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Dodgers’ Dave Roberts On Starting Curtis Granderson and Center Field

Monday night’s rain delay was a depiction of the Dodgers’ current state of mind. It’s been cloudy, stagnant and out of the ordinary compared to the illustrious landscape that was assembled during the historic start to the season.

A lot of things have gone wrong lately, but certain areas must become clear sooner rather than later. Dave Roberts has experimented with so many different lineups everyday, and it’s tough to get players to gel that way. These trials have not shown much promise and it looks like he’s ready to settle the dispute of an overcrowded outfield.

Unfortunately, it didn’t work out that way yesterday night against the Giants. “Grandy,” went 0-2 with one strikeout; making his batting average (.208) and on-base percentage (.320) team lows in those categories amongst players who get regular opportunities. Fans are constantly complaining about how often Roberts has given him starts. All there is to do is wait to see how long Roberts is going to try to “get him right” and give him opportunities, though Granderson’s successful last few months with the Mets have earned him the shot to improve.

It wouldn’t be wise to give up on Granderson now because he still brings a positive veteran presence. He can make impactful plays in a postseason game, but it seems clear as of now that he shouldn’t be starting in the postseason.

The reason why this is taking place is because the Dodgers haven’t had much success this year with Joc Pederson in center field, and Taylor obviously fits that mold they’ve been searching for recently. Curtis Granderson, Joc Pederson and Kike Hernandez should get some innings here and there, but Chris Taylor seems to have the position on lock.

This leaves left field open to the names listed above, as well as Andre Ethier or even Alex Verdugo. Cody Bellinger is also a very real possibility if Adrian Gonzalez can figure out a way to get healthy and make an impact with his bat, though he went 0-5 Monday night against San Francisco.

The only thing they should be focusing on now is winning, especially since the number one overall seed in the National League and home field advantage are on the line now. Who do you think should be starting in the outfield? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. It’s too far gone .. better luck next year … 30 yr doyer fan here . This streak has ruined us .. confidence is broken and chemistry is gone. Oh yea and Pedro Baez lol

    1. No granderson should not play. Taylor is an everyday player as is bellinger. A Gone should bench himself. What was the lineup that won 91 games. Stick with that

      1. 100% agree. We hit the skids when A gone came back. Sit yourself down for the betterment of the team A-gone

  2. I believe there should be a couple of changes, not just in the outfield. I say give Ethier a chance to see if he is still up to it, Taylor in center, Puig in right. I also think Forsythe, who has ended more innings with men on base than I can count, should be on the bench, absent a big lead.

    Either put Barnes or Utley at second and, when it’s Utley on second, put Barnes behind the plate. Grandal leads the league in passed balls , and is such a streaky hitter that he really can’t be counted on, especially hitting right handed. As for the bullpen, Baez has had a chance to prove he can regain early season form, and has failed miserably. I also don’t think much of the 2 lefty relievers recently obtained, but not sure of the alternatives. I think a quick hook is imperative. This goes for the starters also. You either have it or don’t that night. And why not bunt occasionally to advance runners? I know some stat freaks hate this, but the giants got a couple of runs last night doing it. Worth a try. Tired of seeing the bases loaded and no one scoring. We have to start winning. Momentum is so important is baseball and we’re headed in the wrong direction. Time to right the ship!

  3. I would advocate an outfield of Ethier in left, Taylor in center, and Puig in right. I t would seem to be the best combination of defense and offense.

  4. Pretty simple really. Remember when we were playing great baseball with Taylor, Puig and Pederson in the OF almost daily? How bou dat? I realize Pederson wasn’t hitting much – but it was working.

  5. Forsyth should be in this discussion as well. He is an experiment that has failed. Utley has fewer ABs yet leads him in most categories…….except for strikeout…..Forsyth has twice as many Ks. Which means Utley puts it in play.
    As far as Left field, I would rather give it to one of the kids that need experience than waste it on a has been.

  6. Chris taylor in left, Cody B at first, Puig in right, Joc in center. Joc may not hit a lot, but the vibe is a lot better with him in center. Kind of like a lucky charm that does nothing but hang around—but you win. If not, Andre in left, Taylor in center, Puig in right, CB on first. I trust Andre a lot more than Granderson and the younger guys lack experience. Although the experimentation has caused some consternation for fans, I understand Roberts use of the “win gap” to get a feel for what will win in the post season. But, as of now, it has to end. Have to protect home field.

  7. Verdugo Puig and Taylor. Barnes at second-not sure why they waste his great bat on the bench

  8. Easy call. Granderson is done. Who cares what has happened in the past he’s too old. If Verdugo was given a real chance he would do well. It’s a perfect time to develop one of your best prospects. What’s the sense in playing a guy batting .100 who is not in your future anyhow? Verdugo with the right confidence say for 10 straight games would at least have the chance and build big time experience for upcoming years and get over the tense nature of all the over the hill vets Ethier, Agon, Granderson plus weak hitting Kiki, Pederson, Forseyth. Give the kid a chance he’s a luxury that needs to be told here it is, left field is yours.

  9. Barnes at 2nd against lefties, utley against righties and barnes catching. Eithier,puig and taylor in outfield. cody at 1st Find a better manager.

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