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Dodgers: Dave Roberts Plans on a Major Lineup Change for Game 2

The Dodgers fell short in Game 1 of the NLDS on Friday night. After Walker Buehler gave up the early lead, the Los Angeles bats went dead silent and they never woke up. Now they will look to even things up behind Julio Urias on Saturday night. 

But the Dodgers lineup will not look the same in Game 2. Dave Roberts had previously said that Cody Bellinger would be starting every game in centerfield due to the defensive advantage. That turned out to be inaccurate. 

After the game, Doc said that there would be 1 major change coming. Wild Card Game hero Chris Taylor will be back in the Dodgers lineup and playing in center. As a result, Cody will slide over to first base defensively. 

That means that Matt Beaty gets the bump from the Dodgers lineup. But the hope is that CT3 can give some life to a lineup that has gone cold over their first 2 games of the playoffs. Taylor provided one of the only offensive sparks in the win on Wednesday with a walk-off shot in the 9th. 

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The Dodgers will face off against Giants hurler Kevin Gausman. He had one of the most surprising seasons in all of baseball, though his final 6 starts of the season didn’t overly impress. Hopefully, Taylor can be the bat that helps get things moving in the right direction. 




  1. Figures that Roberts the Clown would keep the hittless wonder Bellidud in the lineup. What a fool.
    I like this comment/reply I received on Reddit:
    “Bet you wouldn’t have finished in 2nd for NL west if he wasn’t coddled ALL SEASON”
    FU Roberts the Clown. I’m sick of this team having to try and overcome your lack of management skill/experience.

      1. Bench the season long .150 hitter. He’s not slumping.

        That shouldn’t even be a question.

  2. The title of this article is VERY MISLEADING! One player change, and one position change? A guy that’s been playing all year (Taylor), and a guy that is going back to his original position (Belli)? That is NOT a “major lineup change”…

  3. Makes sense. The team is shutout so you KEEP the worst batter in the lineup and remove him from CF where his good defensive skills at least was some consolation for his horrible bat.

    Yeah DR’s got this figured out.

  4. Doesn’t matter who you put out there you’re not going to beat the Giants. To many wannabe heroes with to many strikeouts. Can’t put the ball in play like them. God forbid we try and bunt down third when there’s nobody there.Sad but I think we’ll get swept. Pathetic!

    1. You need to change your attitude if we have fans like you who needs enemies? You sound sour, dude they won 106 games chill!! I live in giants territory and I. BELIEVE!! You should too!! Go boys in blue!!

      1. I live in Giant territory, too, Jill. I wear my Dodger shirts all season long. (In the off season as well). I believe… and if it doesn’t work out the way “we” want, well… There’s always next year, right?!? The Giants are good this year, and to many do not want to give them credit where credit is do. It’s not all Roberts. It’s what it is. I think it is called being human. These Boys in Blue are not super humans. They are young athletes that are not Gold Glove, or Silver Slugger players all season long. Yes, they get paid well. Why?? Because, us the fans buy the shirts, hats, Dodger everything. They sell out, and sell 10,000 Dodger Dogs a game. So… They get paid well. Does the Front Office share the booty. Yep, and that’s why we are so hated. Because they get paid well. Look how much the Padres are paying just two of their so called Stars. Where did they land in the standings? Next year the rooster will be filled with players who could not play this season, hopefully. The playoffs are unpredictable. Let’s kick back, try and keep our nerves in check, and, Root, Root, Root for the Dodgers!!

        1. I bet that you even got married wearing a Dodger shirt….a die hard you are Bethy Boo!

          1. Actually, I wore my Silver Fox, (26), shirt, with my Dodger button up on top. Un-buttoned of course.

        2. Good points… is unpleasant to givethe Giants props, but they have magic this year. That can’t be denied.

          The Dodgers have the most homegrown players on their roster of all of the remaining contenders. The Cardinals were first, but they had only one or two more than the Blue. That is something to be proud of. Yes, the Dodgers have a high payroll, but they also invest in their player development, getting back to Dodger tradition. It is wonderful to witness.

          The Giants have more players from other organizations. The Dodgers have key ones, too, like Turner and Taylor and Muncy, of course, who were cast aside by their former teams. They clicked for the Dodgers. It seems it’s the same for SF.

          Go, Blue!!!

      2. Jill I’ve been a Dodger fan for 66 years and followed them at Ebbets field.I’ve seen more games then you will in your lifetime. Please don’t tell me how to judge this team. I know what I’m talking about.

        1. ah no you don’t. Dodgers lost the season series 10-9, and several of those games were lost in the 9th, with blown saves. Dodgers win this game tonight and they will win the series! Julio will bring it. Dodgers learned from their mistakes yesterday and will be more patient at the plate. Game 1 was the hangover game from the WC victory. The Dodgers will be fine.

        2. It was foolishly optimistic to think the Dodgers would sweep the first two at Oracle Park. They need the game tonight and get back to Dodger Stadium.

    2. I agree, im a dodger fan, but from baseball fan point of view, the giants look like the better team.

      1. 1 game doesn’t give any indication how the series will turn out. Gnats looked better in game 1 – let’s see what the Dodgers do tonight

    3. Jill I’ve been a Dodger fan for 66 years and followed them at Ebbets field.I’ve seen more games then you will in your lifetime. Please don’t tell me how to judge this team. I know what I’m talking about.

    4. Dodger 1955, I will not tell you how to judge the team. Last night’s performance was one of worst postseason ones I can recall. However, it is only one game. Granted if tonight’s is similar, it will a huge hole to dig out of. But until it is truly over, I will not give up hope.

      I bet AF is kicking himself in the rear for letting Kike leave.

  5. Hoping this “major line-up change” is not a game too late. Many were surprised that Taylor was left out in game 1 in lieu of Beaty or Belli. It turned out, offense was the key problem in game 1 and not defense—that perhaps that one extra-powerful bat in Taylor could have made the difference just like in the WC game.

  6. Bellinger should be on the bench!!!!
    Beatty has more offensive skill at this time and why Bellinger for defense???? Beatty made two (at least) beautiful plays at first!!!
    He just won’t give up on Bellinger
    It’s going to lose us the series against SF!!!!

  7. How about starting Albert Pujols at 1st base? Dodgers signed him to help them in the post season. This is the game to take a chance on Pujols. He can’t do any worse than all the Dodgers hitters did in Game 1. If they go down 0-2 this series is over. And BTW, don’t expect Cody Bellinger to all of the sudden turn his game around, the guy is one of the worst hitters in baseball that will not change in this post season.

  8. I would have no problem with Pujols at first. Lux should get the start in LF over the biggest postseason bust in Dodger history, AJ Pollock! Need to find someone to spark this pathetic offense! But I really think that some of the credit needs to be given to Webb. He pitched a great game.

    1. Past post season stats have NO bearing on the current post season. Pollock was the third best hitter on the team. We need to rid our lineup of sub .200/.sucks hitters.

  9. One game don’t mean crap, Max being out of the lineup hurts. Webb threw a lit of balls that were called strikes.
    You don’t win 106 games and suck. Dodgers will rebound. Giants are a very good team, we must rise and play smart

    1. Way tooo many balls that were called strikes. I replayed them all. It was horrible, and everyone saw it. It’s going to be even worse when Angel Henandez is behing the plate!

    1. C’mon man. If DR would simply bench the .150 hitter, the screaming would subside to a low roar at least.

      That’s not an unreasonable take.

  10. Dodgers need all hands on deck.

    Lux is the spark plug they need in left. Let AJ sit this one out.

    Forget about Bellinger. Have him come down with an injury and put him on the IL so Muncy can be activated to play first. He’ll have all of the off-season to continue his recovery.

  11. Still scratching my head with Taylor on the bench after that season saving homer. Beatty has hit well the last week with a couple of homers but he was 0-8 against Webb this year, now 0-11. I get the lefty righty matchup but that Taylor spark could’ve lead to fire and yet he’s doused the next game? Well, at least the move is being made now. And don’t give up on Belli, remember, he was key against the Cards…

  12. This is a GAME. One that pays it’s partisipants 1 mil + 300 mil sometimes. Dave has this. You arm chair Managers who bash Dave…….shame on you. AND Y’ALL CALM DOWN. Game 1 loss is how we get our Mojo back, WE WILL.

      1. Absolutely the right move. Taylor should stay in center- he’s earned a spot in the lineup. I’d start Albert against a lefty, and consider starting Luxy as well – a late season spark plug. Just not in center…

  13. Past post season stats have NO bearing on the current post season. Pollock was the third best hitter on the team. We need to rid our lineup of sub .200 hitters.

    1. Mqarep, have you ever even played baseball?? You are the most clueless person on this board! Postseason stats don’t matter?? Most ridiculous statement I’ve ever heard! Pollock has never produced in the postseason EVER! Like Kike Hernandez! A lifetime .240 hitter, hit 3 HR’s in ONE GAME vs the Cubs in 2017. Hit a HR vs the Braves last year when the Dodgers backs were against the wall. All he did yesterday for the Red Sox was go 5 for 6 with a HR and 3 doubles against the Rays!

      Get a clue!! Go Dodgers. Oh how I miss Kike.

      1. And let’s not forget Joctober Pederson, a career .230 hitter. Multiple postseason HR’s for the Dodgers, one off Justin Verlander in the WS! Oh yes, he supplied the lone run for the Altlanta Braves yesterday with an 8th inning, pinch hit HR after being down 0-2 in the count! BTW he was sporting a nice string of pearls to boot lol! Think they belonged to his wife.

        Folks, when will you realize the postseason is different than the regular season. Some shine under the big lights while others wilt. That’s just the way it is.

  14. Some real good comments here but you can’t sit Pollock but should sit no. 35. He’s maybe a pinch runner from now on. Changing the lineup card is a must after disaster last 2 games.

  15. I still believe that Muncy is needed to take us over the top. Hopefully he’ll get well soon, even if he doesn’t play in this playoffs.

    Buehler owned up to his lack of execution but it wasn’t all his fault. Offense needs to show up.

    Lux is a spark bu a liability at LF. Running game has to be alive and we need to exercise more patience at the plate.

    Bellinger is obviously not the same but he’s there for defense and for running the bases. I’m not against putting Pujols in the game though. Many of the players were chasing balls way out of the zone.

    Last but not least, Webb pitched another great game at home.

    Roberts has his work cut out for himself and needs to make changes but he will not disclose that to the media.

    It’s a very tough job to be a manager these days. Either you’re loved or hated ?

    With all that said, GO DODGERS!!!? ?

  16. How about just a little more patience at the plate! Continuing to swing at pitches that are consistently out of the zone is not what the dodgers have done all season. Over anxious, for sure. Settle down, stop trashing our guys and let’s see who is the better team.

  17. Did anyone happen to see who did come to play the game yesterday? Kiki Hernandez? Yep…5 for 6, 3 dbls. 1 hr, 3 rbis….oh, and a guy name Alex Verdugo…..3 for 5 w/ a hr. Ahhh, the ones who got away because they simply wanted to play.
    Roberts will take this team down with his boy Belli. He will. And then who will get the blame for not showing up for the game? Beaty. or maybe Taylor, who seemed to find a spot on the bench. Roberts, what a swell guy who finds it easy to point the finger. Why not put Uncle Al at 1st? Huh?
    Can’t say that Belli in the game is a big surprise because it isn’t. There is no reason why he should even suit up.

    1. Bayside, you and I must have been writing at the same time. Check my comments on Kike and Joctober Pederson. Some dudes just produce in the postseason way beyond their regular season stats. Others do the exact opposite, AJ Pollock!

  18. Bellinger struck on 4 pitches, all on them out of the strick zone, with a RISP. Beatty gets 3 hits, and he sits him down. I don’t get it. If you are going to play Bellinger, at least use him where he has the defensive skills in CF.

    1. JohnnieK, nope. Beaty went 0-3 in game 1 and 0-3 in the WC game. The 3-3 game was game 162 of the regular season. I think I would give Pujols the start at 1st for game 2. Yes bad numbers vs sinker ballers like Gausman, but he can do no worse than Bellinger. As much as I think Bellinger will somehow get a big hit somewhere. I view game 2 the same as the WC game. This one is pretty much do-or-die. Not exactly but close enough.

      Let’s go Dodgers!

  19. We can turn the series tonight with a win. Everyone on this team is highly capable, no excuses regardless of who starts and comes in the game later. Everyone contributed last year for the title win, gonna have to do the same this year.

    Go Dodgers!

    1. John, totally agree. As bad as the Dodgers looked last night, it’s only one game. Win game 2 and Dodgers have home field advantage in a 3 game series. Giants “held serve” is all. I won’t panic until the Dodgers are down 0-2, and won’t give up hope until they are eliminated.

  20. Ok folks, I want to hear from all the Belli bashers. I have been supporting him. Tough to keep a former NL MVP down forever. Too much talent. But even now I have to eat some crow of my own with my constant AJ Pollock bashing. He finally came through with a meaningful postseason hit!

    Dodgers now have home field advantage with MAd Max on the hill. Giants, get ready for the pain!

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