Dodgers: Dave Roberts Feels a 50 Game Season Come With Obstacles

The MLB tried to come together with the Player’s Association on the terms of a season, but that remains a struggle. While MLBPA was shooting for 114 games, the owners fired back with a seemingly absurd 50 game offer. Dodgers manager Dave Roberts spoke with SportsNetLA about what that short of a season might look like. 

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First, the Dodgers’ skipper was hopeful that a season could happen at all, let alone at such a low number of games. Roberts seemed fairly positive that something would get done. 

I’m very hopeful. I don’t know the amount of games, obviously, it’s going to be abbreviated. But I think the main thing is this country needs baseball and its imperative that the owners and the players come to some consensus and that we have ball sometime this Summer. 

Roberts was also asked about the 50 game number thrown out by MLB owners and whether or not he felt that would be a legitimate season playing around 30 percent of a schedule. While Dodger fans would love to see their team out there a lot more, Roberts knows the end result is all that matters. 

I think so. And I say that because these are very difficult times, and I think it’s one of these things where we have an opportunity to look as this as something as a positive. Albeit not 162 but 50 games and a playoff series to lead to an eventual championship is better than nothing.

One of the disadvantages of such a short season is that there is very little room for error. Roberts recognizes that the Dodgers will need to do everything they can to stay healthy and that they need to start the season well.

I think that obviously injuries are going to be more emphasized in the sense that if someone does get hurt, you don’t have that time to make up that ground so you gotta come out of the gates really well…If you look back at a couple of our seasons, if it was a 50 game season we wouldn’t have made the postseason. 

The league has yet to issue a counterproposal to MLB, but it is unclear at this point if they even will. MLB is able to decide how many games are played IF the owners are willing to pay the full prorated salary for said games. 


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