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Dodgers: Dave Roberts Stresses the Need for Julio Urías to Pitch Well From the Start

Julio Urías once again had a rough start to the game in his outing for the Dodgers on Thursday. Like he has done so many times this year, Urías gave up runs in the 1st inning and fell behind early. But also like he has done all year, Urias rebounded and ended up pitching a pretty good game en route to their win. 

Urías came out and threw 26 pitches in the first inning. He allowed two runs to come across and the Rockies got up on the Dodgers almost immediately. What did he do after that? He retired 13 consecutive batters and left the game in the bottom of the 6th on a tie ballgame. The Dodgers would then pour on 7 runs in the following innings and take the win.

But the issue of the 1st inning just highlights what has been a major issue for Julio in 2020. In his first inning of work this year, Urías owns a 9.00 ERA. After the first inning, that drops all the way off to just a 2.38 ERA. The Dodgers’ southpaw falling behind in the count and throwing a lot of pitches has been a big part of that.

But for Dodgers’ manager Dave Roberts, he sees a little bit more to the equation. 

We’ve gotta continue to talk through it and make adjustments. You saw the velocity sitting at 93 early and as he got into the game, the velocity started to tik up and the breaking ball had more depth to it. So we gotta keep working and Julio understands that too…like all of our pithers, he’s gotta be ready from the first pitch…I think it’s still the warmup or ramp up it whatever that is.

The Dodgers have several guys that could possibly be considered for a playoff start during this postseason. Tony Gonsoln has certainly made his case, as has Dustin May despite an injury. For Julio to get that shot, he would really have to clean up the first inning. 

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  1. Seriously have him pitch a sim inning earlier in the day. Start with the bases loaded and he can face Betts, Seager and Pollock. He gives up a few runs, then he’s good to pick up where he left off later in the day. 🙂

  2. So he gives up two runs in the first in j g. That gives theSodgers 8 or 9 at bats to recover. If he gives up two runs in relief in, say the 6th or 7th innings there is less time to recover. What does this suggest? If not a starter do not use at all unless you want to use him for either mop up or if a very big lead? Personally I like a starting four of Kershaw, Buehler, Gonzolin and May ( note the total absence of mention of Wood. Let’s see what he does tonite if he holds as starter or long relief to see sere he fits- if At all, in the mix

  3. Many aces through the years have had the saying get to him early or forget about it…
    It’s a common issue as a pitcher does not find his rhythm early or loosen up enough to get his velocity or good pitch movement.
    It’s usually all about changing their warm-up and lengthening it. But of course, if you do too much they cannot pitch deep into the game.
    Urias has been very good the rest of the games so there is that.
    I wonder if this is related to the shoulder surgery? Perhaps he has challenges getting loose? Scar tissue can be difficult to work through.

  4. Urias absolutely has to pitch well from the start because he will be in the bullpen in the postseason. One inning per game may be all he gets. The start and the finish are basically the same thing for releivers. Start warming up sooner? Have him throwing in the bullpen periodically, beginning with the 3rd inning? I don’t know. Slow starts are a luxury for starters, that just can’t happen for releivers. An Urias has been a solid postseason releiver the past two years.

  5. I don’t totally agree w the “opener” strategy but if Doc is going to use it why use Gaterol, a righthander, to open for May, a righthander, who has mo 1st inning issues.
    If any one needs an opener it is Urias. Use a righthanded reliever to open and then switch to Urias.
    Sure Doc could say that wouldn’t help Urias learn, but it’s almost the playoffs! Let him learn next year!

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