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Dodgers: Dave Roberts Surprised by Fans Wanting Him Fired

The Dodgers’ early exit from the 2019 postseason was unexpected, but it warranted imminent change to the roster. With the offseason looming, the Dodgers seem poised to make huge changes to their core and could be in the market to ship off star players in the coming months. However, they will exercise caution during the Winter Meetings and beyond.

In a recent interview with MLB Network Radio on Sirius XM, Dodgers manager Dave Roberts discussed the tough loss to the Washington Nationals in the NLDS and why the front office shouldn’t display an emotional response in its imminent roster shake-up.

Dave Roberts Remains Dodgers Manager

Dave Roberts was arguably the primary reason the Dodgers lost Game 5. His questionable decision-making with the usage of Clayton Kershaw and Joe Kelly, as well as the lack of usage of left-hander Adam Kolarek, allow fans to place a large amount of blame on him. With fans calling for his job, president of baseball operations Andrew Friedman told reporters he was staying put:

“He didn’t call me. I got wind of that presser and how he was taken aback by the questions. I appreciate that and I was a little surprised. I think for me, I am very fortunate and appreciative to Andrew [Friedman] and to Stan Kasten. We are not too emotional and I think that we would be doing ourselves and the organization a disservice to be so emotional. We believe in the people we have and we are going to continue to get better. It is certainly helpful that we don’t have a president who is over-reactionary to certain things that are out there…that noise.”

Roberts should definitely remain as the Dodgers’ manager considering the team’s regular season success and consistent postseason trips under his managerial decision-making. While it is questionable at times, his track record speaks for itself.

Daniel Preciado

My name is Daniel Preciado and I am 19 years old. I am a sophomore Sport Analytics major and Cognitive Science and Economics dual minor at Syracuse University. When I am not in New York, I live in Whittier, California --- not too far from Chavez Ravine. I am pretty old-school for being an analytics guy and I will always embrace debate. Also, Chase Utley did absolutely nothing wrong.


  1. “Roberts should definitely remain as the Dodgers’ manager considering the team’s regular season success and consistent postseason trips under his managerial decision-making. While it is questionable at times, his track record speaks for itself.“

    What good is it if in the playoffs he makes all the wrong moves and the players don’t perform? They need to take a look at who shows up in the playoffs and keep them and get rid of everyone else. Build a team of playoff winners with championship genes not just guys that say they want it but don’t have it in them. Then lose Roberts and replace him with someone with a track record of making good descions in the playoffs or atleast not ones that put his own team at an unnecessary disadvantage

    1. I agree with Manny. The front office keeps talking about Roberts’ “success during the regular season.” How many of those wins came at the expense of the hapless Giants, DBacks, Rockies, and Padres? Seriously. The Dodgers have cruised through the regular season three out of the past four years only to vapor lock in the postseason. And most of that lack of success in the playoffs/WS has been a result of poor tactical decisions in the heat of the moment. That reflects on the manager.

      How many world championship banners would be flying in Dodger Stadium right now if Bochy had been the manager the past four years? I’m no Giants fan but it was clear that Bochy functioned very well under pressure. The opposite can be said of the Roberts/Friedman/Honeycutt leadership group. How can anyone deny that?

      1. I honestly believe Bochy could’ve won with all 7 of these Guggenheim teams. From the weaker ones to the strongest ones of the last 3 years. In a short period we’d be at 13 titles in franchise history and at the top of the NL where I feel we belong after all those losses in the 40’s and 50’s

        1. I never thought much of Bochy. He lacks out of the box thinking and instinct. He managed by the book and Forrest Gumped his way into WS wins due to poor oppositional hitting. Each year they won under him they did everything they could to lose on the way there. Roberts on the other hand can be very instinctual and unconventional. While he’s gotten to the post season each year so far and to the WS twice, he is no Lasorda. Who is still the last Dodger manager to win a WS. Twice. Roberts unfortunately got sentimental or wanted to let Kershaw prop himself up but he went away from the best decision for the team by running Clayton out there after successfully getting 1 batter. He shouldn’t have been there in the first place, much less sent back out given his recent propensity for giving up home runs this season. Like Kershaw Roberts is a regular season manager. One of the best there is. But the post season is another animal as we all know from the past 7-10 years. Roberts nor Bochy would ever put a pitcher in the outfield for 1 batter just to bring him back in to face another hitter. THAT is managing…

        2. Agreed. Robert’s did the same thing with Darvish who looked like a dear on the headlights. Brought him back the following game. He thinks with emotion not brains in the postseason. Kershaw did his job, Kelly his. He went to the well to many times and pushed the envelope. Everyone knows you need Kolorek, everyone knows you sink or swim with Jansen and take that chance. Yes team didnt hit bit you were in position to win. Robert’s should go once giants hire their new mgr. Trouble is theres nobody really out there.

      2. I agree with everything you said except for including Honeycutt in that group. He is the reason the pitching staff year in and year out posts one of the best, if not the best, ERA in baseball. If any pitching coaches is to be blame, blame it on Prior. As a bullpen coach, he has the responsibility to get them ready physically and mentally for any situation during a game. The sad part is, he will be taking over for Honeycutt unproven. So he was a coach with the Padres for a couple of years. Wow big deal.

        1. Roberts not getting why says it all. I can see him losing WS 1 by not evaluating Darvish properly. But 17 and now 19 loses were about the wrong pitching changes. Roberts doesn’t even learn from his own mistakes. Too bad, because after all the disappointment and displeasure noted by maybe The players can’t say it but I am betting they feel he blew it too.

      3. The choice of Kershaw at that time is a decision I would make. If Dave had brought someone else in and they gave up the home runs, many of you would be saying, why didn’t he use Kershaw.

  2. The fact that Roberts is surprised that Fans want him fired says it all. He is out of touch and clueless. Nice guy, Bad manager.

  3. “His track record speaks for its self” Lmaooo ya my 5 year old cousin could have the same track record maybe even better with the talent he has

  4. The dodger team would have won all those games without Dave Roberts. It’s time for a change ….If not every Dodger fan will be saying the same thing next year…

  5. How the hell is Roberts surprised?!! Friedman: Replace Roberts. Look at our line up…Put any players in any position…and we would win the west. Are you kidding? We have the best offense any regular season team has seen. Roberts, unfortunately does not have the management skills to win in the post season – I am less worried about the regular season. It’s Y darvish type decisions…that are killing us. If we are stuck with Roberts, I want to see him make improvements on his decisions for 2020 – specifically the post season – the regular season – stay right where you’re at. Friedman: Fire yourself! You don’t get it. You have done good, but we need you to realize 106 wins and 2 in the post season does not equate to what we need. You did not strengthen the Bull pen. You did not gain another ace on the mound. You could have. So What’s the problem here? I saw your interview…are you serious? Get with it. We are not here for be happy with anything short of shutting the door in the WS. I could do your job better and I bet there are people with FIRE and DRIVE that Magic Johnson could and should hire to get it done. Do you even watch the games – it does not seem like you do. I agree we rocked the season…but you darn well should have seen a looming disaster coming with our pitching staff…can you not foresee our weakness here???

  6. Dave Roberts should absolutely remain as the manager and never be suprised about fans wanting him fired when your the manager you have to expect if you fall short of winning it all. I’m one of the few fans that is absolutely happy that him and Friedman are still around.

    1. I actually agree with you. Strengthen the obvious problems with the team. In the end the players have to perform so make the team strong enough so that he can’t screw it up in the post season!!

      1. One area besides starting and of course relieving is the offense needs to be adjusted from being too left handed. Our big run producers are all LHB. that makes it easier for the opposing team to match up with Dodgers and is a main reason for the lineup shuffling that goes on daily.

    2. Agreed. Robert’s did the same thing with Darvish who looked like a dear on the headlights. Brought him back the following game. He thinks with emotion not brains in the postseason. Kershaw did his job, Kelly his. He went to the well to many times and pushed the envelope. Everyone knows you need Kolorek, everyone knows you sink or swim with Jansen and take that chance. Yes team didnt hit bit you were in position to win. Robert’s should go once giants hire their new mgr. Trouble is theres nobody really out there. You’ll never win the WS or get deep in playoffs anymore. Also Stanton wanted LA, Friedman wouldn’t pay. With Stanton they might have won…

  7. Ok for the record in 2016 we loose to the Cubs and they go on to win championship in 2017 we beat Cubs but loose to Astros on his managing skills in 2018 we play Boston takes out Ryu blames puig and wood and we loose to Boston and in 2019 we loose to Nationals and they are in the world series and might win it and we can’t blame the manager LoL and he still says I don’t know why the fans want me fired!!!!

  8. Los Angeles is a City of champions….
    Dave Roberts is not a true dodger. Does not bleed blue.. Becoming the same as previous manager Don Mattingly..
    Winning records don’t mean anything if you don’t win the championship

  9. Manager Dve Roberts I know why fans want you fired and why you are surprised also why your decisions during playoffs are consistently miscalculated. The answer? You are a positive thinker… making all happy during the year but positive thinking is non thinking, not to find a fit but to continue true to positives… not to show a weakness in the show of positive spirit. Positive is One of Two alternative outlooks to knowledge, the preferable choice. But if you read deep into Warren Lipson’s answers on to questions from good people troubled by duality, you will instantly experience following Warren’s guidance a whole new – third alternative driven by accelerated brain performance. Warren’s MMM pondering, or GRRR irritated by knowledge attracting opposition or RRR wary – vibrates deep throat outwardly to pull out of mind the feeling “I am right.” The trigger shifts feeling to the lead and we find a fit…. instead of following the positive declarations during the regular season, believing the choice is positive or negative…. and going positive “why would anyone want me fired?” Post the grunt as described, as you focus in mind to your decision – instantly feeling moves to take the lead, expands to bring more considerations actually intermingling the knowledge you pushed away to be positive and including your positive thinking – the knowledge attracting opposition is intermixed simultaneously to new understanding and decisions are mature based on internal open mindedness willing to change up the positive appearance to go to a fit. Call Warren at
    8057011519 if you wish… note that the guidance is of and from science nothing to do with personal opinion, only a trigger to get maximum performance from our brain… otherwise underperforming by knowledge attracting opposition causing cross considerations not to be resolved following a mature path.

    1. You’re an author who can neither spell or knows anything about grammar and punctuation. What did your infomercial have to do with the topic again?

  10. Roberts is overrated and overmatched against elite teams. We will never win with him at the helm. He should be fired for his complete inability to manage in-game. He has lost the support of the majority of fans and most importantly our trust.

    Talk all you want about acquisition and free agency…this front office won’t ever get Cole or Rendon…we look for bargains and we settle for mediocrity.

  11. Really Robert’s!!?? You referring to Dodger fans as “that noise” ? As a Dodger fan I resent that remark !!!

  12. This just adds to the known history of this team they won 2 out of 11 world series matchups vs the Yanks. Tommy LaSorda lost 2 world series also these are the Dodgers. The only true champion’s of L.A are the Lakers with the trophies to back that up. For those who love baseball like me it’s just terrible that my city’s team is a joke.

    1. From ‘55 to ‘65 they won 4 but other than that era and the ‘81-‘88 era they’ve been chokers and a bit of a joke. Not sure they are ever meant to have eras like the 2 above again

  13. Roberts is surprised? He calls it outside noise? No wonder he makes Dumb decisions. He blocks out anything that is not completely supportive of his bad decisions.

  14. The fact that Roberts is surprised that fans want him fired is the reason he should be fired!

  15. For all of you who might be wondering why I think the Dodgers should,(and more than likely will) keep Dave Roberts as the manager of the Dodgers. I understand why you believe that poor decisions were made in putting in Kershaw and Kelly. I couldn’t agree with you more!! I even called the outcome of the game before it ever happed to my wife! I also believe that Dave Roberts is smarter than the decisions that were made. I played ball for a very long time! A lot goes on behind the scenes and in the clubhouse that the fans and media know nothing about, and never will! Regardless of what goes on, Roberts is going to be the pin cushion no matter what! That is why I believe there were more people (people above his pay grade) involved in those decisions. He and the pitching coach Rick Honeycutt were very aware of Kershaws drop in velocity and his struggles, as well as Kelly’s struggles. I also believe that had those decisions worked out nobody would be wanting the Dodgers to fire Roberts. I am a fan of the sport and have seen a lot of poor decisions made over the years. Although I don’t agree with the decisions made just as much, if not more than anyone else, I believe that the man has earned the chance to continue as their manager. I feel he has earned it due to his accomplishments over his first 3 years as manager. A manger who came in with NO EXPERIENCE AT ALL as a manager!! Accomplishments that have never been done by anyone, not even current hall of gamers like Tommy Lasorda! If I can forgive him and whoever else was involved in making those poor decisions, then why can’t others! He deserves “GRACE!” As does Kershaw and Kelly! After all, it is just a game!! Yes, I said it! “It is just a game!” This coming from a guy who loves the game as much as anyone! I respect all of you and your opinions! I just don’t agree with all of them just like some of you do not agree with mine. It’s all good! ???????

    1. i also played ball for a LONG time. Actually P, as high as AA and still have contacts in the game. I respect you input, as much as any Dodger’s fan, but I feel it necessary to point this out. Roberts is fully to blame for the loss in 2018 WS. He made the exact same mistakes in this WS. Like some others have said, he is outmatched in playoff baseball and when facing elite managing and pitching.. I was willing to give Robert’s another chance at the end of last year, but the fact that he made the same mistakes, and cost the team game 5 is inexcusable IMO and he needs to go before this teams window closes.

      1. Ryan, I concur with all ya said here because what happened in these past few years is all true. However, whoever the manager may be, when your offense strikes out 64 times in only 5 games, chances are the best pitching would not have been able to rescue the team from defeat. But what was interesting in theis past NLDS with the nats, Dodgers scored 22 runs in those 5 games and the Nats scored 21. That indicated to me that the pitchingwas just as much an issue with losing that series as anything else, including those bad decisions Roberts made. Imagine what might have happened had the Dodger hitters cut that 64 K total in half…..

  16. I think that he should have gone with Honeycutt
    I saw him as more clueless than Roberts
    He was absolutely of no help to his pitching staff unless they ignored any advice and guidance from him.
    His pitchers though talented, made bad decisions , over and over;Never to be corrected.
    Honeycutt and Roberts two people lacking leadership skills and unable to make their players better

  17. Good mgr, but too many left-right bull pen matchups. And Jensen isnt a closer anymore. At Some time, you have to turn mamma’s picture to the wall. His top end fastball is 92 mph. And his split doesn’t split at 92 mph. He’s 5/6th inning rp. Fans just want a WS win. I live in sf. I hate sf.

    1. As I said before the season it will depend on the bullpen and the fosils they have for starters except Walker Beuler but they will need a couple starters that pitches over 90 mph and new relief and closer if they want to succeed!

  18. The fact that Roberts is surprised that the fans want him fired does say it all. He is surprised every time Jansen blows a save. He is surprised that guys like Taylor, Hernandez, Pollock, and Seager are almost automatic outs in the postseason. He is surprised that Bellinger fades every year after the all star break and stinks in the postseason. He is surprised that Kelly had nothing left when he brought him out to pitch another inning in game 5; and on and on and on ad nauseam. Who wants a manager that is constantly surprised by the obvious?

  19. As long as Freidman and Robert’s are running the Dodgers we will never win a world series unfortunately. The reliance on metrics dont work In the playoffs

  20. Ive been a Dodgers fan my whole life! Ive seen too many ‘good’ teams run over weak teams, choke against good ones. U of Illinois football and basketball come to mind. If you get to playoffs, youd better be able to win, not just show! How many chances has Roberts had? The quality of players, and you cant get it done? I think need a complete change from top down. Make Bochy an offer! Mike Soscia is available!
    On a different note, ill put a team of players who play for love of the game up against the paid pro’s, and give them a fight! Any sport you name! I dont care how much you’re paid, how long contract is for, produce or get traded!

  21. I admire that Roberts and the FO are even keeled especially since what happened is now in the past and you can only move forward. I appreciate the big picture and I’m confident this organization will win a championship soon. The biggest frustration was the tactical side of the game which no FA or trade will remedy. The gauging of player’s ability during the game and the forthrightness that comes from a manager and player relationship seems lacking. If both sides were more honest to each other and communicated better the Dodgers would be in the World Series. That being said, the morales the team is, I’m sure, tenuous at this point so I expect as do all supporters a big offseason for the boys in blue.

  22. This is 4th year he made wrong decision on play off.
    did we seen enough of him?
    he does not see who to put for the game.

    Dave Roberts, please leave Dodger for the fan and management should fire him.

  23. I love Dave Roberts, great inspiration to the team, a player himself and has a handle with the players and their respect. I’m not a super fan of all the pitching changes made in past 3 seasons, sometime far to many and when their getting killed out there, not getting them soon enough. Otherwise a superior job. I would give him a 10 year contract. I feel he will be there when this team finally wins it all.

  24. LOL…. someone not seeing the big picture here….. all Dave Roberts deserves is the AX!!!

  25. What don’t you get Dave…Maeda has been great out of the pen.. He is perfect for the role and they did not go to him. Dave, why do you love to keep ignoring this. If you used Maeda to start the 8th the Dodgers are playing today. If you used Kolarek to face Soto in one of his crucial late ab’s they could very well still be playing. If you didnt get greedy with an injured Kelly who never fares well in a 2nd inning and turned to Jansen to start the 10th they very well could still be playing. You can pretend like it’s hindsite but loads of fans were wondering in the moment what the heck were you doing. You should know more than the average fan but apparently you don’t.

    1. I do not think that any of us believed that Roberts would send Kershaw out after that successful 1 out to end the 7th inning. I truly thought that Maeda would take over since he has been successful out of the bull pen post season. I did not predict the Rendon home run. But after it happened, I again believed that Roberts would take Kershaw out to have Soto-specialist-Kolarek take care of Soto. Nobody but Roberts allowed those back to back home runs to tie the game. And as for Kelly….he did well his first inning….but, I cannot believe that when he came back out, he was allowed to stay in long enough to load the bases and give Howie a chance to show the Dodgers how much he missed us. Now its true, our offense was not performing (with the exception of a handful of players who showed up), but Buehler left the game in the 7th with a 2 run lead. The fact that we lost the game, the series and our opportunity to advance, is absolutely ridiculous. But we did. Consequently, Roberts should not be surprised that many Dodgers fans are dissatisfied with his managerial decision making.

  26. He should remain as manager but should have a more experienced voice in the dugout for the playoffs. I don’t think he can be objective enough with regards to his players during the playoffs.

  27. You people who want Dave Roberts fired are either blind, deaf, and or stupid. The last time I looked, since Dave Roberts has been the Dodger manager the Dodgers have won more playoff games than any other Nation League team. Not winning the World Series doesn’t mean it was a bad season. Just getting to the postseason is hard to do, yet the Dodgers were in the last 2. I don’t care what the Dodger publicity department says the Dodger personnel is mediocre. Without Dave Roberts manipulating the roster The Dodgers will be middle of the road. I hope you are not judged in your jobs like you are judging Dave Roberts.

    1. It’s now going on 32 years since our last WS win. And before this year began most would tell ya that with this club, anything short of a WS ring and the year would be considered a bust. BTW the Dodgers have been in the PS now for 7 straight years but no WS ring.

  28. Dave roberts is the marry schottenheimer or andy reid or rick adelman or dusty baker or gene mauch – you get the picture. Can manage well in the regular season but chokes through his overthinking or under estimating in the post season. Its time to move on. Warriors were criticized for moving on from mark jackson. Back to back top finishes and first round exits. Kerr took them to the next level something Roberts can’t do. 4 years of evidence. Next.

  29. I would like to know if Roberts was behind the poor approach by our hitters and pitchers. The pitchers consistently pitched behind in the count resulting in too many walks and opposing hitters being able to feast on fat pitches late in the at bat. Conversely our hitters routinely let fat pitches go by early in the count then swung at terrible pitches late in the count. If this came from the players a serious scolding is in order.

  30. Roberts is clueless. Always has been. Bringing Kershaw back for the 8th was insane. Even if it worked out it was a bad statistical move. Bring in either Baez, or Kelly to pitch to Rendon, then if Rendon makes an out the you leave in the RP because Soto is not the tying run. Hitter by hitter, using Baez, Kelly, Kenley and Kolarek. Then bringing back Kelly for the 10th was a classic, here Nats the series is yours move. Just incredibley stupid, and he can’t be trusted, because he still thinks he did not make a mistake.

  31. The shortcoming of Roberts is very clear and simple. Let’s not overthink this. Roberts thrives on being a “player’s manager”. He make big games decisions based on his loyalty to the player and his appreciation of that player’s past achievements. It’s a double edged sword…players love to play for him on one side while that feeling of warmth he has for the players result in very bad choices in big games. Really that’s all it is. Dave Roberts is a great manager to play for but must be replaced. There you have it.

  32. i am suprised that roberts is suprised, but for decisions that are head scratchers to most of us he didnt make managing decisions in his mind he made them with his heart.
    They won 106 games, there should have never been a game 5.
    But he didnt start freese head scratcher, didnt use kolarek, when needed . using kershaw when you have strong leftys in pen using kelly for more then one inning …
    But again never should have been a game 5
    if pollock (0-13 11k…)
    smith BA .117
    bellinger BA .211
    seager… story goes on, these guys needed to perform pitchers did their best to keep them in the game , too many left one base.
    roberts is to blame for part of it but win as team lose as a team .
    and for the record
    i believe roberts needs to move on !!!

  33. That is exactly what his problem is. That he is not emotional. He has no idea how to get his team emotionally ready for big games. Look at the entire season the Dodgers lost almost every series to good teams. If the Dodgers goal is to just go to post season. Keep him. But he will never win a World Series. HE IS A CHOKER.

  34. Surprised?. Roberts is a bone head manager!. Managing by the numbers is not managing. He cannot motivate the players and his BULLPEN Roulette is really dumb!. Three drinks at the well and he can’t bring it home!. Time to find someone who manages with his gut rather then by saber metrics!. Let pitchers pitch and get 8 other REGULAR players everyday!. That’s how a team is put together.

  35. since the all star game……the ability to remain competitive was in full swing… not letting the players play and forcing them into dream world, the sight of playing ball was not part of the equations….the eras went up and the batting averages even went lower and management was counting their money….they did their job, they filled the stadium. hopefully owners will see the trend and realize that it’s not just a little better than the giants or the braves but being able to compete with the american league (they didn’t do). bandaiding the team doesn’t make winners.

  36. I am 61 years old. I have been a Dodger fan since I was old enough to know what Baseball and the Dodgers were and are. Dave Roberts is the worst game manager I have ever seen. I have spent many years coaching Little League and other youth leagues. Roberts never seems to have a basic plan for pitching changes, pinch hitting, substitutions, or any other in game decisions. Sometimes it seems that he doesn’t realize that every game lasts at least 8.5 innings, and makes short sighted decisions, uses up players too early and costs the Dodgers the game. His rotten decisions have directly caused the premature end to the last 3 Dodger’s seasons. We all know the multiple mistakes he’s made, they don’t need to be reiterated. Sometimes I wonder if he’s watching the same game the rest of us are. The honorable thing to do Mr. Roberts is to quit so that a qualified replacement can be put in place. Short of that he needs to be FIRED. He’s awful and Dodger fans and players deserve much better!!! Dave Roberts must go .

  37. Get rid of Dave Roberts, Friedman,Honeycutt,Jensen,Kelly,Pollock, Taylor,. Every player the dodgers bring in must be very good, no scubs not even one. Take out all the scubs space files. Dodgers Will Win Alot Of Games, Including World Series….

  38. Roberts is just Friedman’s puppet. Get rid of Friedman for his stubborn analytical nonsense and get rid of Roberts for not having the balls to stand up to Friedman. Then make Chase Utley the manager. Now that’s some Noise..

  39. Dave Roberts is just a kiss ass. He isn’t the one out there playing his butt off so they can win, the boys are! He has let our boys down 3 times in a row. The owners better wise up. He’s an ex-Giant. I think his heart is still there. He can manage our boys just fine all year untill the end of the playoffs!

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