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Dodgers’ Dave Roberts On Pedro Baez And The Concern At Left Field

In an interview with AM570’s “Lunchtime with Roggin and Rodney”, Dave Roberts made some comments about some questions that are being asked by fans and management: what’s going to happen with Pedro Baez and left field?

Although Roberts made it very clear that there is no set plan for Baez for the remainder of the year, he did make it clear that he plans to grind it out with him and hopes that he can catch a spark. Roberts has been extremely quick to defend his players in the past, and most recently, it’s been defending Pedro Baez.

Baez has been made one of the boogie men for the Dodgers’ recent short comings, but Roberts complimented Baez’s work ethic and willingness to stay diligent. Roberts even went on to say that Baez has been put in some of the most difficult positions this year, possibly even more difficult than that of Kenley Jansen! Roberts does understand that Baez’s struggle raises some concern, however, he is confident that Baez can bounce back.

I’m going to give him every opportunity to kind of grind through and figure this thing out.

Roberts left things very uncertain when it comes to the left field question mark, as if he’s just as perplexed by it as any of us. It is pretty obvious that Roberts plans to use Taylor in Center and Puig in Right for the upcoming postseason, however left field could be played by Joc Pederson, Curtis Granderson, Andre Ethier, Alex Verdugo, or other bench players looking for a chance.

I think that left field situation is the one that’s really something we got to pin down.

Those are tough situations that we have essentially 18 games, something like that, to really hammer down.

Many have also asked the question about Bellinger going to left and bringing Adrian Gonzalez back into first, but Roberts made it very clear that Cody Bellinger is the starting first baseman for the remainder of the season. Adrian Gonzalez’s health seems to be the number one priority.

You can check out the full interview here.

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  1. I see Joc in CF with Taylor in LF, Puig in RF and Bellinger at 1b. I think Barnes may find his way in the lineup occasionally either at C or 2B.

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