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Dodgers: Dave Roberts Once Again Has No Answer For Poor Extra Innings Play

Another night, another disappointing extra-innings loss for the Dodgers on Friday. In a game that felt like they were completely handling the Angels’ offense, Los Angeles failed to score runs after notching 2 early and Anaheim forced extras. 

The Angels came through with a pair of runs on some unfortunate plays, including at least one that the Dodgers should have made. And they were able to get a rally going in the home half of the 10th but failed to push across that final run to tie it up. 

After the game, Dave Roberts was once again asked about the Dodgers’ terrible extra-innings play in 2021. Roberts was once again unable to nail down exactly why it was that they were 1-12 in extras, but he did point to other points in the game. 

No, there is no explanation. …We tacked on one and couldn’t put another one on the board. So that’s just kind of how this one played out. But I don’t have an explanation for the 1-12 record. … People are quick to look at how the game finished, but we had scoring opportunities and situational opportunities in which we came up short. 

The Dodgers had every opportunity to get ahead during regulation play. They left 11 runners on base and went a combined 2-for-12 with runners in scoring position. That has about summed up most of their close losses in 2021. 

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And at this point in the year, it’s definitely a concern. The Dodgers did lose Mookie in the game due to his hip issue flaring up again, but player health can only be blamed to a certain extent. They’re running out of time to fix whatever is wrong with their streaky offense. 

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  1. The 1-12 record in extra innings should not happen with any major league team let alone a team that’s 20 games over 500 with one of best run differentials – one possible explanation is that our better RPs are used up after 9 innings – For example in last nights’ game Bickford was removed for pinch hitter McKinney when there were 2 outs and no one on base – If you let Bickford pitch a couple of innings in a 2-2 tie game, you have better RPs available for the extra inning situation

  2. The main reason is the total inability to get a shutout inning in extras. We have now allowed at least one run in 14 consecutive extra innings. Speaks to the quality of our bullpen depth, and Roberts as a game manager.

  3. By now, expecting Roberts to have any answers about Dodgers problems is a fool’s errand

    1. Look I am not nor have I ever been a fan of Roberts and have posted that. But this is not any fault of his. Look at the lack of hitting especially with runners in scoring position. If this team is planning to settle on scoring runs by the home run, they will never survive the playoffs.

      1. The Dodgers need a no-nonsense manager with experience and the ability to motivate. One that combines small ball and analytics. What they do not need is a clueless, non-strategic player-buddy manager. They need to dump Roberts before it’s too late.

          1. Greg, I too think it’s time for a change, especially if Dodgers go one and out in the WC game. But with 5 straight Division titles, 3 NL Pennants and a WS under his belt, I can’t see him being replaced for next year.

        1. Looks like Zaidi and Kapler should’ve gotten the big jobs here instead of Roberts and Friedman who btw is responsible for this trash bullpen regardless of his steal of Scherzer and Turner

  4. I’m not convinced this is on Roberts. Two runs in nine innings will not get you much, though it would be a great thing to have a reliever who could put up some zeroes in the tenth. Time is running and I’m getting fed up with this lackluster play. There is too much talent on this team to continue like this.

  5. Roberts not having answers for anything is becoming a pretty regular thing. It really isn’t his fault though. He didn’t put the BP together. All he can do is run the guys out there that the FO gave him.

    To put it into technical terms the Dodgers extra inning record sucks because the bullpen sucks.

  6. So Roberts is at a loss to explain our pathetic extra inning record. Let me clear it up for you. We are losing these extra inning games because our bullpen allows all these runs to score. Our bullpen stinks. We dont have any shut down relievers available after the 9th inning.

    1. Look, there two posts taking this off of Roberts. Forget how bad our bullpen is or isn’t. This game and most of the other extra innings are because this team sucks when it comes to hitting with runners on base and especially with runners in scoring. This game should have never reached extras.

      1. That’s my point exactly! If Dodgers weren’t so inconsistent and inept with RISP we don’t even get to extra innings. How many of those extra inning games have Dodgers FAIL to even advance that free runner on 2nd? Oh, and yes injuries can’t be blamed fully but the BP has been awful at run prevention in extras too. Oh, and Roberts is CLUELESS! That’s why he has no answers for much of anything.

  7. Yes, the offense being streaky is a problem, but the real issue is that we somehow keep ending up with the wrong person on the mound at the wrong time. That is a management issue

  8. easy Answer.. Dave Roberts sucks as a manger… long and many times do i have to say this!!!

  9. As head scratching as the Dodgers’ extra innings record is, in a way, it makes sense.
    The runner at 2nd base to start innings creates a perfect storm for the Dodgers to consistently fail because of the Dodgers’ combination of poor late inning situational hitting and their BP issues.
    The Dodgers only score that runner about 50% of the time but they allow that runner to score almost every time and they give up multiple runs often.
    Especially on the road, obviously, if you aren’t scoring the runner from 2nd and you almost always allow the opposing team to score–you lose, every time–it’s a walk off.
    The automatic runner at 2nd base in extra innings really reinforces that the Dodgers have major situational hitting issues and significant enough BP issues–a deadly combination.

  10. Price threw only 62 pitches before Delusional Dave trotted out there. And only two mistakes. He said he could have gone further. He used to be a starter for crying out loud… he should be stretched out by now. Roberts acts like he’s actually got a deep bullpen. Can’t be deep if they keep running Cleavinger and Brutalall and his 5.06 out there. Extras are being lost because whatever talent we have in the BP is being used up by the master strategist before the top of the 10th comes along. What are they waiting for to bring Knebel up? He’s putting up nothing but zeroes on the farm

    1. I agree that Roberts should have kept Price in. A proven starter and used like a china doll, along with all the other players.

  11. I think Robert’s summarize this season so far, the Dodgers are simply “coming up short”. The club has rarely been running on all cylinders, for various reasons. Elements of thee club that were chalked up as strengths at the season’s start, are now fully exposed as significant weaknesses for a club seeking a title.

    Inconsistent hitting, injuries, weak bullpen, too many errors, poor management, and the list goes on.

    One of those teams that looks great on paper but folds up on the field and is blown away.

    The fat lady is warming up in the Dodger bull pen.

    1. I got news for ya….that fat lady will probably be in the next few games for sure. This season looks lost as of now and everyone here is right on in these posts as to why.

      1. the season looks lost? are you kidding me? we add Trea Turner, lose Cody to the bench, add Knebel, get Kersh back, this team -as long as Mookie can play thru his hip thing – will be right there. Only 4 games out

        1. Ask this same question or reply to everyone here who most likely watched last night’s game as well as previous games and you might understand why I’m saying this. No certainty when CK can return and be effective. Mookie may need another IL stint .we are losing most of those close games and are now 1 and 12 in extras. But I DO HOPE Dodgers can turn it around but eventually, time may run out because Giants are going nowhere from their current position. Look how SF was down 4 to 0 against Dbacks but did what was necessary to come back and win that game.

  12. A one and done Wild Card game, if we even get to that, will put the inept Roberts out of his misery. The way Dodgers failed to hit with RISP last night will be the exact reason why Dodgers will NOT survive that one and done game, along with the inept BP too.

  13. I think it’s official, This team just isn’t very good. They aren’t ever going to click and go on a run. They are what the standings show and that’s a WC team who will at best lose to the giants in 5 in the NLDS

      1. When we inevitably fail I’ll be rooting for the brewers. That’s one team I wouldn’t mind seeing win in the NL. Definitely don’t want to see the Giants, Padres, Mets or Phillies

  14. Price should have come out after 5, he was getting hit hard on outs too. Underachieving players who are inconsistent. BP exposed by lack of starters. Reminds me of 1954 when we never could catch Giants!

  15. unbelievable with great players still to join the team you guys giving up because your gripe du jour. Dodgers are going to make you all eat your words.

    1. I hope that Dodgers do make us all eat our words! We all want a 9th straight division title, but for that to happen, Dodgers MUST WIN on a day that Giants lose in order to catch them. How many chances in the last week or so have Dodgers had that opportunity? Giants have essentially played well for most of this year and don’t look to be going anywhere

      1. I have made several comments about how this team plays, ie: lack of hitting with RISP or on base period, Cody and some shoddy defense, but I whole heartedly agree with Joe above. There is a comment about 1954, maybe we should remember 1951 when the Giants caught the Dodgers in August after trailing by 13 games. This season is one heck of a long way from over. Over the past several years the Padres have made moves, the Diamond Backs have made moves during our run of successfully defending our division titles. There were posts after posts about each team in the division that made moves saying how the Dodgers were done and would be lucky to finish 4th in the division. WELL, WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED, WE WON THE DIVISION! I am not and will never be a Robert’s fan as a manager. He is do da** nice. Clearly a player’s manager, but you need a hard butt who gets on someone every now and then. It is certainly not his fault that we have pitchers doing down and need TJ surgery and CK’s issues and Cody’s issues, Gonsolin’s shoulder problems or Bett’s hip issue The PB is not a garbage pen as was described above, they are over worked, but their numbers are certainly not garbage. There are too many posters on this site that are either band wagon jumpers or just plain don’t crap. I firmly believe this team is going to win it all again when all is said and done. There are plenty of commenters on this site that bleed Dodger Blue just as I do and who understand that the season is 162 games long and then the fun games begin. If any of you want to rip me go right ahead. I for one and I am pretty sure most of you posting on this site bleed Dodger Blue and have supported this team since they wore hats that had the letter “B” on them. Regardless of the team’s record, even though we were disappointed, we never stopped supporting them. That is all I have to day, and even though things have been frustrating this season, it is still a long way from over.

    2. Joe, this team has an incredible roster yet is only 20 games over in august, unable to out play SF, plays shoddy defense, terrible with RISP has little clutch hitting, a puppet manager, a president of baseball ops who put together a garbage pen and tried to cover it up with 2 stars from Washington. With how bad this team plays as a group I wouldn’t be surprised to see all of those moves go to complete waste which would be the embarrassment of the last 8 years. Also should be noted that Betts is injured and will be for the rest of the year so expect more inconsistent play from him. Kershaw may not be the same. Will puppet use Jansen in the worst moments this October?

  16. Hey Dave, you don’t have an explanation for the 1-12 record? Really??
    Well, here’s a BGOTO…….(blinding glimpse of the obvious)
    Dodger Bullpen sucks in extra innings! Really really easy Dave.
    And at least 4 of those are blown saves by your pal Jansen.
    Stop making excuses for bad pitching and make some changes.
    That’s what a good coach does.

  17. One of the most disconcerting issues I have seen is the great propensity throughout the lineup, to look at called third strikes. I do not understand the logic-men in scoring position, two outs and the batter looks at a third strike. This is just common throughout the lineup. I cannot understand what the hitting coaches are thinking to make this a team philosophy. Whatever happened to protecting the plate as a basic rule on a 2 strike count, especially when runs are on the line and its 2 away?

  18. The team needs more consistent hitting at the moment and need to stop swinging for the long ball. The Dodgers are leaving to many runners stranded and playing a little small ball wouldn’t hurt. But I refuse to give up on my boys in blue but can we win a game when the giants lose now that’s what kills me!

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