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Dodgers: Dave Roberts Reveals Where Trea Turner Will Play on Defense

It was the million dollar question for the Dodgers after the trade deadline. The team had Corey Seager. He plays shortstop. They traded for All-Star Trea Turner. He plays shortstop. So who was going to play where once Turner was activated?

Dave Roberts finally answered that question on Friday.

Trea Turner is the new primary second baseman.

“I think that obviously, his choice is – he sees himself as a shortstop as he should,” Roberts said before Friday night’s loss to Anaheim. “But understanding our roster, second base certainly makes sense to him and he feels and understands it gives us the best chance to win a championship.”

Playing time in the outfield was on the table, but Turner’s preference was on the infield dirt. With that, he’ll also see time at shortstop when Seager gets days off. Beyond that, a lot of people may be set to see time off with the new addition.

“Every single night, there’s gonna be a great player that’s not getting the start and that’s just kind of where we’re at. Right now, where we’re at in the schedule, we have to win baseball games. We’re four games back in the loss column and we have to win. I need to put the best guys out there that I feel can win a ballgame that night.”

Trea Turner should be set to make his starting debut in blue tonight at Dodger Stadium. Let’s win a ballgame today, Dodgers.

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  1. Problem is, he has NO IDEA what he’s doing so the best chance to win is for him to stay home and let Bob Geren run things.

  2. We’ll see what the Dodgers do the next 50+ games but do you get the feeling, with Bett’s hip injury flaring up again and even more bad injury news this week, including Nelson being out for the season and the worrisome news about Kershaw, that even though Seager is back and even though the Dodgers acquired Scherzer, T. Turner and Duffy (who won’t pitch for at least another month), that all these “reinforcements” may only serve to help the Dodgers just tread water?
    The shutout loss to Houston, the poor, poor offensive showing in the extra inning loss last night to the Angels and even the way the 7-5 win over Houston, ended, doesn’t indicate to me, at least not yet, that this team is likely to go on some “magical run” the next 2 months. The Dodgers have played like a .500 since the break and I’m not sure even the Calvary coming can change that.

  3. Shoot. I was kinda hoping he could close some games for the team. Seems they still need a competent late inning arm

  4. Agree with Willie&TommyD completely! Last night’s loss was emblematic of the way we lose games…getting one/two runs when we should get more…pop up, foul out, strikeout with runners in scoring position, inability to really put the ball in play and it seems to not matter who is at the plate (I offer our extra inning record as evidence). I watched the Giants come back to beat the Dbacks the other night…that used to be us! They were like quiet assassins, and relentless. For us, CT3 and Pollock will cool, JT is cooling and Muncie is struggling. Praying Betts doesn’t go back on IL but that may be best for now. Seager may get going but like Muncie, the shift will take away hits. I think most agree on Bellinger/Jansen. Am losing hope we can ever again depend on them again. Tommy always said you gotta believe! Now, more pressure than ever for Roberts to better use what he has. Reference the new guys: Scherzer is great, but starting pitching is not losing games for us. Trea Turner is wearing Garvey’s number and will become as critical to our offense as he once was. Some of us might think Betts is the straw that stirs the drink (and he is), but I respectfully submit that TTurner stands as tall! Living in the DC area I’ve watched him play and evolve for years. Nats must have known they couldn’t keep him beyond next year. Losing Jimmy Nelson (we went to the same HS in Northwest FL…30 years separation!) is huge. Bad luck for our marginal pen!

    1. Turner will be a HUGE help for us. He will annoy the pitcher a bunch when he gets on base as well as when he hits. Just like Betts. The batter behind him will reap benefits. I would hope that Taylor still gets his reps when Turner plays second. Looks like Max goes back to first pretty much full time. We just need these guys to get a sense of urgency about their play. Hope Mookie can at least play half a game and can avoid the IL. As for Jansen, we need to look at our other options; and keep him in low risk opportunities. Bellinger is just a tick away. Hopefully Roberts’ statements move the needle. He is 5 for his last 14.

  5. “I need to put the best guys out there that I feel can win a ballgame that night.”

    Then why is bellinger starting over Pollock tonight???

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