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Dodgers: Dave Roberts Hints at a Possible Max Scherzer Sighting in Game 5

After 167 games, it all comes down to Thursday night. The Dodgers found a way to win their second elimination game of the postseason, but there is plenty of work left to do as Logan Webb and the San Francisco Giants will be waiting for them by the bay.

The Dodgers finally found their offense, which is due in large part to the top of the order producing as they should. After an abysmal start to the postseason, LA’s 1-4 hitters went a combined 8 for 18 with 6 of the team’s 7 RBI on Tuesday, setting the stage for an epic winner-take-all showdown come Thursday.

While Julio Urías will take the mound on full rest for Game 5, this is the type of game where leashes will be extremely short and starters may not go the typical 5-6 innings. Having a day off before the game will mean that the entire Dodgers bullpen will be available to go if needed, but there is one pitcher in particular that could be called upon in a pinch.

Max Scherzer pitched Monday night at Dodgers Stadium, which would give him two days of rest before Game 5. This would normally eliminate him from consideration, but the postseason is a different story. When asked about the possibility of seeing Max on short rest come Thursday, Dave Roberts wouldn’t confirm or deny the likelihood of it happening.

We haven’t had that conversation yet. Right now I’d say he’s unavailable…. but I’ve been known to change my mind.

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Pitching on such short rest is highly unusual, but it wouldn’t be Scherzer’s first time doing so in the postseason. It also wouldn’t be his first relief appearance, as he famously came into Game 2 of the 2019 NLDS against the Dodgers and struck out the side.

At the end of the day, the season may come down to how this team performs in one game. And when you have a competitor like Max on your side, that’s a powerful weapon that could make the difference in a series like this one.

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  1. Daniel, fess up you’ve been reading my comments haven’t you? Lol. Check the time stamps!

  2. Scherzer should pitch in Game 5. In fact, every pitcher should be available for Game 5, even Walker Buehler should pitch in relief. For Dave Roberts there is nothing to second guess here. Especially this is against the arch rival Giants, the Dodgers’ nemesis. Dave Roberts must pull all the stops to win Game 5. If they need one out to keep the lead or win the game, get Buehler or Scherzer in there for that one out. Bunt in every run whenever a man is on third with one out or nobody out. Score every run possible. Steal every second base once a man gets on first base. Dodgers’ history is on the line here. They might not see these Giants in the post season for another 50 years.

    1. MrHughes, I love it! Exactly! Relentless pressure and productive outs! Inflict as much pain as possible!

  3. “finally found their offense, which is due in large part to the top of the order producing as they should

    A bunch of hitters don’t get hot after all going cold. They simply face a better throwing pitcher. If Webb is on tomorrow, LA needs to be patient, and if necessary play a little small ball.

    I was not happy with (swing for the fences) Bellinger on the roster, but he has hit 3 singles, a double, and 2 walks NOT swung for the fences (though 6/13 ABs were SOs). But generally been an asset. Good for him. Good for LA. Certainly better than either Trea, JT, Pollock, or Seager!

    Go LA! Beat SF –>ATL,–> HOU.

    1. Houston will be beaten by the Red Sox. That means we will finally see Kike and Verdugo.

      1. I agree with you Dodger, Red Sox will be there. Let’s hope the Dodgers didn’t fail to prepare for the Braves because they were so caught up in the Vagiants. Freeman can carry a team by himself. Let’s hope Muncy makes it back in this series sometime.

        1. Kirk, I wouldn’t be so sure about that. I mean the AL batting champ bats 7th? for the damn Cheaters! I looked at that lineup, 1-7 is super duper crazy scary…this is coming from a former pitcher!

  4. Scherzer in game 5? That’s just silliness! You think he is better pitching out of the bullpen than Graterol, Knebel, Trienen and Jansen?
    Let the boys play!

  5. Regardless of tonight’s outcome, this season has been one of the most interesting, frustrating and maddening seasons of all dodger seasons. Much like using “seasons” three times in one sentence.
    Just hope we are interested, frustrated and mad for a little longer.

    1. The entire season rests on one game. And unfortunately it will all hinge on the UMPIRE! More specifically, does Webb get the early outside strike or not! If he does, it will a tremendous uphill battle. If not, Webb will be in for a rude awakening.

    1. @DodgerTrue1960, what do you think of it now? Personally I think it was brilliant. Made Kapler burn his bench by the 2nd inning!

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