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Dodgers: Dave Roberts Recalls The Way Pitchers Cheated Back in His Day

Major League Baseball is on a mission. There has been plenty of talk and suspicion around the league that many pitchers have been using foreign substances to increase their spin rate and effectiveness. Now whether that’s true or more pitchers have turned to the use of technology is still to be seen.

When asked to comment about whether he believed the use of anything sticky should be considered cheating, Dodgers’ manager Dave Roberts simply denied any sentiment towards that. In fact, he even stated that it’s more of an art and an advantage to help pitchers stay competitive.

“Back when I was playing, guys were scuffing the baseball, and you could deem that as cheating. But it’s a competitive advantage, there’s gamesmanship to it – an art, as you said… In every era, there’s always something that players – position players and pitchers – are trying to get a competitive advantage.”

There’s also been a debate about whether the use of sticky substances should be considered cheating or not. Technically using anything sticky to get a better grip could be perceived as a loophole to any present rules, especially when MLB has done little to police any such issues. Roberts even pointed out the league’s lack of action stating that nothing will stop unless there are actual rules in place. 

“If there’s not rules and consequences, people push limits. That’s just the way the world works. So I do appreciate that Major League Baseball is trying to impose some rules and consequences or penalties. I am concerned about it being in play during the middle of a season, because I just don’t want pitchers getting hurt potentially. We’ll see, but again, when things are in place, we will adhere.”

Final Thoughts

It’s still unclear how the league will officially try and crackdown on the use of foreign substances or if it will even have a significant impact on the game as a whole. Hopefully, MLB actually follows through with their words and can keep the integrity of the game intact.

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