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Dodgers: Dave Roberts Talks Playoff Regrets & More On Dan Patrick Show

We all have items in life that we wish we could use a mulligan on. In this case – Dave Roberts was asked by Dan Patrick on The Dan Patrick Show if he had one regret this past season – what would it be?

Roberts was admirably reflective upon being asked. Listen as he pauses and thinks it over, before giving his answer.

Dave Roberts on The Dan Patrick Show

Nevertheless, you might have guessed the moments Roberts pinpointed. It was game four of the World Series, and the event involved Rich Hill.

“I would have had that conversation with Rich Hill in the fifth inning. And I would have really tried to make him feel like Superman and made him try to finish that inning.”

Instead, Roberts told Patrick that he said to Hill he was going to keep an eye on him; opting to go hitter-to-hitter. The game unraveled – and along with it the series.


It’s an admirable trait that the Los Angeles Dodgers have a manager who can wholeheartedly admit his shortcomings and mistakes. A true leader is always able to look back and admit that he didn’t do something correctly – and hopefully learn from the mistake. Moreover, this is where Roberts’ strongest points as the skipper shine through. He is excellent at managing personalities and the ripple effect of his decisions. This was a refreshing segment.

The Dan Patrick Show is available on DIRECTV CH. 239.

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