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Dodgers: Dave Roberts Likes What He Sees From Ross Stripling

The Dodgers are one of the few teams in baseball with an excess of options for their starting rotation this year. There are at least ten guys in the big league camp that could be considered for a spot in the rotation. One of those guys being considered is Ross Stripling, and Roberts likes what he has seen early on.

Addressing the media, Roberts was asked about what he has seen from Ross and what he expects from him in 2020.

Ross’ value is his versatility, his ability to get left and right out. He looks really good visibly as far as the strength. He has command of three or four pitches. So right now, as we see Ross, it’s just to continue building him up as a starter.

Stripling has been the ultimate team player in his time with the Dodgers. Across four seasons, Stripling has made 52 appearances as a starter and 84 as a reliever. As a starter, he has accumulated a 3.71 ERA with a 1.202 WHIP. He has been slightly more effective out of the bullpen though, with a 3.53 ERA since his callup to the big leagues.

With the plethora of strong arms in camp, it’s going to be a battle for Ross to lock down a spot in the rotation. Roberts acknowledged that while they are building him up as a starter, things could change.

When you look out three to four weeks from now, the picture will be more clear. You can always adjust.

Roberts was also excited that Stripling started to mix a changeup into his repertoire. He discussed at length how he found comfort in it, and that he felt it was something he could use to get righties and lefties out with.

Ross is not set to start any Cactus League games just yet, but he will throw bullpens and live batting practice this weekend.




  1. Spoiler alert – you can’t have a 9 man starting rotation. Stripling should be in the bullpen until injuries to other starters require him to start. Roberts has also said he wants to platoon the leadoff hitter spot between Betts and Pederson, which is a terrible idea. Betts should lead off all the time. When Pederson is in the lineup (against RHP’s), he should bat in the 5 to 7 spot. But my question is this: how is it that Roberts has such a high opinion of Stripling and Pederson, and yet the FO was willing to give both of them away to the Angels for nothing in return? Are Friedman and Roberts on the same page? Are they even reading the same book?

  2. Stripling has earned the starting job. The trouble is, so has Walker, Clayton, apparently, Price, and they are considering Gonsolin and Wood, May and Nelson. Admittedly, I am a Stripling fan. I would start the season with Gonsolin in long relief. Send May to AAA to get more starts. Nelson is a big question mark.

    1. But you missed Urias. I’ll bet Wood and Urias round out the rotation sending Stripling to the pen.

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