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Dodgers: Dave Roberts in Support of MLB Pulling the All-Star Game Out of Atlanta

MLB has the full support of the Los Angeles Dodgers in their decision to pull the All-Star Game out of Atlanta. Part-owner Magic Johnson already voiced his agreement with the decision on social media on Friday and Dave Roberts followed that up. 

The Dodgers manager made an appearance with the media on Friday afternoon and was asked about the league’s decision. 

MLB pulled the All-Star Game out of Atlanta amid controversial voter registration laws that could prevent people of color from getting to vote moving forward. 

I support it. I think that, obviously, I’m not completely versed on everything but I do understand and my takeaway from the bill was essentially, to suppress voting for people of color, and with that, that’s something that I fundamentally and intrinsically disagree with.

When asked about the impact of MLB stepping up to make the decision, the Dodgers skipper agreed it was huge for the country. 

It’s very impactful, because I think in a world now where people want, and need to be heard, in this particular case, people of color, for [MLB] to listen and do something about, be proactive, I think it sets a tone.

As of right now, MLB has not listed an official replacement city to host. The Dodgers are not being considered since they are hosting it in 2022. 

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Dodgers pitcher Trevor Bauer is making his mark on the community of Los Angeles. Bauer revealed before his start on Friday that he would be donating $1,000 to 6 non-profits around Los Angeles for each strikeout he tallies this season. These non-profits are focused on STEM and and youth programming for Los Angeles. 

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