Dodgers: Dave Roberts Talks Further About Contract Extension

Los Angeles Dodgers manager Dave Roberts has spoken little publicly since his four-year contract extension. Roberts gave the media a very professional statement after the deal was officially done. However, it’s always interesting to see a guy talk within his own skin and comfort.

Who better to bring that out in the Dodgers skipper than Alanna Rizzo? And what better time than the MLB Winter Meetings?

Roberts had this to say to Rizzo at the MLB Winter Meetings:

Obviously, the first few years; you’re trying to get the lay of the land. An understanding of the players and the fan base. For me, just to know I have four more years with the Dodgers to build on what we have accomplished; I’m very excited.

Rizzo did a nice job of asking an important question: what are the biggest needs for the Dodgers heading into the 2019 season?

You can always poke holes in any club, so there’s no particular need. However, you can always look towards the bullpen. I know we don’t have any glaring holes, but what I think to stand pat is one way to do it; however to go out there and try to get better and improve. So how we do that – we find if there’s one piece that fits with our club.

It is interesting to read between the lines with how Roberts worded the statement. Indeed, Roberts could have a player like Bryce Harper in mind with that statement. It is almost that he said it with a gleam in his eye – simply watch the video above.

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Rizzo and Roberts go on to dance a familiar routine – talking around Harper but not mentioning him in name. Roberts has had good experience managing superstars – such as current free agent Manny Machado.

As has been previously mentioned, it’s nice to have Roberts at the helm and stability at that level of the organization. There are a number of teams out there still searching for their guy who can lead their big league club. With this box checked, the Dodgers must continue to search for the right chess pieces to reach the ultimate goal: a World Series title.

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