Dodgers: Dave Roberts Talks Concerns and Questions for 2020 Season with Eisen

Of the few positives that have come from this pandemic, people’s increased knowledge of and relationship with technology has to be near the top of the list. In fact, Dodgers manager Dave Roberts has hit the cyber circuit hard to keep in touch with players, staff, and media. 

Along with his weekly unofficial co-host spot with Joe Davis and Orel Hershiser on their Off-Air podcast, the skipper has kept his face in front of the fans as much as he can.

Recently, he took time to catch up with Rich Eisen to discuss where he thinks the 2020 season lies at the moment. 

While he ends on a positive note — in typical Roberts style — Doc also weaved through a number of issues and concerns facing MLB, teams, and everyone involved when the season is finally able to get underway.

Moreover, as a cancer survivor, Roberts understands that there are greater health risks that players, coaches, and more could face while playing during a pandemic.

The upcoming week could be make or break for any potential 2020 season.

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