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Dodgers: Dave Roberts Not Adding Any Fuel to Upcoming Cheating Astros Series

The Dodgers and Astros face off once again starting this week and this time it’s personal. Because it will always be personal. The Astros are accused and convicted cheaters and they did it against the Dodgers, robbing LA and baseball of a fair chance at a World Series crown in 2017.

While it’s easy to be one of weak, passive types that look to move on and almost pretend it didn’t happen, this 2021 with patrons back in the stands is proving that most fans are not as willing to live and let die. 

However, for Dodger manager Dave Roberts, he chose the route of caution when looking ahead to this series against the cheaters. 

You know, these are two different clubs, two very good ball clubs. We’re almost four years removed. I know we’re excited to play this club, go back in there and win a couple ballgames. I expect the crowd to be energized and that’s what it’s all about.

Avoiding the bulletin board material (do teams still have bulletin boards in the locker room by the way?) is a smart play for Doc and the Dodgers. This series already have enough smoke surrounding it. And it’s share of instigators like Joe “nice swing, b****” Kelly and Trevor “I learned my sticky fingers by watching Houston” Bauer ready to pitch in the series.

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The Dodgers and Asterisks faced off in 2020, but fans weren’t in the stands for that. This time, there will be plenty of blue wherever you look… and Houston’s Minute Maid Park is open to full capacity.

One thing is certain: the trash cans will be firmly bolted down in the concourse.

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