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Dodgers: Dave Roberts Slams Haters For Calling LA Failures

How crazy is it that the Dodgers could potentially be a 104+ win team and still have to play in the Wild Card game while other teams such as the Braves can sneak in at just 85 wins for winning their division. The format for the playoffs has to change moving forward, and hopefully it will with the new CBA negotiations coming. 

Furthermore, if the Dodgers do end up having to head to the 1-game play-in round, that means that their 8 straight NL West Division titles will end there. That hasn’t made a lot of people happy as there has been some criticism against the team for failing to win it once again. However, Dave Roberts had some strong words for those who label the Dodgers season a failure. 

“It’s the people that have never played at a high level that think they know what they don’t. That’s the noise that I’m proud of our guys that they don’t listen to because it’s again –  people who share that view are clueless and haven’t been in the grind to understand what it takes to win a 100 games in a Major League season.”

Roberts does have a point there. Fans get so invested in the game and the team’s success that it’s easy to forget the work and other factors that go into how a season plays out. The Dodgers have accomplished a lot this season, including their third 100+ win season in the last 5 years. They also played through endless injuries with many of their stars out on the sidelines for long stretches of time and still are one of the best teams in the league.

Win or lose the division, that isn’t the ultimate goal for this team.

“Once we get through the regular season, however it plays out, the goal is to start a new season in the postseason and win one game at a time to ultimately hoist that trophy up once again.”

Records don’t mean much in the postseason besides where games are played. It all comes down to who can get the job done on the games biggest stage. For Los Angeles, they’re no strangers to the bright lights and if it takes losing their division streak to fire up this team to win another World Series, it may be all worth it. 

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  1. Roberts is just upset at everyone who gets mad at him because he insists on playing his son Bellinger no matter what. I had a coach like that in little league once. BTW Bellinger was struck out 3 times last nite. Just a bit if bad luck I guess.

    1. Yea, Bellinger is his son, just like Jansen was his son, Lux was his son, Pollock was his son …. all these guys should have been permanently benched because they went thru rough periods in their career. Roberts navigated this team just fine through a season of unending injuries and the Bauer situation, they seem to be peaking at exactly the right time. Give the guy some credit for great results instead of whining because you don’t agree with his every move.

  2. Congratulations to Dave Roberts and the Dodgers for success in an unforgettably historic season. Historic because expectations going in to the season were that it would be a cakewalk for this powerful team to march into the postseason with well over 100 wins.

    Why? Because they started the season with Trevor Bauer, last year’s Cy Young winner. They had Dustin May ready as an everyday starter and with his being brightest star of the future. They had World Series MVP Corey Seager poised for his best season yet.

    What happened? Bauer imploded in his second month, embroiled in a sexual legal issue that kept him out the entire remainder of the season and probably going forward. Corey Seager was on the IL for about half the season. Dustin May crashed on May 1st and would be out for the rest of the season with TJ surgery. And no one had expected Bellinger to be out for long periods with various IL issues from which he would not emerge.

    So, how in the world could they be expected to still win over 100 games? Well, they believed they could, anyway. They acquired Scherzer with a special note that he wouldn’t be the pitcher he had been in years far removed from today. And to boot, the Nats threw in Trea Turner, last year’s batting champ. And, they got them both for prospects Gray and Ruiz? Wow.

    And don’t forget about the Angel’s throw-away, Tio Albert. Did anyone expect that he would perform as well as he did in clutch situations, and become a leader in the clubhouse?

    This has been an amazing year for the Dodgers. And, although we might have thought we could have managed some situations ourselves better than Roberts, the players and front office knew otherwise. And, Roberts deserves the credit for keeping it all together, despite as much adversity as he has had to contend with.

    The Giants may be touted as this year’s Cinderella team. But, not to the Dodgers fanbase. We know that the real Cinderellas are the Dodgers.

    1. They have the “best talent on paper” for the batters – that’s why. And Roberts made a lot of errors with his lineup, and he did not manage “little ball” when it mattered most. If they hadn’t lost so many extra-inning games, they would not be in the position they are today – or lost to so many .500+ teams, either. Forget the injury junk about May and the Bauer situation – they still had one of the best lineup of pitchers throughout the season. And they would have finished the season a distant second to SF if it were not for Scherzer and T. Turner so Roberts should consider himself lucky and not blame the fans for being upset with him. When fans have to pay the prices for tickets and concessions at Dodger Stadium, the highest in the league, they should expect better management.

      1. I could have not said it any better. The Dodgers have resources that other teams dream of. What makes Roberts good is a all-star lineup and the best pitching staff in baseball.

  3. If Roberts only wants people who have played at the highest level of baseball to comment about the team, I think he is losing it. Fans pay the money for seats, subscriptions, drinks and food, etc. Sure it has been a tough year for the Dodgers with all the injuries, crazy Roberts Russian Roulette Lineups, and some players performing below their paper potential. Winning over 100 games was amazing for the team, give those circumstances. The problem with Roberts is that he can’t see that his juggling of the lineup, playing Bellinger all year (when he was healthy) and watching him clinch the lowest batting average in the majors championship early, and still insist that he was getting better. The problem is that the fans know this team could actually have done better.

      1. So true, Bonehead Roberts has cost this team several wins with his stupid lineups and playing people that should be benched. We will see how far we get “through” October, this team seems to be able to win in spite of this guy !

  4. Nice rant DR. I guess you’re looking to alienate fans for no reason. Is that a smart move?

  5. Yes, I too was gobsmacked by Roberts playing Bellinger yet again over Luz, Taylor, and Beaty. There is simply NO statistical justification for this. Roberts stubbornly playing Bellinger surely has cost a game or two since July, when it was already obvious that Belli was lost at the plate. In other words, the decision has cost the division and may end up costing the season if we lose to STL in the WC.

    1. The Dodgers had the best 2nd half record after the All-Star break. Is it his fault the Giants were just as good? In any other year, they would have led the 2nd place team by at least 8 games. Roberts has had some shady coaching years, but not 2021

  6. Maybe he’ll learn the importance of sweeping a series instead of just winning a series. Deciding to rest half your lineup when you have won the first 2 of 3 isn’t wise, especially when San Francisco keeps winning. I think he under estimated the Giants, just like everyone else. And yes Dave, it is disappointing that you may have to play the Cardinals in a single elimination game. Anything can happen.

  7. Adam, stop writing cr*p like this. The ream is much better than their current record. Roberts the Clown’s inepitude has held us back and he is the main reason we did not easily win the division. We are constantly having to oversome his lack of any management skills to win. He is angry because we know how stupid he is and he knows how stupid he his.

  8. When a team loses a game, or in the case of the Dodgers, a lot of games they could have or should have won, I have always despised the “It’s only one game and it’s a long season” rationale and excuse – which Roberts uses a lot. Had the Dodgers had some better managerial decisions, they would not be in the position they are today – one game behind with one game to play. Should they not win the Division and lose in the Wild Card game, that “one game” excuse will sting a whole lot this year.

  9. It is a sad state of affairs when Dodgers fans can criticize the team and the manager for winning 105 games. As much as we hate to admit it (as Dodger fans), the Giants have had a great season and we have stayed right on their tail. As a Dodger fan of more than 60 years, I am very proud of what this team has accomplished in a difficult season for them, and we are in the playoffs (if not tied for the division lead). Real Dodger fans understand what it takes to win over 100 games in a season and are proud of the team. All the critics need to learn some respect for the team as we are in a position to win it all almost every year. Go Dodgers!

    1. As a fan since 1968, I can say that before the season ALL the guys who HAVE played in the majors, all the analysts that have covered MLB for decades, and almost all the MLB executives from around the league predicted the Dodgers could win 120 games! Go back and look it up!

      Roberts is trying to deflect the fact that he has been exposed as a sub-par manager! Without Zaidi, and the benefit of a 60-game season, he has struggled managerially. Meanwhile, Zaidi’s Giants completely out-performed every expectation. So, it was Zaidi who guided the Dodgers prior to 2020. And, it was Roberts who flailed with the greatest lineup and roster in MLB history. Roberts too often out-smarts himself, and those 5-10 losses are what we are all mad about. We shouldn’t even be talking about “wild card” at all………!

      1. I loved Lasorda – a manager who managed the “old fashioned way”, i.e., by gut instinct. The statistic-loving Roberts proves that managing that way only leads to under-achievement. For those not criticizing him in this thread, when you have the highest payroll and “best talent on paper” to be chasing the Giants all season long is not what fans deserve. The goal is to wine the World Series – right? This team is on the verge of not even making it past the WC because of Roberts, nothing else including the “injuries” excuse because a lot of teams have won the WS dealing with season-long injuries.

        1. RichardH To start with, the Giants haven’t done sh#t for the last 4 or 5 years. If it wasn’t for Giants playing over their heads, the Dodgers would have taken the west with at least 110 victories. And maybe more if they had not had a dismal record in Extras and 1-run games. Two games that were blown by Jansen to the Giants and one by the umpiring. The non-existent batting in some of the losses. Their failure to sweep Rockies in last 2 series, all this would give any manager headaches. I don’t blame Roberts for all these failures. I’m very proud they lost the west by only one game and 106 games won to boot. About Lasorda, what was his reaction for pitching Nedenfuer? Or Kingman hitting 3 homers at Dodger Stadium?

          1. You are missing the point most of us are bringing up here. No one is blaming the players – we are blaming Roberts and you are ignoring the facts: Huge payroll, star-studded lineup, best pitching rotation in the NL, a myriad of player options, etc, etc. A competent manager would have played little ball in all those extra-inning games they lost, he would not have experimented in critical parts of the season with under-achieving minor-league players, he would not have kept playing a .160 hitter every game, he would not remove a starting pitcher on a roll just because he was near 90 pitches, etc, etc, etc. And the Giants have done nothing the last 5 years? They missed the playoffs last year by one game and have had one of the worst lineups during that period as well. Thena all of sudden Zaida comes to their rescue and …POOF…. like magic they turn into a great team.Lasorda didn’t have the lineup the Dodgers do now, nor the flexibility that Roberts has, so with the hand he was always given, he did a fantastic job. I rest my case. Roberts has to go.

      2. Well if the NL had a DH, that might have saved Roberts from himself from having to struggle with in game management and decisions. Again, I have more issues with this Wild Card format and that’s because we could see a team with 85 + wins advance while a team with 100+ wins might see their season end after a do or die game.

      3. And they also said that the gnats would go 76-86. So a lot they know. Farhan Zaidi hasn’t been with the Dodgers in 3 years. He didn’t “guide the Dodgers” He was the GM. You’re comparing a manager to a GM, makes no sense. Just how is a 60 game season a benefit when every team played 60 games. If they have “the greatest lineup and roster in history” then they would’ve won 117 games. Which games did Roberts outsmart himself? Roberts doesn’t hit, throw or field players do. They are most responsible for what happens on the field not the manager. You may have been a fan since 1968 but you haven’t learned much about baseball.

    2. Congrats on being the only real Dodger fan. It must get lonely at the top. But unless you played ball at the major league level, DR doesn’t care what you think. Hey, that’s what he said.

    3. I respect the team. Roberts not so much. If not for Roberts screwball lineups, managing the bullpen and other managing mistakes we would be 10 games ahead of the Giants and celebrating the season instead of scrambling for the playoffs. His continued use of Beli and resting players sometimes 3 or 4 at a time is ridiculous. With the money these guys are making playing a boy’s game for 2-3 hrs a day while sitting on the bench half the time every game should be played like its the World Series.

      1. lol. You have zero idea what you’re talking about. Seriously. The Dodgers have the best bullpen in the majors. How did he manage that if he doesn’t know what he’s doing?

        The lineups are set by Friedman and his team of 100 baseball analytic nerds. Dave has final say… and honestly, I don’t think he deviates from the analytic advice almost ever. At least that’s what people in the organization have said.

        But hey, I’m sure you know more than all of those people. lol

        1. Show me where any analytics says you should start a player hitting .160 much less have him batting cleanup for several games and when that didn’t work out, put him at leadoff? Dave probably does have the final say and it shows that he is a complete moron and with his latest comments that he is completely clueless as well.

          1. Dodgerglenn, that’s my main issue here as far as Roberts keeping Bellinger in the starting lineups as long as he has and it did cost Dodgers run scoring chances throughout the year. Nobody including me expected the 2019 1st half of Bellinger after shoulder surgery. But we

          2. I meant to conclude that none of us expected Bellinger would struggle this badly after shoulder surgery and those other ailments he had. He should not have remained in the starting lineup as much as he has been.

        2. John, Freidman has gone on record addressing the media that he DOES NOT dictate lineups to Roberts, but only shares input. But he said the lineups are Roberts to make that final call as to who plays and who sits.

          1. Paul, agree that uncle Dave’s insistence on placing Bellinger in the lineup has cost quite a few games. Numerous games with RISP and several with bases loaded where Bellinger ended the inning. That as well as other managerial blunders have forced us to play catch up all year. Perhaps if we had pressed hard earlier in the season as well as mid season, we would have been in a position to coast a bit in the final weeks allowing our players to rest as in previous years. Now, we were forced to play our “A”player in the hope of catching the giants and in today’s game that resulted in Muncy getting injured. Hopefully he will be ready for the WC game but I, like you, believe our off season will begin Oct 7. Oh, if Max (and I sure hope he can play) will be unable to play Wed, I bet Uncle Dave will find a way to start Cody.

    4. Agreed. The giants tied a franchise record in wins this season. They played way above expectation and somehow maintained it. Nearly everyone on that team had career years, and all the same time. It’s beyond lucky, but it is what is it.

      Dave couldn’t say anything more true when he said this – “It’s the people that have never played at a high level that think they know what they don’t.”

      You’ll find a lot of that kind of commentary on this site, reddit, etc.. a lot of people who have never even played high school baseball that think they know more than an entire team of 100 baseball analytics guys, and over 150+ people in an organization that have done this all their life. It’s funny to read sometimes, but also disheartening that people can’t be real fans and actually support the team they say they like. Nope… gotta be haters.

      1. This site here is about 95% haters with little knowledge of baseball. Oh they may be Dodger fans from the 50s or 60s or less, but they constantly open their mouth and remove all doubt that they just don’t have a clue. Doc is Manager of the year as far as I am concerned. No team had most of their pitchers and hitters on the IL this year like the Dodgers did. Nobody! Throw in the Bauer mess and this could have capsized easily. Dodgers to win WC and then win the NLDS, NLCS and World Series – for Kersh and Max Muncy!! That’s a team.

        1. Couldn’t agree more Joe. I invite all the DR bashers to name me one manager with more than 3 WS appearances over the last 5 years. Ok, I’ll wait….oh ya that’s because there aren’t any!

    5. I agree to a point, but I to have been a fan for damn near 70 years and yes this was a difficult season, but this team has won and continues to win not because of Roberts but in spite of Roberts. Roberts is inept and will always be inept as a manger. There have been many instances where he cleared his bench early in games because God forbid that a left handed hitter couldn’t possibly match up well against a left handed pitcher. Joc Pederson ring any bells or Belli earlier in his career. Hindsight is always 20/20 but I personally can’t imagine with the lineup we have and a manager who had a clue the Dodgers would have lost 15 out of 20 games. The constant crap coming from Roberts was that it was early and they had plenty of time to catch either the Giants or Padres. If they had only played 500 baseball they would have already clinched the pennant. Every time he struts out to the mound to make a pitching change, I feel like throwing something at my television screen. He is arrogant and self centered and will never shoulder the blame for his inadequacy as a manager. I will end this by saying that i will never give up hope nor will I ever stop believing that this team is going to be the last team standing at the end. GO BLUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        1. bj, I am not criticizing the pitching staff, I am criticizing the manager. Over his tenure he has made some bone head moves with the pitching staff. If we had a manager who actually managed, we would have won more than enough to win the division and would not have to deal with the reality that we are facing a one and done after a 106 win season. If this team loses on Wednesday the FO really needs to take a hard look at keeping Roberts in the dugout.

          1. Right on every point ya make here!!! Harry, it’s basically my thoughts as well concerning how he often times mis managed lineups and in game decisions. If he hadn’t we very well could have won that division. But it will be an interesting off season to say the least should Dodgers lose on Wednesday.

  10. COULD NOT AGREE MORE DAVE. And you have some haters right in here on the daily, and they have zero idea what they are talking about. zero.

    1. John, we don’t hate the team just the manager that has put us in a position which we should not be.

      1. Bellinger struck out 3 more times last night and honestly I can’t say he has shown much improvement at this point and what many of us here are saying that now is not the time to be having a .160 hitter in the lineup just for his defense. Sure, Dodgers won in spite of Bellinger but he should have never started the game except for being a late inning defensive move.

    2. Sounds like you think Biden is dong a great job, too. Enjoy showing your vaccination card requirement, courtesy of the L.A. Public Health Department at the gate on Wednesday.

    3. And that includes you. Dave has the final say so if he doesn’t deviate whose fault is it. Are you saying resting half of your starters at a time is good idea. It’s a $275+ that is the reason the dodgers did so well in winning so many games in spite of Roberts.

  11. I assume that Gabe Kapler has made some rather “unusual” decisions this season but I have my doubts that he has made as many as Roberts.

  12. Winning 100 games in this western division is pretty easy as the dodgers have shown for the past 9 years. How do you think they would do playing one half of their games in a division with Boston, yanks, Tampa or even toronto? Now they are z 85 win season. The only way you fix this screwed up schedule is a balanced schedule.

  13. Look back at the game when the last 4 hitters were hitting 170 or less! That’s the game that bit us on the rear end! Wish we had that game back!

    1. And it also gave the cardinals a shot of life and look what they did with it. Roberts is also responsible for having to play them now

  14. WOW I don’t belive it.. no hates the Didgers.. they hate roberts and his bonehead decsions he lost at least 5 games with stupid moves… he is just trying tio hide his ineptness..nothing more… the division would be won already ..with a smarter manger..I hope they can him after season

  15. Dave, your track record speaks for itself. EIGHT division titles, 3 World Series appearances, Two cheaters and another great season only marred by the “CHECK SWING GAME.” You see, if the umpires get it right, THE DODGERS ARE UP ONE GAME WITH ONE TO GO! Naysayers, lay down before you hurt yourself.

  16. For the Dodgers or any team with 100+ wins, they should not have to be relegated to a do or die wild card game and have their whole season come down to this one and done game. The one I hate is Manfred because he let those Astro players off Scott free after that cheating scandal. He also should have been open to having fixed this playoff and especially wild card format a long time ago. And because of him, some teams win a division with 85 wins while teams with 100+ wins have to settle for a 1 game wild card to decide their fate. So I am hoping in the next CBA MLB fixes this format and comes up with ways to change the rules as far as defensive shifts are concerned. No way should a 3rd baseman or any other infielder be allowed to play in the middle of the outfield, like when Machado shifts there against most good LHB.

    1. Only missed 3 games this year. Kenley had Ruff struck out. Even the Giants announcers acknowledged that. Cost us 2 games in the standings. And I hear you, but there is so much behind the scenes that we don’t know that can cause questionable decisions at face value. Also factor how many injuries we had this year, the list is long! And still, we should have the best record in baseball by at least one game.

      1. Yes it was a bad call but bad calls happen and are part of the game. Indeed the team suffered not only a lot of injuries but injuries to key people for extended periods and managed to keep it together. That said, I call your attention to Sep 9th against St Louis. With Pollock having just gone on IL, Roberts plays Betts at 2B. he then sits Seager, Taylor, and Smith in favor of Sousa Jr, McKinney, and Barnes. And it’s a BP game. The team mustered 4 hits and 2 BB – all by the first 4 hitters in the lineup – and lost 2 – 1. I knew and said then they wouldn’t catch the Giants and that this game would likely be difference because it was an utterly unforced error and these things always come back to bite you.
        But hey a new season starts tomorrow and the Dodgers have every opportunity to win it all again.

  17. Roberts is winning . I don’t like some of his moves and you can be a high school coach or American Legion coach and see the mistakes but he sticks by his players and they play hard for him. My opinion is his shoulder is not fully healed so I see his reason to stick with Bellinger . I think it is worth it . Roberts is in the dugout and he played the game . He does know better than any of us. I will give him a pass . He’ll look at his record . I m sure these guys complaining would not like someone second guessing their jobs .

  18. It’s great what they’ve accomplished considering everything but it needs to be noted that there was that one series at the end of July against SF where we should’ve won 3out of 4 instead of losing 3 of 4. Blown games because of his belief in a struggling Jansen at that time, and a stupid defensive positioning with the game on the line. Anyone remember Neuse in the shortstop area?

    1. Don, no way should Roberts have Bellinger in the starting lineup with his .160 BA and even though Dodgers won last night, Bellinger struck out 3 more times. I’m fine with Bellinger being on the PS roster BUT ONLY AS A LATE INNING DEFENSE move. That’s what I believe has most fans talking about as far as lineups go. We have already talked about decisions made during the season that cost the team games.

      1. Unfortunately, Taylor is struggling as well…. perhaps Lux is the answer. I’m sure Doc will look at the numbers from past matchups and go from there.

      1. Jansen absolutely struck out Ruf, but it is what it is. So now, the Dodgers must move forward by winning the WC game and getting an opportunity to end the Giants’ postseason. That, my fellow Dodgers fans, would be poetic justice.

  19. At the end of the day, think about it. We should have the best record in baseball by at least one game. Kenley had Ruff struck out, everyone, including Giants fan knows this. And yet bashers show up with 105 wins? Articles written about trades before the season ends? Are you f n serious? Focus should be on beating the Brew Crew today and hoping the Pads can find a way. Anything short of supporting our guys is beyond me. Go Dodgers!

  20. “Roberts Slams Haters For Calling LA Failures….”

    May 27th-30th, 3 out of 4 losses vs Gnats
    July 19th-22nd, 3 out of 4 losses vs Gnats
    July 27th-29th, 2 out of 3 losses vs Gnats
    Sept 3rd-5th, 2 out of 3 losses vs Gnats
    And in-between/for good measure against the Marlins, 3 out of 4 losses.

    I don’t solely place it on the team it self, BUT, either the Gnats pulled a Houstin and whenever they saw, a flash, flash, they decided, to swing, swing. OR call it as, how I see it, “Roberts is a failure.”

  21. You guys are all coocoo for coco puffs. All DR has done is won 5 straight division titles, 3 WS appearances with 1 title (so far, probably 2 after this post season). Give the guy a break. Nobody is perfect for gosh sakes. I don’t agree with everything he does but overall pretty tough to argue with his record.

  22. Imo DR is an excellent manager in terms of rapport with his players (with possible exception of Matt Beaty who was unfairly demoted) however as an in game tactician I think there are a significant number of his decisions where most Dodgers fans justifiably say “SMH” Also no one is saying the season is a failure but it is not a resounding success either – bottomline is we finished in second place – it’s like the NFL team has great stats for total yardage and time of possession but ends up losing the game

    1. Just because we didn’t win the stupid division doesn’t mean we can’t win the WS. Giants won the 2014 WS from the Wild Card as did the 2019 Nats behind Mad Max! And we are damn lucky to have him going to the hill Wednesday!

  23. Roberts has a point. However, had he not been so stubborn and not played Bellinger as much as he did, we would have won 3-5 games more than we did. Belli cost us at least 3 games with his 0-4’s and rally killings. I’m not saying that a replacement (Beatty, Lux or anyone else capable of hitting at a better clip than .160) would have always produced. I’m saying that over the 95 games he did play in, a replacement in a few of those games would have contributed more than Belli and we could have won at least 3-5 more games IMO.

  24. Did you ever think all this DR hatred might be affecting our karma? It would be fairly easy to blame our injuries on negative karma from fans.

  25. The anger is just silly. Is it really inconceivable that other teams can play as well as ours? That is baseball…anything can happen. Granted, its a shame The Dodgers could not beat on the Giants when they had the opportunity, but considering the season with nonstop injuries and yet 106 wins? Bravo Dodgers!!! 9 MORE!!!

    1. Francine, while I share your positivity (which is a breath of fresh air btw), we need 12 more wins to win the WS again 😉

  26. So I am a Dodger for life! Great season, going to be rough to repeat. But I remember sitting in Cincy a few weeks ago and questioning their coach and I do it for Roberts also. But hats off to a manager that wins a 100 games and does it with 3 healthy pitchers all year. A questionable closer that cannot pitch every day and a all hitters that played below expectations except T. Turner and C. Taylor before the all star break.

    Now to the post-season, I hope that Scherzer figures it out, I hope that Urias stays hot and I hope that Walker becomes the ace we need. I hope that Corey is the MVP again and Justin just is Justin in the playoffs. I sure hope that Max isn’t out the entire post-season that sucks! Trea is going to be a huge help and I hope that Taylor finds it again!

    Let’s go Blue

  27. Fact: The Dodgers 2021 payroll is $223M, which is the highest, the SF Giants have a payroll of $144M, which is 13th, and Tampa Bay has a payroll of $73M.

    Observation: a great way to alienate the fanbase is to fall back on the “if you did not play MLB, then you don’t know and aren’t entitled to express a view”. Using that logic, the only people that should watch and pay money to see games should be alumn of the MLB; imagine what the payrolls would be then.

    1. Danny, you failed to mention the New York Yankees payroll. An oversight? Last WS appearance 2009. Nuf sed. Go Dodgers.

  28. It would be disingenuous of me to congratulate the Giants for taking the Division (by 1 game on the last day of the regular season), and I won’t. With this being said, I think that it is reasonable to assert that “the experts” should (and usually do) have more knowledge and skill than your “average” lay person, regardless of profession or trade. However, experts have varying opinions and perspectives; and, they are not infallible. Although expertise is beneficial it is not always a requirement, specifically when the matter neccessitates the use of common sense and basic logic to form a reasonable belief, opinion or thought. I am not a professional baseball player nor have I any formal expertise, but I am a lifelong fan of baseball and I have love for the Dodgers. Moreover, I enjoy exercising my right to free speech which includes occasional criticism.

    The fact remains that The Dodgers did not lose the Division to the “wannabe Dodgers of the Bay Area” because the Padres handed the Giants the game yesterday nor did the Dodgers lose the Division because Ruf’s strike was called a ball by an umpire in desperate need of an ophthalmologist or optician nor did The Dodgers lose the Division because the Giants are experiencing an unprecedented (and truly unbelievable) regular season that includes a synchronous resurgence of power hitting by their veteran players. Nope, the Dodgers lost the Division because of a myriad of internal factors that sometimes include, but are not limited to, poor decision making at the most inopportune times. Still, we won 106 games this year and we can repeat winning the World Series. WC on Wednesday, so GO DODGERS!

    1. So true. Look back from 1988-2015 (Pre Roberts) and count the deep post season runs. I won’t take long, I’ll wait. Now do you really want to fire the guy?

    2. And yours would be the 1 that is not? Wake up dear and smell the roses. Everyone has a right to their own opinion.

      1. Yes everyone has a right to their opinion. That opinion can just as easily be wrong rather than right.

  29. Time to move on. The Dodgers would have taken the Division had it not been for Roberts’ endless supply of bad managing decisions. Plagued by them all season long, the Dodger players did perform as well as they could. The daily lineup changes along with position changes does not lead to player confidence. Nor diehard fan’s understandings. They can lay this season’s 2nd place in Robert’s lap. Eat it Dave and chew on it. Countless bad decisions, but if not for the diehard talent of these players they still ended up with this great record. Maybe Dave can get a clue before the Cards come to town. Then the DODGERS will embarrass the Giants once again on their own home turf. I can hardly wait for this showdown. Let’s go BLUE!

    1. Embarrassing the Giants on their home turf, and silencing the deafening ” Beat LA” chant would be such poetic justice. Let’s Go Dodgers!!!!

  30. Indeed everyone has the right to form and debate their opinion. That’s what makes this country great. We will lose that soon also. Anyway, it is important to keep an open mind to each opinion blah blah blah… So with that being said, the dodgers have been the most consistent high performing team for 5 years. As I have said time and time again, Dave Roberts has done nothing other than hinder their performance and hold them back from even grander accomplishments. This is the problem… Fans of any team would love and enjoy the success the Dodgers have had. As true fans of the game, us Dodger blue bloods can see how flawed his managing truly is. But because of his “success” (lack of I say), we are stuck with him. He turns true powerhouse Dodger teams into good teams. As many have said, 106 wins is absolutely great and a successful season regardless of the playoffs. I think not so much because that this deep Dodger team should have won 115 games. Yes true story. So you true dodger fans that are happy to win 106 good for you. The up and coming Brewers are looking for lenient fans to cheer them on.

    Robert’s overplayed analytical B.S. is beyond frustrating and his lack of killer instinct has been apparent for years. Small ball and aggressive base running are dead. Squeeze play anyone?? Worth 4 games in the win column already… Belli?? Love him. Jansen?? Love him too. But sorry guys. Gotta perform. He’s not a closer anymore… 5 more games in the win column. Yes I have counted…. Line up changes…? Resting players….? In the middle of 14 game hit streaks…? WTF! Aghhh

    In closing, shame on super Dave for saying we don’t know what it takes… Wow. Deflect deflect. He is the problem. I could have managed this year’s team to 98 wins. And yes I am serious. Sorry for rambling. Great week everyone!

  31. How soon you guys forget. DR did successfully play “small ball” in last year’s WS. Austin Barnes hit a HR and a squeeze play bunt in the same game! I marvel at all the DR bashers. He is only has the highest win percentage of any Dodger manager ever!

    1. On further research, In fact DR happens to sport the highest winning percentage of any manager in baseball history! Please go look it up for yourself. Then give me the name of his replacement. End this constant bashing of the winningest manager in history. The Dodgers are lucky to have him.

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