Dodgers: Dave Roberts ‘Disappointed’ in Pitchers Not Hitting

The Dodgers are probably one of the few National League teams that were entirely ready for the universal designated hitter. Unlike most teams, Los Angeles is stacked in their minor league system and their bench with power bats.

Despite that, it’s still difficult to shake the feeling of disappointment for baseball persists, myself included. Even Dodgers’ manager Dave Roberts, who stands to benefit from the DH, feels a little disappointed. Doc was asked about his thoughts on the designated hitter and how he would feel if it became permanent. 

The chances that we have seen our last game without a designated hitter is likely at this point. Even Dodgers pitchers have said that no one shows up to ballgames to watch them hit. But Roberts is sort of an old school coach in the sense that he played in the late 90s through 2008. So I guess as much as an old school ballplayer as he could be for a 48-year-old. 

MLB decided to implement the universal DH this year as part of their deal with the Player’s Association to get baseball going. The thought this year is that it allows pitchers to focus on pitching and to avoid unnecessary risk for injury in a shortened season. 

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  1. Last I checked, NL pitchers were hitting something like .135. Is “strategy” so important that you are willing to let one of the nine batting order spots fail 86-87 percent of the time???

  2. Roberts should fall to his knees and thank a deity that we now have the DH. Roberts has cost the Dodgers at least one game in each playoff. The telegraphing and then using Kershaw was the last game changer.
    Roberts is a NICE Guy! He is a wonderful clubhouse manager as he does exactly what the Dodger Brass wants him to do, which is get everyone to put up with all the platooning and horrible pitching changes.
    The Dodgers are in the Top 3 of the most talented teams in baseball. They are well run and a money making machine. They have been beaten by teams that have been cheating or by Roberts bad decisions.
    I am hoping that as the Dodgers have the most “Loaded Team” for 2020 if they do not win it all they finally fire Roberts and get a good in game manager. Scoiscia is still available and in Orange County just hanging out.

    1. Old school with the DH but unfortunately not with the game decisions. Some old school managing would’ve won us at least one championship even with the cheating going on *cough Game 2 2017 *cough

  3. Agree with Roberts. If a pitcher can’t help by at least advancing a runner or providing an occasional hit that helps his team, he should work harder. The only offense only players should be pinch hitters or pinch runners, used once and sometimes a difficult decision. Baseball has been known as a thinking person’s game and the more you know about the decisions that have to be made, the more you enjoy it and the more you have to talk about. It’s not home run derby.

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