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Dodgers: Dave Roberts Says All Options to Play Should Be Considered

Dodgers fans want nothing more than to see their team back out on the field. That’s what any sports fan wants right now, but with the understanding that there are more urgent matters at hand for now. The league is doing everything it can with the limited information it has and pushing towards getting their season started. 

Dodgers’ manager Dave Roberts understands that the league is doing all that they can in this process. He also believes that any option should be on the table as far as playing games this year.  

Everything has got to be on the table. Let’s come to a consensus, let’s get baseball going…the tie, the no extra innings, the doubleheaders, fans in a ballpark being distanced. All these different thing have got to be on the table.

Those things that Roberts is talking about are rumored rule changes that have been discussed among the player’s union and the league. More doubleheaders seem almost certain at this point, even with a shortened season. The idea of allowing ties would be to make sure that players get adequate rest from game to game. And the no fans in ballparks would be terrible for Dodgers fans but I think we would all like to see baseball get started.

The Dodgers were supposed to start their season on March 26th against the Giants. That got pushed back two weeks, but as of now, baseball does not have a start date. While some estimate that activity can start as early as late May in terms of a short spring camp. most predict that we would be lucky to see games by July. 

The Dodgers were also set to host the All-Star Game this year, which has not been officially discussed as of yet. 

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  1. The only way baseball will play would have to be without fans. As the illness fades in one area of the country, it begins in another. This will not end soon. I’d rather see baseball without fans, than have no baseball. We need the distraction any way we can get it.

  2. first lets fnd a cure for the virus which is killing so many people then will worry about baseball

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