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Dodgers: Dave Roberts Speaks About the Loss Against Yankees

The Los Angeles Dodgers came into this series with the best record in the Major Leagues. The New York Yankees went into this series with the 2nd best record in the Major League, and the best record in the American Leagues. The Dodgers had Hyun-Jin Ryu on the mound tonight, and the Yankees had James Paxton on the mound.

Ryu struggled for his 2nd straight outing, giving up 9 H, 7 R, 3 HR, in 4.1 IP. The Dodgers offense put together 6 H, and 2 R, but the Yankees outmatched them in just about every way – they were ready to play, and the Dodgers were not, and the rest last night for the Yankees helped as well.

Following the loss, Dave Roberts spoke to the media.

Dave Roberts on the team’s performance:

“We haven’t had many games like this…we didn’t get many good swings off, all night long, so it’s one of those games that fortunately it only counts for 1 loss.”

Dave Roberts on Hyun-Jin Ryu struggling in back-to-back outings:

“Just not being sharp…the velocity is still there, it’s just the consistency of the command, so I don’t know if fatigue is apart of it, there’s still a lot of baseball left to play, but I think that right now, it’s just 2 starts that he wasn’t sharp.”

Dave on a tone being set in this series:

“Those guys came out and played well, they got a lead early, and swung the bats…I think it’s one of those things, you lose a battle, but hopefully, you win the war, as far as win the series, and we have to turn the page, it was an ugly one across the board.”

Roberts on if the atmosphere at the stadium was like a game in October:

“It was good, and the Yankees travel well, we’re very well represented at home…before the first pitch, you could feel the energy…we didn’t play to the way I would’ve liked to have seen, but it’s 1 game.”

The Dodgers will look to bounce back tomorrow with the youngster, Tony Gonsolin on the mound against the veteran, CC Sabathia.

Levon Satamian

My name is Levon Satamian. I am currently attending Cal State Northridge, and majoring in Broadcast Journalism.


  1. Ryu might have just lost the Cy Young Award tonight. Not only was this his worst loss of the season, those East Coast writers will refer to this game when they vote the Award, “if you can’t beat the Yankees, let alone getting hammered for 7 runs, 3 HRs, 1 grand slam, dude you don’t deserve the award.” This might have been the bad break of the year for Ryu; it’s ashamed after such an outstanding comeback year, now I’m not so confident Ryu can hold in the playoffs. Dodgers hitters looked lifeless too. Cody Bellinger went back to his old “trigger happy free swinging”, every pitch he wanted to hit a homerun. But I was glad to see the Dodgers get blown away by the Yankees tonight, it gave them something to think about, that they’re still very far from being a World Series contender, and that the Yankees are at a whole different level than the Dodgers.

    1. One other note I forgot to mention, while observing the Dodgers hitters tonight, they seemed more impatient than normal, a lot of first pitch swing and miss. Why didn’t they work the pitch count? What made the Dodgers such a tough team to beat in the past two playoffs was they had always worked the pitch count, especially the NLCS against the Cubs in 2017, where every hitters just grind out every pitch possible, frustrating the Cubs pitchers, after the series Joe Madden it was the way Dodgers hitters worked the pitch count that won the series for the Dodgers. Working pitch count had always been the key to Dodgers success, let’s hope they remember to implement the same tactic against the Yankees the next two games, and for the rest of the season and the playoffs.

    2. Hope this isn’t the start of another 10 game losing streak like last year. Roberts experimented the same way and ruined the continuity of the team trying to get several players back on track then. Plus…Going to go into playoffs with, well check Yimi and Kanley, No WS depending on those guys. The Dodgers are just the Braves 14 straight Division wins all over again and can’t get a WS win.

    3. Really? That’s your takeaway from a single game? The yankees just got their asses handed to them by the A’s and you think they’re “on a whole different level” than the team with the best starting rotation and record in all of baseball? Yikes.

  2. Somebody tell the teams that they are hard on the eyes with those stupid black and white uniforms. Who the heck thought that was a good idea? They looked like a bunch of hospital workers or something worse wearing sterile no personality uniforms.

    1. Great call Nik, yes definitely the uniforms were a very bad idea besides not playing well at all. I hope the Dodgers have some kind of answer this weekend especially at home or we are not ready at level.

  3. 5 home runs given up by Ryu the last two games. Not good. Ryu’s stuff will not play well against the Yankees if we make it to the World Series. Right handed pitching will help stop their powerful right handed lineup.Cody And Will looked lost at the plate . Hopefully we come out swinging today and forget about last night.

  4. Dodgers did not look good last nite, agreed! Almost as if the hype of playing the Yankees got in their collective heads. Especially Bellinger and Smith. Ryu had a bad outing, it happens, after the way he had been pitching all season long he has strung together back to back clunkers. That does not mean he can’t return to form next time he sees them as Matt suggested. It means he did not pitch well last night. For me, you can’t tie in anything more than that at this point. Paxton came as advertised and Ryu did not. Good pitching will dominate good hitting almost every time.Looks like the Yankees bought themselves a very good starter. Most of their starters stink.

  5. Ryu looks tired, real tired. I say let him miss a start.
    There was no bite or snap to his pitches, way too many cement mixers down the middle, and he had problems with Smith and pitch choices. Was there a game plan?

    LA hitters were generally a pathetic, nervous mess. They swung at ridiculously bad pitches over & over again. Paxton is good, but not that good. LA got a lot of fat pitches to hit but either over swung, or like deer in the headlights, froze.

    And who decided on those uniforms? They looked like a bunch of clowns out there. It was embarrassing.

  6. The Dodgers batting was poor the last two games before the Yankees. The ninth inning saved them. I regret going to the game last night and will not watch this weekend. The uniform are just to irritating and ugly. Just want this weekend to go away.

  7. I was hoping that the Dodgers weren’t going to hit a flat spot this weekend but it looks like it’s here. I know one game doesn’t make a series but Mike is right, the last two games, while exciting, shouldn’t be something to count on. Especially against a team like the Yankees. Yes, they were just swept by the As but they don’t have the second best record in baseball for nothing. Hopefully the rookie can pitch a great game and the offense can wake up to win tonight. One last thought, is it just me or do the Dodgers often play poorly when on national TV? Here’s to Sunday being different.

  8. Ouch….Last night was very tough to watch, especially if what we saw was a sign of what’s to come. And we cannot blame the Dodgers bull pen because the damage was done early on. Our starting pitcher definitely did not have his stuff and collectively we looked like “deer in headlights.” Dee Dee’s grand slam simply sealed our loss (as if all of the air was sucked out of our team.) Dodgers offense was practically non existent, swinging wildly at any, and every, thing. Meanwhile, Yankees came ready and gave a performance that we are still feeling today. I do not know if the Yankees starting pitcher was that good or we were simply that bad last night. Regardless, we need to ” show up” this afternoon and perform like the contenders the Dodgers are capable of being…no matter how tough it was to believe last night.

  9. another sign of the Dodgers not being ready to play… walk-over games and barely win most of them in their division……when it comes to AL, the Dodgers have and are not up to their level of play….totally outplayed ………and again, musical chairs doesn’t make the Dodgers a great team……demoralizes a player…..and the other team can read and react to what the Dodgers have or will do and dictate the game……walk muncy and throw bellinger junk and you’ll win games

  10. Nothing to say.. chalk another loss to bad management about Roberts 8 loss this year.. get rid of him!!

    1. Ken, last night showed the vulnerability of Dodgers against the better LHP. the fact that the lineup has to be somewhat made over every time a LHP faces them says it all. Also, last night the Dodger offense showed they will be no match for the Yankees or Astros with the display of pitching we saw as well.

  11. This ‘lefty’ lineup failed again, as they repeated what they were like all last year ,especially against LHP. And because Sabbathia is pitching today for the Yankees, look for the same type of lineup and similar results. I realize the game was lost byt the time we had to see the ludicrous Yimi again, and again he serves up another HR.. I know is out of options but he is no good at all even in blow out games.

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