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Dodgers: Dave Roberts Gives an Update on Justin Turner

At the start of the offseason, most around Major League Baseball figured it was a foregone conclusion that Justin Turner would be back with the Dodgers. So much so that many fans hadn’t even given the idea of him leaving a thought early on. 

But just a few months later, Turner coming back to the Dodgers seems to be a huge question mark. There have been teams in on the veteran third baseman, and JT has also been reported to be seeking a 3-year deal. A 3-year commitment at Turner’s age is tough for a team as consistently competitive as Los Angeles. 

Speaking with Dodgers media on Thursday afternoon, Dave Roberts revealed that he has had a few conversations with JT. As of now, he has not had one relating to his free agency search. Doc also said that he will be reconnecting with Turner later next week. He did not say if they would be talking about free agency then either.

This all comes just one day after Andrew Friedman said that the team had to be ready for a life without Justin Turner. Talking with SportsNet LA last night, Friedman insisted that he was hopeful for a reunion, but that it was in the team’s best interests to prepare for his departure in free agency. 

Outlook for JT

Roberts did say that he puts Turner at the top of his priority list in terms of things to get done this offseason. What he has done for the Dodgers and the community cannot be overlooked, and Doc knows what he brings to any team. 

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  1. Friedman saying what he said is a bargaining chip. He is being realistic in case Justin finds an overwhelming offer slsewhere; but he is also using psychology to keep any offers from other teams lower. Then at the right time he swoops in with a good offer. That 51 mil for 3 years was about his average for his last contract. He is worth that. Friedman has an offer on the table for less than that I am sure. Just have to wait it out. My guess is Justin will settle for 45 to 48 for 3 years.

    1. My own guess is his market value is more like 30-35M, for either 2 years or 3 years, it doesn’t make much of a difference, and no one is going to give him much over that. The Dodgers paid 1M to Chase Utley for his age 38 season, and Chase was probably in better physical condition at 38 than Turner was in at age 35, with his arthritic knees, and chronic hamstring strains, limping around the bases.

  2. Unfortunately the decision is up to Kourtney Turner, no one else has a saying in this. Of course JT said nothing to Doc because Kourtney told hubby to keep his mouth shut.

  3. Nice headline. The update on JT was that there is nothing to report other than Doc plans to talk to JT again next week. Really? The only update of any significance is when JT has either re-signed with LA or he has decided to move on and has signed with some other team. Nothing else matters in the JT saga as it relates to playing baseball. I am quite sure, however, he and his wife will do some incredibly unselfish charitable activity during the holiday season. They are just like that…great people.

  4. Three years might be a tough sell. Two years and an option for the third might be more palatable. Either way, I hope they are able to work it out.

    1. Agree. 2-yrs with club option for third yr is reasonable. Also if MLB continues with 28 man roster and DH in NL what will help provide playing time and AB’s for emerging talent on the brink of breaking through.

  5. Mr. Friedman, please, please resign Turner. If you want a World Series repeat, that is. He’s too important to the team to let him get away to another team. He would most certainly beat us out of the WS if he played for another NL team in our division, especially!

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