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Dodgers: Dave Roberts Has Jackie Robinson Day Plans

Today is supposed to be a day of celebration, honoring Jackie Robinson and all that he did not only for baseball but for the world. The Dodgers’ legend broke into the big leagues 73 years ago today, forever changing the landscape of sports for the better. When Jackie broke the color barrier so many years ago, I’m sure even he did not know that there would be an entire day devoted to his life and legacy.

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And here we are, stuck in quarantine during the COVID-19 pandemic and without games to properly honor Jackie. Major League Baseball has made sure that fans get the chance to honor number 42 in their own way, broadcasting Robinson content all day on their social channels. But Dodgers manager Dave Roberts knows exactly how he will be spending his day. 

I think I’m going to celebrate today by just continuing to educate my son, my daughter about Jackie… just take the time to go back & realize & talk about what he meant not only for baseball but our country & the world.

Roberts talked about his Jackie Robinson Day pans with ESPN this morning. Jackie is a legend across baseball but holds a special place with the Dodgers. The team goes above and beyond to honor him every year, making him the only statue at Dodger Stadium in 2017. He will be joined by a statue of Sandy Koufax following the completion of renovations this year.

In February of this year, the Dodgers Foundation broke ground on the Jackie Robinson Dream Field in Compton, California. The stadium will be modeled after Dodger Stadium, with a few differences in dimensions and designs. 

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