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Dodgers: Dave Roberts Says Ryu Should Win Cy Young

Before Hyun-Jin Ryu takes the mound for his 29th start of his incredible 2019 season on Saturday, Dodgers manager Dave Roberts spoke with AM 570’s David Vassegh, where he told the host of Dodger Talk what he thinks about Ryu’s chances to win the Cy Young Award.

Ryu’s stats this season speak for themselves. He currently leads the National League in ERA with 2.41 and in walks per nine innings pitched with 1.230, according to

While Ryu’s 2019 campaign has been outstanding, he did have a rough stretch in August and early September when he posted a 7.48 ERA  after returning from a stint on the IL. 

Before that, he had a 1.45 ERA and was without question the front runner for the Cy Young. The fact that he had such a bad slump and is still leading in ERA is telling of just how dominant he was in the first half of the season. 

Despite this, ESPN’s Cy Young predictor doesn’t have Ryu projected to win, or even finish in second. Interestingly enough, he’s not even the highest-projected Dodger on the list. That honor goes to Clayton Kershaw, who is projected to finish second. ESPN currently predicts Washington’s Stephen Strasburg to win the award, while Ryu is ranked fourth. Mets ace Jacob DeGrom isn’t even on the list.

Is there an East Coast bias? Maybe so, but Ryu certainly didn’t do himself any favors with his late season slump. 

Ryu will pitch his final start of the regular season and his final chance to make a statement on why he should win the Cy Young on Saturday against the Giants. 


  1. ERA: Ryu Win (2.32 vs 2.43)

    Wins: Ryu Win (14 vs 11)

    Strikeouts: DeGrom win (255 vs 163)

    Whip: DeGrom win (1.01 vs 0.97)

    Innings: DeGrom win (204 vs 108.2)

    Walk per game: Ryu win (1.18(MLB top) vs 1.94(MLB rank 8))

    K/BB: Ryu win (6.79 vs 5.80)

    Homerun per game: Ryu win (0.8376 vs 0.8382)

    Quality start: DeGrom win (23 vs 22)

    ERA against the strong teams (+50% winning rate): Rye win (2.29 vs 3.81)

    7 innings no score game: Ryu win (10 vs 6)

    Quality start: De grom Win (23-22)

    Dodgers win 20 lost 9 when Ryu started,

    Mets win 14 lost 18 when DeGrom started

    Ryu pitched at Coors field twice (ERA 6.3!)

    DeGrom never pitched at Coors field.

    Ryu won over many different teams

    DeGrom got 5 wins against Marlins which was the worst team.

    Look at the statics above… If Kershaw did what Ryu did, there is no debate about Cy-Young.. Ryu should win Cy-Young. Let’s be fair.

  2. East Coast Bias says it all. True in MLB… and NHL, NFL, NBA, too. Too bad that they can’t stay up past their bedtime to see real games played by some of the best in their games. Maybe we need league offices on the West Coast, and NOT on the East Coast (least coast?).

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