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Dodgers: Dave Roberts Says He’s Focused on a World Series, Not Development

For a few years now, there have been Dodgers fans that insist Los Angeles is not chasing after a championship hard enough. Hopefully that’s not you, but it’s certainly been said. A question that manager Dave Roberts answered on FOX Sports should dispel that myth. 

The question asked was how Dave Roberts and the Dodgers balance player development versus winning during a 60-game season. The answer to that might surprise you a little bit, given the young talent within the organization.

When you’re the Dodgers, you’re not trying to develop. We’re trying to win a championship, we haven’t won one since ’88 and I hear that every day. So, fortunately, guys like Will Smith and Gavin, and even some of the younger players we’ve had…It’s nice that we have a roster that supports the young players to kind of come in and still not have to be the man, and still can contribute. 

The truth is that during a 60-game season, there are not as many free at-bats to go around to get guys experience. There isn’t enough time to let a guy work through a drastic slump or to work out of a funk on the mound. Rather, it seems that the Dodgers will ride the hot hand through all 60 games. 

This is much different than what can be said of the Dodgers for the last few years, given how much young talent has come up. But this year is also unlike any year we have ever seen. Dave Roberts and his staff have one goal in mind, and that is to bring a World Series back to Los Angeles. They’re more equipped this year than ever before, so let’s get it done. 

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  1. Gee it only took a pandemic and a 60 game season for the Dodgers to finally stop with the half rebuilding half win now strategy that will NEVER result in a championship. One good thing from this joke season is that we might actually get to see our team go all out without experiments and other nonsense because there’s no time for that now. Play the right lineups nightly, use the best starting pitchers always, and no calling up the latest boy wonder so they can fade away when we need them most. I think I might like this

    1. Like it or not, you know very well, Roberts will be pulling a very good pitcher in the 6th, 7th or even 8th for a much less of a one.

    2. Don – we would have beat Houston and won the World Series if Houston did not have an elaborate scheme of multiple cameras and monitors aimed to steal signals from our catchers. Then the next years we recruit better and so forth.

    3. That is true Don.
      Since there will be no need to “save” anything for game 100+ it is about time we go in all the way, from start to finish. No resting players. If you need resting in a 60-game season, you need to retiree immediately.

  2. Dave Robert’s needs to manage. Better. When the post season starts. In Sept or October they should the nl west with. No problem for the eight straight year. Had have stronger team than last year. no excuses.

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