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Dodgers: Dave Roberts on Hyun-Jin Ryu’s Performance Against Mets

The Dodgers and Mets went scoreless through 7 innings, as Hyun-Jin Ryu and Jacob deGrom did not disappoint. In the bottom of the 8th inning, Julio Urias and Joe Kelly combined to give up 3 runs, and the Mets went on to win 3-0, to tie the series at 1 apiece.

Hyun-Jin Ryu had 7 IP, 0 ER, 2 H, 6 K. Following the loss, Dave Roberts spoke about Ryu’s performance.

Roberts on how Ryu looked tonight compared to the majority of the season:

”Execution was considerably better than the last few starts…he and Russ were in a good spot tonight, and more of what we expected from him.”

Dave on how much the pitcher-catcher relationship mattered tonight:

”Both guys prepare really well, and Hyun-Jin does a great job of essentially calling his own game. Both guys are good receivers.”

The Dodgers and Mets will matchup in primetime tomorrow, for the rubber match, as Walker Buehler takes the mound for Los Angeles.

Levon Satamian

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  1. Andrew Friedman is leaving for the Boston Red Sox. So doesn’t give a crap that he didn’t do nothing to fix the bullpen. Astros win World Series again with Verlander at the top of rotation. Remember the dodgers could have gotten Verlander but idiot Freidman was to cheap to get him. I pray to god that Andrew Friedman and Dave Roberts are gone year when Dave Dombrowski becomes president.

  2. Great game, especially if you are a Mets fan. As for us Dodger fans, we are left with the same old game of second guess “Dave”. Why pull Kolarek? He has been pitching well. The obsession with LH/RH matchup keeps getting the best of ole Dave. If my pitcher is pitching well, I am not taking out of the game after one hitter. You never know what you are going to get from that bullpen so when someone comes out of there and is pitching well, leave him alone. Trying to see if you can get two guys out of that bullpen pitching well at the same time……..your odds go WAY down. Then there is Russell Martin, calling for a change up when Urias had Rajai Davis down in the count……..basically speeding up Davis’ bat allowing him to hit a double off Urias. Urias throws 96 mph…….with two strikes I’m going fastball………….but I guess that’s just me………

    1. The pitch call was poor. Raji could not come close to the fastball fouling it off at best. Martin calls the change up and game over. They have been touting Martin as some miracle pitcher and he just is not. Very poor pitch call, glad someone else saw it.

    2. Bluz1st, you are orrect on all your points here. Robert’s OBSESSION with LH/RH match ups WILL NOT PLAY OUT IN THE PS or WS. It just never ceases to amaze me how Dodgers insist upon doing this strategy no matter how many times it fails miserably!

  3. Nice performance from our main man Ryu……….good to see him pitch so well. His last few starts have been rough ones. Now he is on the good end of a two hit 7 inning shutout outing and he gets no decision? That really bites.

  4. Yesterday’s game could very well be very similar to what a PS will look like for this Dodger offense, that once again stayed at the hotel instead of showing up to play.

  5. The look on Roberts face is like deer with headlights . And when are the dodgers goin to get rid of that fat man doing the radio so gross listening to him ship his ass back to NY since he loves talking nothing but east coast.

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