good thing. That’s how you grow and get better. … And the way he thinks outside the box, on the margins — he’s a perfectionist. He’s going to push every boundary and that’s what we believe in as well, so I think it’s a perfect marriage.

Considering the ballclub employs several pitching gurus familiar with Driveline, advanced analytics, and Trevor Bauer himself, there shouldn’t be much of a clash when it comes to organizational thinking. At least that’s the hope.

Pitchers and catchers report to spring training at Camelback Ranch next Wednesday. 

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  1. Got no issues with the man. He’s going to upgrade the rotation. What I have a problem with is 40mil a year. Sets a bad precedent. What’s next, 50mil a year? On our staff, I see him as middle of the order, and that ain’t worth 40mil a year. Also, don’t like how it blocks our youngsters. I would like to see the Dodgers commit to these guys. What is it now, if Price doesn’t get traded….Kershaw, Buehler, Bauer, Price, Urias? That leaves out May and Gonsolin. No likely.

  2. I am finding myself agreeing with DR more and more lately. It’s kind of nice feeling. Strange, but nice. Absolutely welcome Bauer, his competitiveness, and his clear commitment to excellence. Commitment deserves commitment in return.

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