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Dodgers: Dave Roberts Hoping for a Spark Out of Gavin Lux in the Lineup

At this point in the season, Dave Roberts and the Dodgers are looking anywhere for help in the lineup. Cody Bellinger has been a shell of the MVP player he was in 2019. Billy McKinney is not exactly a big league hitter, and players like Steven Souza or Zach McKinney among others have struggled to move the ball forward, as Doc calls it, consistently.

So, for a spark, the team turns to… another guy who has struggled to move the ball forward consistently when healthy all season long. Gavin Lux returned last night after a long and mostly successful stretch with Triple-A Oklahoma City.

I think… just to get a new look. I want Gavin to just take his at-bats and it just might spark us. Just to add a little bit of length to the lineup and we’ll see how it goes.

Starting in left field for the first time as a big leaguer (and second time as a professional), the former top prospect went 0-2 with a walk in a his first game back at the big league level.

Notably, Gavin has been a spark once already this season, lighting a fire under a team mired in a 5-15 stretch with a 3-run bomb back in mid-May. With Bellinger’s continued issues at the plate, any change was honestly the right call for a team that’s sitting 3 games behind the division leading Giants.

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  1. Gavin has a ton of athleticism and natural ability, and HORRIBLE hitting mechanics. It’s hard to watch him at the plate. At least correct his starting hand position, Dodger coaching staff. I know there’s this old false adage of, it doesn’t matter where you start with your hands, just matters where you finish through the zone, but it’s not true. Gavin has a ton of wasted motion from where he starts his swing. He could make up for it with his athleticism in the minors, but it’s unlikely he’ll overcome it in the show.

    Get it fixed please.

  2. His whole approach is wrong, Brett Butler should be his role model, get on base any way you can, walks, bunts, slaps, hit by pitches. The guy is one of the fastest players in the league. His AAA home run power doesn’t work for him at the major league level. Just work the count, and put the bat on the ball, and foremost, stop swinging at pitches outside the strike zone.

    1. As the final days of the season wind down, and we are still 2.5 games behind, the last thing you want to do is try and experiment with player who has not played in the outfield, let alone is not having a good season overall in the majors….. Lux was horrible as a SS both on defense and offense….

      Matt Beaty is on the roster, now use him. Hell, put Urias in LF when he doesn’t start, he handles the bat pretty well…. <— joke, well maybe, kinda????


  4. Lux seriously could be a Butler type bunter with his speed. But Bret walked 100 times a year, too. And he fouled off a lot of pitches like JT. Off Season project. Maybe that is Cody’s solution. Slap at the ball . Guide it. Have to keep your eye on the ball to do that. Both get one swing then they follow the slap or bunt rule. If not they get benched. When a full swing is taken; eventually the eye on the ball will spill over to that at bat as well. And the real Cody Bellinger comes back. Opposite field slaps for singles and doubles (April, May 2019). Bunt singles. And liners to right for singles in a less pronounced shift.

  5. Gotta give credit where credit is due, Lux had a pretty good night at the plate last night. Hope it continues when next he plays. Hope the Dodgers can pull off the sweep today! Tall order but I have hope.

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