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Dodgers Dave Roberts Impressed with Joc Pederson’s Production this Season

As the Dodgers swept the Colorado Rockies, it was the production of Joc Pederson that has everyone buzzing.

In the series vs. the Rockies, Joc Pop has gone 6-7 with 9 RBIs. The only reason he didn’t produce more was because Joc’s rib cage ran into the wall robbing a home run away from the Rockies.

Dodgers manager, Dave Roberts, was asked what his thoughts were on Joc’s recent hot streak and this is what he had to say:

As many have pointed out, no one has seen this type of offensive production from a player since Josh Hamilton in 2012.

Of course, Joc doesn’t want to get too high on it, but it’s pretty obvious that he’s enjoying himself on the field and it’s infecting the entire team.


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  1. If Joc Pederson can keep his current HR pace, 4 in 3 games, he could potentially catch Cody Bellinger by the end of September, who knows, Joc might end up winning the MVP instead of Cody.

  2. Jock has always proven himself to be a clutch player, especially in the playoffs. He would be considered more consistent if he played all the time. Sporadic at bats (45?) against lefties this year does not tell the story about hitting. All hitters go through tough stretches. Just a thought but wouldn’t the potential of keeping his hot streaks going with everyday at bats against all pitchers be worth a few 0fers in the 8 hole? He is a rhythm guy, just look at the home run derby, ride him as far as he will take you. Go Dodgers !!!

  3. Joc is on one very serious roll right now! I am very happy for him, especially since most of the Dodgers fans have been so brutally critical of him. He is one of the good guys on this team and his positive performances as a Dodger have been largely unappreciated by the Dodger fan base.

    1. Hello bluz1st. I tend to agree here but the only unfortunate thing now is that every team now knows how they can keep 32+ HR’s on the bench at the start of a game… throw a LHP at the Dodgers and he likely won’t be in there. But as I see it he has earned a shot to be in there with this current hot streak of his but I am not the manager.

    2. Fans tend to be bullies, picking out one or two players to consistently bash. I’ve never understood that mentality. When a player is going through a rough time, you don’t bash or boo him. You get in his corner and hope he snaps out of it. Dodger fans are among the worst in sports when it comes to mean-spiritedness. Zack Greinke was on the money regarding that. It’s particuarly troubling this year as this is the most likeable bunch of players the Dodgers have ever had. Suffice to say the negative comments say more about the people making the comments than it does about the players. There are some miserable human beings out there.

      1. So it’s impossible to have an objective opinion on a guy unless it’s completely positive? Joe has never hit lefties (career .182, with 109 ks in 330 abs) and is positively streaky vs righties. When he’s on a roll, he looks great. When he’s not (say June .186 and 3 hrs) there’s good reason to question whether he belongs out there with all the options available.

  4. and now out of the other side of the mouth, “joc is doing so great”……..but had been on roberts list of not playing…….just shows how sad his decision making is towards players….how can a player improve on skills if you sit them or they come in for mop up….can they bench managers for bad decision making….consistently?

    1. Hey there,old dodger fan, unfortunately there is no ‘benching’ of managers as I know it. But as I just said above here, Joc now DESERVES a shot to be in there daily for now anyway against all comers.

      1. Please. His slash line vs lefties – .209/.227/.233. Or his career stats -.182/.262/.306. And 109 ks in 330 at bats. Don’t get carried away by a hot streak. Unlikely he’s suddenly become competent. In a week or so, he’ll probably go something like 3 for 20 with 10 ks.

        1. “3 for 20 with 10 ks.”………Muncy does that and no one says anything……..CT3 does that and no one says anything……….in fact no ever seems to get on them for their bad streaks like they do Joc……..but it is always serious Joc slamming on here when he slumps……..and when he is hot…..then I hear….oh, it does not mean anything, oh it’s nothing, oh he’s just so streaky……..He salvaged the last game in Arizona last week and kept us from getting swept……..he ravaged the Rockies in only one and 1/2 games played……he saved Walker Buehler’s ERA by catching that 3 run bomb Blackmon hit that should have gone over the fence…….he tied Larry Walker for the NL record for most consecutive at-bats with an extra-base hit………..he became the first player since Josh Hamilton in 2012 to hit five home runs in a six at-bat span…….and still our Dodger fans complain about him. He can play on our team, for me, his whole career and I’m happy. But I’m biased. I love home grown Dodgers!

          1. He also hit .186 for the entire month of June, with three homers. You seem to have forgotten that part. He is streaky, and can be incredible vs right handlers when he’s hot. Unfortunately his career stats show that to be the aberration. He is, basically, a .240 hitter vs righties, and a .182 hitter vs lefties, with power vs righties and strikeouts at an above average pace vs everyone. If he’s traded in the off seaso, I won’t shed any tears. I prefer consistency.

        2. What I am saying is that Joc or any other player will not improve against LHP if they are never given much of a chance. Yes I see those numbers against them but all I am saying is that since Dodgers are way far ahead in the NL West he should at least be given a couple more opportunities against LHP, that is all I am saying.

    2. The “bad” manager has his team winning 65% of the time and is a shoe-in for NL Manager of the Year. Roberts is not only the best Dodger manager I’ve seen in more than 50 years following the team, but is not a fake person (unlike a certain “legendary” manager from the team’s past). Doc is also as player-friendly as any manager in the game today. If players want to improve, they have the off-season to do that. Cody Bellinger didn’t want to be platooned, so spent the off-season working out at Dodger Stadium to assure that didn’t happen. While I love Joc and the value he brings to the team, he is getting exactly the playing time he deserves. I don’t get the anti-Roberts sentiment of some Dodger fans, though I suspect it is more than just about baseball.

  5. Yo Caporange!………..I did not “forget” anything (Grin!)…………….YOU are the one throwing out disparaging statistics about Joc Pederson, not me. That “3 for 20 with 10 ks.” was extracted right out of your post! I am well aware of the fact that over his time as a Dodger he is only .230 hitter. I am well aware that he hits in spurts. But when he hits, HE HITS!
    And while throwing his vs. LH splits out there helps make him look bad, it’s misleading because he is never given the chance to see them (lefties) on a daily basis any longer in our platoon system. I was simply pointing out that other starting Dodgers like Chris Taylor and Max Muncy are also streak hitters who strike out too much as well, but you guys (people who hate Joc) never mention that. There is always going to be a drop off between great players and average ones. Joc is an average/typical MLB player. I just dislike the way almost everyone in “Dodgerland” trashes him. We could do a lot worse, ask the Giants!

    1. Right on, bluz1st.. and to be fair, Joc has an opportunity this off season to do what Bellinger did as far as his approach against LHP. If we were to ask him if he is happy about his platoon situation we may already know that answer. One other note here, next year is his walk year too.

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