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Dodgers: Dave Roberts Reacts to Fernando Tatis Jr Stealing Signs

The Dodgers left the Padres series with a sour taste for a number of reasons. Not only did they lose the series, but they got embarrassed by it in the process. Sunday night’s game was just extra salt in the wound. 

But the Dodgers also faced a little bit of controversy in the series. Fernando Tatis Jr obviously had his way with Los Angeles pitching, and — among others — Trevor Bauer really got hit hard. Bauer didn’t mind Tatis’ celebrations, but a video that surfaced later seemed to bother a lot of the baseball world.

The video in question shows Tatis peeking at Will Smith’s signs before taking Bauer deep. Dodgers manager Dave Roberts was asked his thoughts on the matter, but Doc said he had not yet seen the video. 

I didn’t see that, but I’ll look into that…I gotta look at it, I don’t like to speak without knowing. But when you talk about peeking, that’s just not the way you play baseball. I don’t know, I haven’t vetted it or seen it. I have a tremendous amount of respect for Fernando as a ballplayer…but if that is the case, that will be noted. 

Bauer and Tatis went back and forth on Twitter about it on Saturday and TB even did a video breakdown. The superstar shortstop isn’t breaking any MLB rules but there is certainly a code among players. The Dodgers didn’t seem to change anything in response. 

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But Dave’s answer was interesting. He made sure to say that if Tatis was peeking, it “would be noted”. He did not mean that the Dodgers would change up their strategy in relaying signs to pitchers. 

Perhaps Doc shared a similar sentiment to Bauer, who said that the game would police itself. Only time will tell.

Dodgers: Trevor Bauer Reacts to Fernando Tatis Jr Mocking Him After His Homerun


  1. Losing three of four to the second best team in baseball in four very competitive games is hardly “embarrassing.” Once again, it did confirm that if the Padres play their best they are competitive with the Dodgers, can even beat them. But for that to happen the Dodgers have to play poorly – like leaving 20 runners on base, or not even try to hold runners on base, or continue to cough up leads late in the game. If the Dodgers play their best and the Padres play their best, the Dodgers usually win. Meanwhile, the Padres still have to prove they can beat the other teams. Otherwise they end up 6-8 games back no matter how many times the beat the Dodgers.

    1. Losing 3 of 4 isn’t embarrassing, the embarrassment comes from how badly they were out played.


  3. IF, I repeat IF, it happened then that is on the catcher Will Smith who is supposed to be watching the hitters head/eyes while he is flashing signs to the pitcher. In the old days a hitter attempting to peak would get a fastball at his chin.

    1. That chin music needs to take place in the next series they play. I’m tired of this gutless approach taken by this team. Oh. and maybe it’s time to hold runners on better. Padres stole bases at random which in a way contributed to Sunday’s loss as well.

      1. Embarrassing from all sides. Lack of offensive production, poor pitching, numerous errors (mental & actual), injuries, and a couple of players seem to be focusing on something else (marriage). The team needs discipline both personal and managerial. It is a grind after the turmoil and brief 60 game season last year. Hang in there people, we’re going to repeat.

  4. Tatis was probably peaking for location not pitch. Most hitters would prefer to know where the pitch is going. It’s an easy fix though. Just have catcher set up outside and throw a fastball up and in. Problem solved.
    Besides, Dodgers have a lot more issues than Tatis. They got out played in every aspect of the game against Padres. They also got out hustled and out coached.

      1. And also Barnes!!!! Bring Ruiz to take over!! He can hit and catch and defend the plate!!!!

      2. Definitely. Or when the ome up to bat, give the opposing team the out and Rios or Peters can go back and sit down.

  5. Oh, and I can’t understand Roberts and the teams total lack of any response to hitters being hit by pitches several times during this past series and NOT EVEN ONCE did Dodgers respond to this. Gutless is the reason I suppose.

  6. Tatis needs a Drysdale or Gibson to put him on his ass. Then this punk won’t peek anymore!

  7. Roberts isn’t going to do anything about Tatis stealing signs and Sticky Fingers Bauer won’t do anything about getting signs stolen or celebrating home runs.If pitchers are allowed to use ILLEGAL STICKY SUBSTANCE and steal 40 million a year,then stealing signs and celebrating homers is the least a hitter can do.I’d like to see hitters use aluminum bats against any pitcher using the sticky stuff.Know that will really level things out!

  8. Oh, they should have drilled Tatis! BUT they also should be holding runners; what a sick display of pitchers failing to hold guys on base. It was disgusting to watch.
    Been saying for a while that Rios needs four or five at bats per game until he learns to hit major league pitching. Peters can’t catch up to fastballs up, but he’s only here for injury replacement and went down today. Barnes can’t catch up to fastballs over 93 mph. I’ve watched alot of vets swing at pitches out of the strike zone and some pretty lousy calls on strikes and balls over the last 10 days. We need to electrify the stike/ball calling asap. Every frickin umpire has his own strike zone. They stand on the side the batter is hitting from and miss the close calls away. I mean it’s really rare to see a well called game anymore. Numerous high fastballs out of the zone called against JT lately. Needs to be fixed.

  9. The Dodgers were out played!
    Please explain why The Dodgers have bases loaded yet cannot get runs home
    When you swing for the fence instead of the open side of the infield you strike out or pop it up!
    There has to be a way to keep a rally going ! Not ending with a strike out or pop up!
    Wee Willie Keeler said hit it where they AIN’t Well come on DODGERS : HIT IT WHERE THEY AIN’t!!

  10. Just take the loss like an adult and move on. Don’t pull this cheating BS just because you lost when you weren’t expecting to. You guys thought you guys would walk all over the Padres but didn’t so this is happening. Classy AF

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