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Dodgers: Dave Roberts Not Concerned With What the Padres Have Done to Improve

The Padres did everything they could this offseason to make sure they can compete with the Dodgers. They scooped up Blake Snell from Tampa Bay in a trade and followed that up by getting Yu Darvish from the Cubs. 

The biggest question now seems to be what forms of Snell and Darvish the Padres will be getting. Who knows if even at their best they will be able to keep up with the Dodgers and their 7-man rotation in 2021. But for manager Dave Roberts, there is no need for concern. 

In a conversation with The OC Register’s Bill Plunkett, Roberts was candid with how he felt about the improved Padres. In his mind, the Dodgers have no reason to even think about what they’ve done to get better. 

I’ll be the first to tell our guys, I don’t really care what the Padres do or don’t do – or any team in our division. The focus has got to be and has always been on how we prepare and how we play. Then everything will take care of itself.

Doc didn’t stop there when talking about the Dodgers versus Padres in 2021. He went on to express how he personally felt about San Diego making drastic moves to keep pace with Los Angeles. What he said probably won’t sit too well with his friends down in SD. 

I don’t mean to sound brash or, how do I say it … I don’t mean to sound arrogant. But the fact is I really don’t (care what moves the Padres make).

The term Salty Dave was coined during the 2020 season when he was asked about one of Clayton Kershaw’s being pushed. Funny enough, it was Plunkett that came up with that. Now he gets the Dodgers manager to take a few shots at the Padres, and I am absolutely here for it. 

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Dodgers: Dave Roberts Admits Having a Super Team Comes With Challenges


  1. “There’s no need to concern”…biggest understatement of the year. The difference is the Padres took care of their top players, the Dodgers grossly mistreated their top players. Here you’ve got a bunch of underpaid players:

    1. Corey Seager – where’s his $400 million extension. MVP NLCS, MVP World Series. You pay the guy who got you the title, it’s that simple.
    2. Clayton Kershaw – should have been the World Series Co-MVP. Dodgers are so generous giving Trevor Bauer $40 million plus a year, a guy who’s never won any championship, while Kershaw stuck with this franchise his entire career through thick and thin. How do you think Kershaw felt when Dodgers gave Bauer all that money? Of course he’s not sure if he wants come back next year. Give Kershaw the extension he deserves.
    3. Walker Buehler – what else can I say? The Dodgers really went cheap, low balling this guy with a $4 million per year salary for the next two years? Are you freaking kidding me? The best pitcher on the team gets ROBBED by his own employer. On the open market Buehler can easily get $20 million per year, where’s his extension?
    4. Cody Bellinger – this guy must be thinking his 2019 MVP was worthless. If the Padres can give Fernando Tatis Jr $340 million after just two years in the majors, where’s his extension? At least give Cody a $200 million multi-year deal, a hometown discount. Nope, instead the Dodgers went cheap again, give him $16 million for one year.
    5. Blake Treinen – This guy just won the World Series in two crucial relief games, without him Dodgers don’t win Game 3 and 5. Dodgers paid him $10 million last year, this year they asked him to take a pay cut at $9 million right after he won the World Series for them. This “one ups” what the Lakers did to Phil Jackson in 2010, after Phil just won back to back titles for the Lakers, the ownership asked him to take a pay cut. Very classy.

    Why shouldn’t Dave Roberts worry? Publicly the players won’t say it, but now he’s got a group of unhappy, grossly underpaid players going into 2021, Dave Roberts should be extremely concerned. Harmony is what wins the title.

    1. The players are all realists and know they must wait their turn. Today’s top earner is Bauer, yesterday’s was Kershaw, tomorrow’s will be Buehler, Seager, Smith, etc. You didn’t mention how underpaid Roberts is.

    2. The Dodger payroll is currently at $254 million this year so I figure players are and will be taken care of. Don’t forget the contracts of Jansen, Kelly et al will be coming off the books after this year an more contracts off the books after 2022. The only thing that the Tavis Jr. Contract extension does is having Boras raising the $$ demands for Seager next year. But Dodgers will take care of their players in due time.

    3. hahah….ahahahaha….hmmm… ahahahahahahahaahah what a waste of server space your silly rant is

  2. The Dodgers are on top and most likely will stay there no matter what, even if the Padres signed Mike Trout too. They are prepared to lose Kershaw as well. This is a team that has been well built by experts and is destined to dominate the game for years. That doesn’t mean they will win every World Series, or even be in them all, but no team is this well managed.

  3. Great comments Mr. Hughes! I believe history will show that signing Bauer was a really bad move. The way the Dodgers treat their stars should discourage other talented young players from signing with them.

  4. That’s reaching…He definitely didn’t take shots. Just letting it be known that World Series Champions aren’t concerned with the moves of “our rivals”.

  5. I think Roberts is not really concerned but the Dodgers front office is about the Padres. That’s why they paying 40mils a year for the new pitcher.

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