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Dodgers’ Dave Roberts Comments On Yasiel Puig Showing Up Late To Field

The Dodgers have just a week left of the regular season before the playoffs begin and they are not finishing strong at all.

Yasiel Puig ended Saturday’s game early when he decided (on his own) to steal second base. He was easily thrown out and did not slide, though it was because he tweaked his ankle on his way to the bag. Puig’s decision to steal second really upset Dave Roberts and resulted in Puig getting benched on Sunday, with Roberts noting that he needs to be able to trust his players.

Well, the situation is not getting any better because Yasiel Puig was late to the field Monday morning and is being benched because of it. Roberts also didn’t have an answer to the question of when to expect Puig back in the lineup.

This is not ideal, to say the least. Yasiel Puig has been one of the most impactful players on the Dodgers this season. Having his new, mature bat out of the lineup and his elite defense out of the game puts the Dodgers at an immediate disadvantage. However, it’s pretty frustrating to hear that Puig was late to the field when he knows that he is not on the best of terms with Dave Roberts. Many fans felt like Puig being benched for his mistake in Saturday night’s game was a bit harsh, but this time it’s pretty clear that the sole blame is, unfortunately, on Puig.

Yasiel Puig has made so many improvements this year, both on paper and overall as a teammate and player. That’s what makes this so much more disheartening. To read that Dave Roberts connected Puig’s name with somebody who is focused on themselves is simply not what you want this late in the season.

This last week of the season is going to be crucial for Yasiel Puig and the Dodgers. Besides the fact that Puig should be getting reps to get into a rhythm for October, there needs to be trust between Dave Roberts and Yasiel Puig. The Dodgers will need Puig to come up in big moments this postseason, and Dave Roberts needs to trust in his right fielder that he can get the job done. Showing up late to the field is not how you begin to build that trust.

Yasiel Puig is making it hard to be on his side at this point. Hopefully him and Dave Roberts can figure out a solution to whatever is going on, and fast. The Dodgers have just about a week or so before the playoffs and this is the last thing that they should be focusing on.

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Alex Perez

Whittier College Alumnus. Editor In Chief of Dodgers Nation. Lifelong Dodgers fan.


  1. I really want to root for Puig. He’s such a unique talent and big personality, but I can’t tolerate a player that isn’t focused on the team goal of bringing us a championship. Get it together, will you, Yasiel?

  2. I would like to think there is something going on in Puig’s life and it’s having it’s affect on him at work. He’s a valuable defensive asset to the club. Ain’t no one who can play RF like him, except maybe Hernandez.
    Get it together young man before you find your career over.
    I’ve been a Dodger fan since coming to CA in 56, and at one point a season seat holder. This is the best team they have had in a long long time. It’s a shame one player has the potential to disrupt the chemistry that’s going on there.

    1. Puig still has personal problems. His new found maturity is in flux. It’s possible that he can be dismissed from the team and not be on the team going forward!

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