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Dodgers: Dave Roberts Has No Doubt Los Angeles Will Take the NL West

The Dodgers are not in a great place right now. They’ve lost 15 out of their last 20 games and don’t appear to even be trending in the right direction. Their bats go cold at the wrong time, their bullpen is a mess, and no one can stay healthy for long. 

But if there is one positive to this slide, it can be found in the standings. The Dodgers are still just 2.5 games back of the Giants for first place in the NL West despite a ridiculous losing streak. There isn’t one team pulling away and it’s definitely played into Los Angeles’ favor. 

When asked if the standings make the team feel a little more secure during a losing streak, Dave Roberts shrugged it off. The Dodgers manager went as fat as to say that he doesn’t even look at the standings. But Doc also made it clear that he was confident Los Angeles would walk away with the NL West title. 

I wouldn’t say either urging or motivating. We’re going to be at the top of the division. I have no doubt in my mind. What we do is focus on ourselves and how we play and how we prepare. Other teams can take care of their own thing. I haven’t actually looked at the standings and right now, I don’t care. 

Unfortunately for Dodgers fans, it’s tough to see them even winning a series at this point. That’s how bad it has been over the last few weeks. But they will eventually get healthy and will start winning ballgames at some point. 

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This team is filled with too much talent to not win games. In a few weeks, we’ll be able to look back at this unfortunate stretch and laugh…I hope. 

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  1. I must say that I don’t quite agree with Roberts on this. Have a gut feeling that Dodgers will miss October this year for the first time since 2012. This is pretty much a norm for most defending WS Champs

  2. Yes, San Diego has not played as well as expected and San Francisco has been better than expected. On the other hand, the Dodgers are now into week three of the slump. At what point does the “turn around” no longer become “inevitable?” We’ve all seen some pretty good teams seriously under perform for entire seasons in the past.

  3. Dave Roberts lives in a dream world… he should pay more attention to how much the team sucks and less to his pipe dreams!!!!

  4. We’re wasting good to excellent starting pitching and there’s no indication that the bats and the bullpen can carry their load. That’s what we see…more of this will not produce playoff baseball and a World Series. Prove this wrong!

  5. Tommy Lasorda has to be turning over in his grave at the pathetic managing of Roberts ! I don’t blame Bauer for being pissed ! At least he has the B…s to show some emotion and not keep making excuses !

  6. Why the heck did they trade Dylan Floro for two untested prospects? In 16 appearances for the Marlins in 2021 he has a 1.23 ERA. And he was a reliable, mostly effective reliever for the Dodgers in recent years.

    1. You and me both. Besides a very bad BP that we’ve witnessed in past few weeks, this offense IS NOT as good as many thought and I was right from the get go in claiming this year’s offense is not or will not be as good as last year. Obviously without a DH there’s 1 less bat in the starting lineup to begin with.

  7. Starters are good. Pathetic lineup and bullpen. Not going to win anything with these fat cats on the team.Their “stars” got their money and are underperforming! Get someone in there to motivate them! PLEASE

  8. Doc is dreaming and wishing right now. He says “what we do is focus on ourselves and how we play and how we prepare”. I have given Doc a pass before but looking into his face when he speaks is all “shibai “. Their FOCUS is babying the guys and feeling sorry for themselves—their PLAY is not competitive and not smart baseball— their PREPARDNESS is questionable game-planning, motivation, and coaching competence. The Giants got a chip on their shoulder and the Zaidi factor. The Padres is the energy bunny that will not slow down putting the pressure on. So wake up face reality or it will be all gone.

  9. I for one will not be spending 1 red cent on going to Dodger games this year. With the pathetic bullpen and the inability to score with runners in scoring position, I would rather watch paint dry. This team can not even compete with lousy teams, what is going to happen when they play good teams? If they win the division, it would be a miracle.

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