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Dodgers’ Dave Roberts Comments On Lineup And Curtis Granderson

One of the biggest complaints you’ll her from fans as of late has to do with the the lineup, more specifically the amount of playing time Curtis Granderson has gotten. Since coming to the Dodgers, Granderson has just ten hits in 83 at-bats, five of them being home runs.

Bill Plunkett of the Orange County Register asked Roberts about his lineup choices and this is what he had to say:

Roberts also stuck to his guns regarding Curtis Granderson and the amount of opportunities he has been given. Granted, Roberts will never say that he has lost all hope in Granderson, but he isn’t budging just yet.

Granderson’s 42 at-bats in the month of September lead all other Dodger outfielders not named Yasiel Puig or Chris Taylor. So why does Dave Roberts continue to play him?

Well, although he had a terrible start to the year, Curtis Granderson turned things around and had a batting average of .273 and .316 in the months of May and June, respectively. His OBP was also phenomenal, going from .174 in April, to .363 in May, and finally to a whopping .442 in June. Since July, however, his numbers have been dwindling.

So the potential is clearly there and in order for him to return to his June-self, he needs the playing time to work out his kinks. The problem is that the Dodgers will be in the postseason in just about three weeks and have yet to settle on a left fielder, specifically to face right-handed pitching if we assume the Kiké has the job versus lefties.

Listen to what else Dave Roberts had to say about the lineup and Curtis Granderson’s recent performance below:

It seems pretty safe to say that the Dave Roberts and the Dodgers are rooting for Granderson to fill that role, since he has received the most opportunities. Think about it like an investment. Every time the Dodgers choose to play a specific player in left field they are making a pretty heavy investment, considering the regular season is just about over. It seems like as of now, because of his track record, Dave Roberts and the Dodgers feel that Granderson is the smartest investment.

If I were you, I’d just sit back and enjoy these last three weeks for what they are: A tryout for who the Dodgers can rely on come October.

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Alex Perez

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  1. This decision is not coming from Dave Roberts. This decision is coming from the front office because they made a trade for Granderson. No matter what they want to make it work because they will look like fools if it doesn’t.

  2. Granderson should be on the bench hes a 125 hitter with the dodgers , we are losing games because of him forget the 5 home runs hes worthless right now. Ethier a lifetime 285 hitter batting 300 on the bench NOOOO sense. Granderson will be the reason the dodgers will lose in playoffs and roberts is fired!!!

  3. I understand wanting to give Granderson an opportunity, what if he doesn’t step up? Is Roberts giving anyone else a chance? But how he is handling Baez is wrong? Bring him in when the games not on the line and see if he can get outs, then let him pitch in more crucial situations. But allowing him to fail, lose the game also is a slap on the face of the other players who battled to get the lead. Wise up!

    1. Couldn’t agree more, especially in light of the fact that it will be three-and-out, assuming they don’t fall into the wildcard spot, in which case it will be one-and-done. Since the acquisition of Granderson, Darvish, and Watson, the Dodger have the worst record in baseball and are last in just about every meaningful category. They can no longer pitch or hit. Roberts believes they are getting rested, while the truth is they are “rusted”.

      This will go down in baseball history as the quickest collapse from best to worst. There is nothing that can be done any more. The team has lost all motivation, and there is no way to get it back. They can not even put up a good showing against the three other worst teams in baseball, the Padres, Phillies and Giants! There is not a team that is projected to be in the playoffs that is concerned about the Dodgers anymore. They all know that they can sweep, and whoever gets the chance, will. I wonder how Roberts will be viewed come October 10? I suspect there are going to be a large number of very angry fans.

      1. I have been saying for the last month. Roberts and his meddling with line up has taken all of the momentum out of the Dodgers and why he still hasn’t settled on a lineup is baffling. Hey Roberts how about you use the line up that was 56-4 mid season and really had a lot of chemistry. If the Dodgers go One and done Roberts should be fired.

    2. I understand your thought process and it is a fine one…Then again…if Baez can’t handle the pressure now…How is he going to perform in the playoffs where there is so much more pressure…

      1. Baez, Stripling, Avilan, the list goes on and on. When every reliever has pitched in 65 or 70 games he’s bound to wear out. Roberts is doing his best Donnie Dingbat impression.

  4. Dave Roberts is always talking about giving slumping players; ie. Granderson, Baez; a chance to build their confidence. Then why, I ask, is he not doing so with Joc Pederson? I get the feeling the other team members are probably asking the same questions.

  5. I predict that Granderson will make the postseason roster. He is a experienced player, contact hitter and a threat on the bases. Better option then Joc. Maeda will be moved to the bullpen and look to fill the void that both Baez and Striplin couldn’t fill.

    1. Granderson is the reason the dodgers have been losing so much since he got there. You do not put someone hitting barely 100 since arriving, in the top of your lineup. Get him out of there and are chances are much better.

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