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Dodgers: Dave Roberts Sets Off Padres Fans With Comment on Giants Rivalry

Dodgers fans have become all too familiar with the rivalry debate. All offseason long, it seemed like every media outlet in the country was hoping to make the San Diego rivalry a thing. And fans in Los Angeles (and San Francisco) could only laugh at it. 

But with the Dodgers playing the Giants this weekend, the focus is back on the true rivalry. The 2 teams that have been playing each other for over 100 years went toe-to-toe for the first time this season. And this weekend, it’s with first place on the line.

After the game, Dodgers manager Dave Roberts inadvertently set off Padres fans when talking about the atmosphere of the game. With just over 12,000 fans in attendance, Doc felt like this was a playoff game and a true rivalry. 

It felt great. I think that this is really the first time going on the road and almost having a capacity stadium — obviously the rivalry and ‘Beat LA’ and ‘Let’s go Dodgers.’ It just felt like a real rivalry game and we haven’t had that in quite some time. It was fun.

That part about a real rivalry seemed to set off some Padres fans on Twitter late Friday night. Dozens could be seen going after the Dodgers manager’s comments, and it was great to watch for fans in Los Angeles. 

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Doc probably didn’t mean it as a slight to the Padres, but it’s still fun to imagine he did. The Dodgers, Padres, and Giants are all in a fight for first place right now and all within a game. So while we may not call it a rivalry, it should be a lot of fun. 

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  1. I lived in San Diego. Padres fans hate the Dodgers far more than Dodger fans hate the Padres. Beat L.A. is heard across America. The Dodgers and the Giants are a legendary rivalry!!!

    1. And interesting to note is Padres conduct their off season operations SOLEY on the Dodgers and what they’re doing on and off the field. Padres don’t seem to realize that there’s a whole NL to worry about and prep for.

    2. Envy……..pure envy. Yes, there is a reason no one chants “Beat Miami” or “Beat Phoenix.”

  2. Well, the Giants won three World Series between 2010 and 2014, and beat the Dodgers while doing it. Then the Dodgers reeled off 8 division titles in a row while winning the World Series last year.

    The Padres? All they did was make a few trades and sign a couple free agents. That does NOT make a rivalry.

    Beat the Dodgers in the playoffs, and maybe get that World Series ring, then (maybe) its the START of a rivalry. Right now, its just little brother posturing!!

  3. Its funny how the Padres are trying sooo hard to say we have a “rivalry”. They seem to be forcing the issue. Maybe someday but it seems to me its all about the money lol.

  4. As a Dodgers fan, nothing is more satisfactory to me than to quash the “Beat LA” chant by being ahead during the game and winning. The Giants are playing good ball right now, but this is a long season. Hope we can take the series and change the overrated premature narrative that the Giants are going to take the NL West. I continue to be more concerned about the Padres giving us the most challenge.

  5. Typical of them to even be paying that close of attention to post game comments from a game their team wasn’t even involved in

    1. True…just wishful thinking on their part. Win some series,divisions, and pennants for the next 20yrs and then maybe you can earn the respect as a rival. But until that happens just keep spending to keep up w/ the “Joneses”.

  6. Having been born and raised in SD, I was brought up on the “rivalry”. After learning the history of the game as an adult, I came to understand the Giants vs. Dodgers was the real rivalry in the division and one of the longest in baseball. That’s totally o.k. It should be that way. All the new fans (and long time fans who don’t know their history) need to get this point. We care about the Dodgers a lot more than they care about us. But that’s o.k.

    Speaking of history, let’s not forget that Roberts has history with all three organizations and sees it from a totally different perspective. He may not have meant it as a direct snub to the Pads but, I think, there was a bit of a dig there. That’s o.k. too. After all, not too long ago, the SD organization passed him over for manager. His ego may be a bit bruised. Who’s knows?

    What we do know is the Padres have built something that should compete for many years to come. The rivalry is brewing on their end. They’re talking about us. We’re a threat and they know it. If LA wants to win WS games, they will have to go through SD. I don’t care who we beat, as long as we win. If the Dodgers want to finish in second place, while beating the Giants more than they lose to them, fine by me. Don’t call me your rival.

    If we aren’t yet, we will be rivals for years to come. It’s undeniable, regardless of what is said in press conferences.

    1. The Padres have to go through the dodgers not the other way around, until SD wins a pennant. It was the same thing in the early part of last decade, teams had to go through the cardinals and giants and until they did they weren’t the team to beat

      1. For sure. Point taken. No educated Padre fan will dispute the Dodger’s franchise. You can’t. It’s compelling and rich (nod to Anchorman). Rings, pennants, etc. It’s historic. My point is, even though you have a historic rivalry with SF, and the Pads are a blip on the radar, you know you want to beat us more than you want to beat…say the Rockies. So, there’s a bit of something there.

        The media is making it more than it is but, Roberts knows. He want’s to crush the Padres. He won’t admit it but he does. It’s all good though. It’s great for baseball going forward. Young fans outside of your franchises don’t give two rips about the history of the LA/SF rivalry. They want a reason to watch baseball. If that means a new rivalry is born, so be it. History isn’t always fun. Made up drama, or rivalries are. This should be fun for years to come. Stay Classy.

        1. Yeah…..just finish watching the Dodgers beat the Giants. That’s like twin brother beating twin brother w/ GM vs. GM, mngr. vs mngr., old time vets. vs old time vets., and former players facing each other in pitcher/ batter duels. That is what a rivalry game should be like, and that was fun!

  7. Trying too hard to create a rivalry is like giving yourself a nickname. Right, T-bone?

    1. T-BONE that’s what I want to be called.
      You are a KOKO.


  8. Interestingly, Duane Kuiper (longtime Giants broadcaster) said Friday morning that “the Dodgers were coming to town to put the Giants in their place”.

    So far, so good…

  9. Enjoy your rivalry for second place.

    Sincerely, 1st place Padres

    (don’t worry, I know you won’t post this)

  10. They Seem To Think They Can Just Spend A Bunch Of Money On High Priced Players And That’s All It Takes. No It Also Takes Team Chemistry And Experience To Win 8 Consecutive NL West Crowns NL Penants And Multiple World Series Appearences 1 Win Cheated Out Of 1 Out Of 3.

  11. A rivalry can only exist where each party fears the other. Note that I didn’t say ‘where each party hates the other.’ There’s a saying, ‘Every hate hides a fear.’ Hatred provides the fuel for attack when the ‘fight-flight’ response is triggered. But it is fear that triggers the response to begin with.

    The Dodgers fear the Giants because they know the Giants are capable of defeating them. The Giants fear the Dodgers for the same reason. The Dodgers do not fear the Padres because they don’t see the Padres as a serious threat, and they never have. You can’t have a one-sided rivalry, so as much as the Padres may want a rivalry with the Dodgers; perhaps to legitimize themselves as a team to be taken seriously, they aren’t going to get one with the Dodgers anytime soon.


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