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Dodgers: Dave Roberts Feels Justin Turner is Close to Breaking Out of his 2nd Half Swoon

Since the start of the second half of the season, Dodgers’ third baseman Justin Turner has not looked like his normal self. Seemingly, the veteran has not been seeing the ball as well as he did in his All-Star first half.

Through the first 84 games of the season, JT posted a triple-slash line of .305/.391/.498 with 15 home runs and 50 runs batted in. However, in 40 games since then, he’s down to .228/.325/.397 with only 6 homers and 21 RBI.

Before Saturday night’s game in San Francisco, Dave Roberts shared his thoughts on what’s wrong with Turner.

All hitters go through it at different points of the season and typically Justin goes through it in April, early May, where you’re not ending at-bats on pitches you should move forward.

Although fans may be worried about how the third baseman will perform throughout the rest of the season, Roberts is not.

He is just such a talented player that he’ll figure it out.

Doc has full faith that Turner will be able to come out of this better than before. Within the first half of the season, fans watched Turner have an explosive start. Turner had 5 home runs over his first 13 games of the season. He may have cooled off since then, but once he is able to get into the rhythm, he should be able to make a big impact on the Dodgers.

Notably, the clubhouse leader talked about feeling the impact of a full 162 season following a 60 game sprint stamina wise.

Overall, Roberts went on to add that Turner is showing good signs and it looks like he just might need to loosen up a bit. Altogether, JT has a .218 average with 21 homers and 71 RBI this season.



  1. Overall .218 avg.?

    Better check his stats. “Overall” means year to date.

    Overall ‘second half’ might be correct.

    But overall he’s hitting much higher than .218

    1. Due to his shoulder surgery and leg injury this year and not having a regular off season workout and Bellinger IMHO is a lost cause offensively for this year Taylor just needs a day here or there off. Fatigue being in a full 162 game season after a 60 game season just might have a bit to do with Muncy and CT3 struggling now.

  2. I think JT will be ok hitting. It’s his defense that is a little concerning. Can’t get to some balls and his arm is a little suspect.

  3. Do I hear excuses? Why did you go to the ASG (as a non-starter) instead of resting like Mookie? Disturbing to hear his interview w/ David Vassegh where sounds as if they didn’t expect a 162 game season would feel like. Every team and every player in MLB is going through it, so just suck it up and earn your pay. Even the extended days w/ the WS, that should give you more incentive to train and condition harder as that’s what you’re working for. As a veteran and team leader, he should be pushing everyone else instead of showing signs of fatigue. Eat healthy, clear the mind, and get some energy drinks to push through a few more weeks, w/ out thinking about negative feelings.

  4. Regardless, for the rest of the season and into the playoffs (hopefully), the best lineup we can field is T.Turner, Seager, Betts, JT, Muncy, CT3, Smith and Pollock (hopefully). We have to believe that those who are struggling right now will regroup and get us to the finish line ahead of SF. Beatty and Bellinger will fill in where necessary. It is what it is right now!

  5. Exactly. Roberts could best help the Dodgers by going on an extended leave of absence, like his brain already has.

  6. JT is hitting .281, not .218. The writer transposed the 8 and the 1. And like all these journalists, apparently there is no editing process. They make a lot of grammatical and spelling errors

  7. Be aware JT and CT3 are becoming like Bellinger. The league knows how to get them out w/ the high and tight fastball or the low and outside slider. Too many strikeouts and weak slicing pop outs identical to Belli’s struggles. All three having the same windmill launch angle swings, resulting in when not timed right will not be productive outs. They must make adjustments ASAP, because the league has caught on real fast.

  8. To all the anti-Docs: what, you want Donnie Baseball back? Doc has the players complete trust. MoY this year. 3 flags in 5 years, 1 title (2 if you know what happened in 2017). Didn’t put up with Puig. Has forced Kershaw to realize his limitations.

    1. doc is doing fine until the Dodgers miss the playoffs or fail miserably in the playoffs. 1 game out of first with 25 to play, the Dodgers have time to catch and pass the gnats

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