Dodgers: Dave Roberts Talks Hopes for Gavin Lux in 2022

The 2021 season was filled with ups and downs for Dodgers former top prospect Gavin Lux. The infielder battled through injuries and ineffectiveness, a minor league demotion, and a resurgence alongside a position change to put together a 1.6 bWAR season over 102 games.

Understandably, it’s easy to look at 2022 as something of a make or break season for the soon-to-be 24-year-old. It will be his fourth season with major league playing time and potentially his first with a more than obvious path to playing time in LA. Especially if one or both of Corey Seager and Chris Taylor leave the Dodgers via free agency.

Manager Dave Roberts shared his thoughts on Gavin and his hopes for next season and beyond.

“To be an everyday player is the goal,” Roberts said of the infielder. “I certainly see him as an everyday major-league player and however that plays out for the roster, we’ll know in time.”

Lux posted a triple slash line of .242/.328/.364 in 2021. However, the .360/.467/.500 line posted over the final month of the season shows the promise that once had him amongst the top prospects in all of baseball.

By all accounts, the Dodgers will look to Lux to take the reigns at second base next season. If Corey Seager does re-sign with LA, it would again create a logjam of infielders for Dave Roberts with Trea Turner and Justin Turner set to return in 2022. With the designated hitter likely coming to the National League full time next season, the club could create space by utilizing Justin Turner often as the DH while potentially looking to slide the less-rangey Corey Seager to third base and letting Trea Turner move to shortstop.

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Whatever the case defensively, the greatest way for Gavin Lux to ensure playing time is to hit closer to how he hit in September and force the team to find a spot for him to settle in at. 

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  1. In any case the Dodgers have options, but Lux is going to have to hit no matter where he plays. He’s shown he can hit big league pitching but not on a consistent basis. The last thing the Dodgers need is another guy in the lineup who’s bat disappears foe extended periods of time

    • Giants have more wiggle room than the Dodgers thanks to our wonderful POBO! The human dumpster fire sealed our fate folks. Giants repeat as NL West again in 2022 I’m afraid. Better get used to it. If you know, you know where I stand on things and what I would do if I was ownership.

      • And Dodgers could very well miss the PS altogether for the first time since 2012 as I said. IMHO Dodgers will not be as competitive without Taylor a a few others. McKinstry, Reks. Raley, McKinney are well below as subpar replacements. I am not convinced zdodgers will be anywhere close to the 2020 and 2021 teams. Things look bleak at this time anyway.

        • Don’t forget that the Padres are going to be a whole lot better because of the managerial change. They got a whole lot of talent and if Melvin can control all the attitude there, they are going to be tough.

          • Ya the Padres will be better in 2022 than they were in 2021, but just how much better is anyone’s guess. Melvin should make sure he has an ample supply of pacifiers lol.

  2. I disagree about CT3. He will be resigned. Friedman will make salary room by signing Kershaw and Jansen to lower salaries, hopefully dump Bauers’ salary altogether and replace him with a middle of the rotation pitcher.
    They also don’t need to have a championship team coming out of spring training. Atlanta is a great example of conserving resources and then going all out at the trade deadline.

  3. Azul, I hope you and PD Jr. are doing well. It will soon be holiday season, and the best gift to Dodger fans would be to re-sign CT3. Having lost Joc and Keki, we can’t let this one fall through our hands!!!! Its about time that MLB decided the fate of Bauer, also. His salary would go a long way in determining who we can and cannot sign. Hint : a team can never have enough pitching. Stay well, my friend!!! Go Blue!!!

    • BLUE LOU!! I sure hope you’re doing well and myself and PD Jr. are doing ok but not ok about how the Dodger offense cost them the NLCS, especially that 7th inning in game 6. Hopefully a new CBA will be put in place and includes the DH. BUT CT3 is a MUST SIGNING FOR SURE. Great seeing ya here on DN.