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Dodgers: Dave Roberts Expresses Disappointment in His Players

The at-bats this weekend from the Dodgers have been concerning, to say the least. With opportunities to put runs on the board and get ahead in games against the Giants, they have consistently faltered. That was very evident in their game on Saturday afternoon.

The Dodgers stranded a staggering 14 runners on base in their loss on Saturday. That included going 2-for-10 with runners in scoring position and more than 1 batter chasing strike three with the bases loaded. It was ugly.

And Dave Roberts knows that it needs to get much better soon. He spoke with members of Dodgers media ahead of the game on Sunday afternoon, and Doc did not sound happy. He expressed a lot of frustration with the at-bat quality and individual success. (quotes via MLB’s Juan Toribio)

“People get caught up in their own individual paths, but the whole focusing on just winning a game and doing whatever it takes to win that day, we have to get back to that mindset.”

Doc was also asked if he felt like Dodgers players were too focused on their own at-bats, and he didn’t have much of an answer for that.

“I don’t know that answer, but I need to find that out because it’s getting more clear that we’re not doing enough to win baseball games. We’re too talented.”

Maybe it is one of those cases where guys are focusing on their own successes and failures right now. But this Dodgers roster is far too talented to be losing games like this, especially when they leave 14 runners on base. It needs to get better, and soon.

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  1. Fans can be “disappointed”, a leader does not publicly throw his people under-the-bus.

  2. How about disappointment in the manager. At this point I’m not seeing this season ending well and if this losing continues, will the brass send Roberts packing? The Angels did it with Joe Maddon, who may be a better manager, and couldn’t do much worse. I’ve seen many of comments by fans, including myself, wanting Roberts fired and yet they signed him to a 3 year extension this year.

    From what I see, he makes substitutions based on a whim and not strategy. Am I wrong?

    All that aside, this current slump, losing 9 of their last 13 should rattle the brass. During this slump, they’ve had 3 three game losing streaks.

    The bullpen needs a major overhaul!

  3. I am disappointed in this manager and the whole team. Watching the last couple of weeks has been pathetic. What we did for 3 days in SF made me depressed. I thought that we had a heck of a team. For Payroll as high as we have, you might expect to have positive results. Where can I start? If this play keeps up, I am going to have to find a new summer hobby. World Series right now is a pipe dream. The Padres went into SF a couple of weeks ago and scored some 30+ runs against SF a couple of weeks ago. Living on the east coast, I subscribe to MLB-TV to pretty much watch. most if not all of the Dodgers games during the season. With a 1010pm east coast starting time, its not uncommon for me to watch games here until 1am eastern time or later, with the time difference. At the present time, I do not feel the need to watch the teams pathetic. poor play coming from the Dodgers of late. And again, it all starts with the manager. Why did we extend Roberts contract?

  4. Mr. Silver, you made terrific points. Also, if a batter leads off the inning with a double, the next batter at the very least, has to get that runner to third. Probably won’t matter anyway because the next batter is going to strike out. I don’t really watch other teams (even though I also have Extra Innings) but I can’t help but wonder if other managers make as bad of decisions as Dave Roberts. How many times must a batter fail before Roberts realizes that perhaps it’s time to try someone else?

    1. I think the Ds are a bit overrated. Belli’s had his career year, Muncy is not reliable. JT may be fading, and the other Turner doesm’t seem to care about being a Dodger. There is still talemt, but no drive, no hunger. They should NOT trade for a starter at the deadline – remember Darvish, remember Scherzer. Play it out with minor leaguers and do a reshuffling after this year. If you do trade for a pitcher, it should be for someone who wants to be a Dodger for more than one season.

  5. I heard a Sparky Anderson interview one time. A hall of fame manager by the way. He was asked how many games a great manager would add to the win total and he said about 5 or 6. Now I’m not sure a bad manager can’t lose that many or more, but with the 3 batter minimum for pitchers now Roberts can’t abuse pitchers like he used to, and while not a Roberts fan, I don’t see him as the problem he was a few years ago.

    The players have to play. They started the season with 3 aces for pitching and smoke and mirrors. Currently the smoke and mirrors have been the most dependable. Bellinger, Muncie and JT have to perform and so far they haven’t. I’m not slamming them personally, I think they’re trying as hard as they can, but they need to perform if the Dodgers are going to succeed.

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